infinitus.eSports vs S'Agapo (5671 views)

gb Potty
gb unblind
gb rAzbo
gb owzo
pl n00n
nl mott4
gr playmate
de predi
at Scorch
at JaN
24.01.10 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: potty (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 12849
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 35


gl Playmate
Rich <3
all in for infinitus :)
gl potty bitch ;)
easy bash iqpad
Gl Playmate<333
gl pl n00n!
gl S'Agapo <3333 !!!!!!!!
take KRUCIbro , he will rape them 8)
we take him for sure <3 its anyway a wrong Lu ;D
good luck..... <3 + <3 = <3 :D
Gl Playmate <33
gl sagapo <3
gl i
gl both <3playmate
run Shosanna
gl both! :D
gL predi
i wont play i guess :((
playmate <3
gl predi :*
gl sagapo . kreeeeeeeebs <3.
GL Playmate.
gl biceps
gl potty;D!
pottyyyyy <3 gl =)
izi 4 n00n
izi 4 OWAINNNn
izi4 playmate
gl potty
Plamate, Scorcj, jaN, Mott4 <33333333 FICKT SIE!
und was is mit dem landodger? :o
du stehst nit im lu schadtz <3 aba trotzdem<333333333333
GL potty, make me proud
gl s'agapo :D ps. watch out for motta hes a lettu !
gl playmate , predi . mott4 !
GL potty, might cast this one for the hell of it, check back later.
Mate you should deffo cast this! My skillz rolling and stuff :D:D:D:D
gl sagapo & potty :)
barnhestuR will deliver
all my money on sagapo!
sagapo xD gl maAriccie nerd
razBRO & unbind for ze 6aHgA <3
gl playmate gl noon
gl mates!
10x Playmate
6x Sagapo
4x predi
3x Motta
2x Scorch
2x jaN
1x maurice

and playmate owns again the whole community + Sagapo with her "gl ' s" :D
mAurice aint in lineup but get gl




probably because your such a kid :-[
gl owzo u shit 8D
No hungarians no win.
hf owzo + mott4 <3
LG n00n
easy for predi :DDD
gl iqpad!
eze for iqpad. gl.
hf noon
gl roflwtfman & roflomgman
sagapo new CwG???
18:15 Pb vs S'agapo
19:00 S'Agapo vs WSS
20:00 S'agapo vs smashed
21:00 iQPAD vs S'Agapo

maybe 10 more wars oke?
Need slots :C
motta ftw
gl sagapo <3 no predi = no win :D:D
je moeder
je moeder* get skill in dutch
deine mutter hat ein schwanz
wat ? its right nuub learn to read!
gl noon owzo potty