United Kingdom vs Germany (20967 views)

gb KaMz
gb sqzz
gb razz
gb w3st
gb griim
de reAz
de RoXoR
de kResTi
de virtu
de Bl4d3
Winner takes 1st spot in Group F.

German interview with de Bl4d3 @ 21 CET
by de w0nd3r on cubecast server #3
23.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Jamie (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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gl hf both :>
gl uk !
izi for KaMz & co :)
iks dE
Needs gb Nips
gl uk np
Izi 4 UK
whats up with team ger? some boycott or sth i don't know about? is it still about the japan issue? ..haven't been around for a while.. go easy on me
you guessed right :>

but even with this "b"-lineup they are performing well (2 victories so far, didnt lost a single map)
yea and who did they play?
vs Slovenia & Portugal, jesus it must be a team of german mystic's.
jesus, it must be a team of german mystics, even the english are scared! i didn't expect fromt his lineup that they can even win one match <.<
well, maybe we should talk again after germany bashed uk ;>
wanna talk nao ? :DDDDDDDDDdddddd
i didn't say uk would win?:) i said it doesn't take some uberskilled team to beat slovenia and portugal
feel free to q me at irc ;D
for what?:d germany didnt play good, uk just played rly bad. watch the replay, it happens =]
sry, but the uk is the next nc-winner :/
i've not been around for even some more time.

what japan issue?
someone explain please.

this team ger sucks.
Im letzten NationsCup hat ClanBase das Match Japan gegen Deutschland auf einen Samstag (oder war es Freitag?) geforced, ohne dass es jemand vom deutschen Team wusste. Dementsprechend ist Deutschland rausgeflogen und Japan weiter gekommen. Weil es das alte Team Deutschland ach so unverschämt findet ein so wichtiges Match auf einen Samstag zu forcen (Wo alle natürlich Party machen ":D") wird der aktuelle NationsCup boycottiert.
rofl...serious business
Kennst du keinen aus dem Lineup bzw. die Leistung des jeweiligen Spielers?
team-ger aka #velerion aka best german team
should be a close one, gl w3st
gl ger !!!
gl uk. Eze.
Sie haben € 81 auf de GER Cancel bet
Möglicher Gewinn: € 332.1
You have € 100 on GER
Possible win: € 699

gl Germany! (:
is crumbs playin this 1 ?
gl england :) kick some nazi scums ass :D
age 11 ?
I dont see nazis...
nigga pls...
@rmy why don't you just blog 'I am a tard'?
good luck both :-)
I'm available to cast if Number1dad agrees to do it with me. :{D
wont be played today. wildcarded by germany. cya tuesday 23rd.
wildcarded by germany. cya sunday 21th.
gl hf both :>
Gl GErmany
GL UK, go go , Germany lowtards
UK go go go !
germany is so fucking underrated
germany is so fucking line up... get snoop urtier etc...
You have € 8 on GER
Possible win: € 56.72

snoop,duke,butchji,weak,hazer ?
you mean weak0matic : )
boycotting ClanBase
why so ? :D
dunno they had to play 1 game on a saturday or smth cuz of the japanese, they didnt got to hear that until friday and they totally raged
oh right .. that one.. was like rly far away in meh mindz :D
May I ask why you include duke instead of drago in that list? :-P
duKe_ ownes dude !
He isn't a better player than drago.
duKe_ > drago anytime of the day/night all year round
UK Kurwa !
Dan, Dave, Hype.
Gl lads :)
gl lads _D
gl both

You have € 110 on de GER Cancel bet
Possible win: € 433.4
speccing sqzz is always nice :) hf
izi for UK
good luck west ;)
findet das nu statt? :o oder erst sonntag?
nicht heute und nicht sonntag, nächste woche irgendwann. wird heute abend geregelt wann genau. montag bis donnerstag alles möglich.
Könnt ihr das net früher bekannt geben? Da freut man sich aufn Länderspiel und dann das...
klar, ich sag dir nächstes mal früher bescheid. sry. :D
gl razz and sqzz, to bad they didnt take Jinosta ftw
easy for griim!
iz for bazza and crew...
hf gerelion
where is...

snoop ,duke ,butchji ,weak ,hazer ??!?
they cheated and are banned now for 12years x(
gl&fun sqss! :{D
match is wildcarded
Shmoe ich brauch eher Infos. :D
also ned nur bo anschreiben sonder auch mich. Danke ;)
und wie soll man dich erreichen? :D
might be fun to watch , gl sqzz razz w3st and kresti
sqzz is a beast
gl sqzz
gl both and especially UK!

From the Uk boï
I want to cast too...
Fimsowner :D
no thx
ja cast mit wonder zusammen, ich kann den abend eh net weil punktspiel.
hast mal inzwischen skype ausprobieren mit extra audio line in?
ja geh nen tag für mich mal arbeiten, denne probier ich des xD kA, muss mich da unbedingt mal drum kümmern, aber grad derbst viel RL unso..
gl sqzz razz west kamzzz <3 first time uk is strong ;)
gl reAz ! :*
reaz will deliver :*
no Sight in lineup?
still no internet.
hope that he'll be on the spot when the playoffs are upcoming ...
he really has to get in top shape to get into the current lineup. they all do very well. if you saw the game, you know what i mean. die qual der wahl hab ich dann :p luxusproblem ^^
kamz gl!!!!!!!!!!
Omg so fucking germany LU gets urtier snoop butchji weak... and it will be a good match
gl roxxor
gl sqzz
Where are Urtier, sNoOp, Butchji, Drago, haZer... ?

Easy for UK,...
razz + sqzz mhm insta win


izi 4 kamz and sqzz.
gl reAz und virtu ihr huren :D
gl uk, bet for you ofc >
You have € 1000 on de GER Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2830

All In!!!
gl both
You have € 45 on GER
Possible win: € 127.35 GL
gl ohzor4
gl ohzor4+krest+blade
no zabija ?? :'(
no theezakje ?!?

wtf uk will fail without him
well you know that, i know that but what can ya do aye :<
me and theezakje are boycotting CB NC...
nice that you guys give the less skilled players a chance :)
yea what henk said =)
gl sqzzhaiprazz
who's snoop,duke,butchji,weak,hazer ?!

bl4d3 > snoop,duke,butchji,weak,hazer
ger > all
easy for UK
gl germany kamz sqzz razz
virtu & reAz gna stop ze kamz ;****** <3
gl reAz <3
uk gonna win this...
gl dru and gav
izi uk
what a ger lineup... noone from the old brilliant butchjisquad...
Too izi 4 uk
if the UK can't win vs GER this time...

gl ohz :o)
HF&GL Both!
After this match playoff tree live?
GL UK ;)
go bosh !
As we say in Holland: het blijven wel Duitsers... (1974)
4-2 england!
england isnt playing neeed glasses
reaz will take it
Gl Hf Germany :)<3
This actually going down?
You have euro 13710 on UK
Possible win: euro 18097.2
gb gl
hf hype :) n1
sqzz <33 ;D GL&FUN!
GL Germany :>
omg moar cubecast moar moar!
macht se alle!!!
gl kresti <3
gl reAz
low lu of germany,
guess there superior millitary days of ww1,2 are over.
XD more cubecast MORE omg UK OMG
gl razz
GL razz kamz virtu roxor reaz :*
if virtu/silent wont play ger will take it
gl ger..
Support from Suisse!! Go GER
np 4 dave
Good Luck Ger :)
np4 Kl1ng3
more gay muzik wonder
hab auch noch rap für die harten!
wie wärs mit metal? :D
ne lass ma deine stimme war mir nach 5 min zu annoying und rap höre ich nur denguten (:
Da haste Recht Razer :)
kamz lowskilled get R0SS omfg
omg omg :D
unlucky ukboyZ

You have € 50 on de GER
You won € 204.5
Don't need debutchji when you have deBl4d3 !
blade is just a spam player, its even spam when hes jumping. that shit hurts my eyes. butchji's aim and smartness just kicks everyones ass.
fucks sake bazzer
spam incoming !
You have € 59 on de GER
You won € 241.31
schön schön
4:0 nice one :D ihr macht mich reich :> weiter so
nice nice !
so ist das richtig :)
epic fial w3st :DDdDdDd
You have € 60 on de GER
You won € 245.4
You have € 500 on de GER
You won € 2045

Knowing about ET helps you get some money.
Great match, Germany. Loved to see you playing.
You have € 250 on UK
You lost

omg fail omg

told you my man virtu gonna do it !
head up w3st !
great game :)
wp w3st ":D"
what the fuck

geil ger! weiter so!
nice defuse w3st
What happened? I missed that part.
Team UK rolled by #velerion !!111
Was ein Pech für UK :)
dont gief up w3st, happenz :)

wp team germany, unexpected imo :p
You have € 20 on de GER
You won € 81.8
You have € 10 on de GER
You won € 40.9

You have € 35 on GER
You won € 143.15
razz, I am dissapoint.
nice jungs! gg blade!

immer schön weiter so :P wir holen den pokal heim unso ^^
epic fail w3st :(
expected. :dd
hehe expected :)

You have € 82 on GER
You won € 335.38

ul w3st
Stop blaming w3st! 3ast has also fucked up! At least he is the only nice player in Kingdom.
Anyway Yermans were better.

Thank you Germany :D

You have € 385 on GER
You won € 1574.65
awful game by us hands up, wp germany though.

we'll bounce back ;)
UK 1.32
4.09 GER
You have € 717 on GER
You won € 2932.53

always bet on reaz my lover
You have eu 13710 on UK
You lost

haha we are better than uk :D
we fullholded Team Germany on Adlernest
"WE are better"WE fullholded" - Czyli ty i kto jeszcze?
nice shoutcast yeah
Tuete haste sehr gut gemacht :)

Shoutcast war wirklich nicht schlecht.

ReSPEKTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reaz new butchji ?
lol lowest team germany ever
and you're still not in it.
i haven't played et in the past 3 months or so due to my studies, so that's not really a surprise :D:D
anyways, i guess you didn't notice that i was ironical since several of those players are friends of mine.
anyways, i guess you didn't notice that i was ironical.
reaz new bl4d3 ? :D
warte bis ich wieder nach links laufen kann ! XD
You have € 155 on de GER
You won € 633.95
new butchji team :)
wp germany
You have € 2000 on gb UK
You lost

nice backstab!
golden rule: always bet on the team that will win.

keep in mind next time. if you bet on the winner. you can make izi money.
You have eu 13710 on UK
You lost
lol reaz > kamz ?!?!
marvin hat gerockt!
I thougt Uk said that they were the next NC winners, WHAT HAPPEND?
Meez happened. Refused to play making Uk candinate for the wooden spoon.
wtf is this... we lost 2 germany rofl
You have € 5000 on UK

Was fällt euch Idioten ein, das Match zu gewinnen? Auf nichts ist mehr Verlass in diesem scheiß Land!!
hättest mal mit mir reden sollen vorher :D
gut, wer ist der nächste gegner und auf wen wette ich?
noch nicht bekannt, auf deutschland.
kamz wtf :D
Well done Germany, glad to see that after kamz' volumes of bullshit he is still shit
maybe w3st becomes a serious rival for "scorchi's engineer fail award" at cc7 xD
sush er muss sich auf andere sachen konzentrieren !
Nice to see you supporting your nation as ever, TosspoT ;D
2/5 are banned hackers, thats not my nation!
So it was your nation when hentai and meez (two people who also cheated) were in? :p
thats a quite good ratio actually - i think popular opinion is that 50% cheat :p
what a hypocrite u are lol
me? :(
i think he means toss, because its also popular belief that there are cheaters in the cc7 online qualifier
Why does it say he replied to me?
no reply, just like I thought :-)
Sheep wouldn't have let this happen.
really well played Germany, impressive teamwork.
mega nice
gj ger
nerds got rolled :o
bye bye e-money