Team Greece vs Austria (7450 views)

gr alexander
gr phalanx
gr HellHammer
gr Xanthos
gr K3rv3r0s
at Scorch
at Tamschi
at DonMatthias
at joey
at laguNa
22.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: FaKy (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 45086
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Enemy Territory TV
de [Z.U.Z] offline
By: Highlander (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 61


gl playmate, scorch & Don!
np 4 joey :)
gl scorch+joey:)
thx, und ich mag noch immer ned deine Leute mit denen du zockst xD
geb mir halt andere^^
S'agapo TS3!
........... ich könnte jetzt was sagen..........ääähm.......... ich spar's mir =]
omg Playmate omg :o gl!

oh and scorch and don to :)
wasn't laguna busted? :-(
gl scorch & playmate + DON
np4don =)
GL DON + Playmate
K3rv3r0s, laguNa was busted, u might not want to play vs him.
gl blizzardx <333333
gl don <3

gl playmate <3

gl scorch <3

gl gays
gl matthias
gl don

yes :D
gl playmate<33
gl playmate <3 and Donitoooooooo <3

no xXx no win... izi bash for greece :o
Gl Don
heh playmate gl :)
plaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyymate <33333
sssuuuunnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <333333333333
hi2u cheatah
gl hf both
Gl Donnie
gl greece & scorch
Greece=low+ max
gogo playmate ;)
GL & HF Austria!
Gl Playmate <33
lineup will be:
gl joey & Playmate :)
gl scorch and playmate :)
gl playmate
Austrian's captain shoulda recruit more cheaters to win atleast 1 round.

Old team-aut with EC Beasty, Limbo & Bruzlah = winrarz
yup, without beasty they cant do a shit
beasty managed last year to win the woddenspoon award with team austria :D 0:20 rounds, gg Hes the best captain! rly, congraz
essAh kann mich ned leidn deswegn schreibt er so an blödsinn ;)
I agree dicker
Hurry up with this match Don, otherwise esse has to play in our match :s
no Panozzi no win <3
gl laguNa
no gr Playmate no win !!!
gl scorch, donmatthias, (if playing playmate)
no gr Playmate no win !!!
Kerveres?? u fucking bastard .. why u wanan play u make the team low- sry i know u are old enough but why u dont let playmate play -.-

gl austria would be easy!1one

You have € 15000 on at AUT Cancel bet
Possible win: € 16200
Peinliches Kind, sag das mal auf der Straße :D.
finds einfach nur peinlich von ihm...
da hat wohl jemand 2*3,14 in den augen
backen ran, du wurm
scooooooooorch gl why isnt jaN playin ? :'(
You have € 6323 on at AUT
You won € 6702.38
You have € 15000 on at AUT
You won € 15900

i saw shit in your pants when they lost gr.. XD
yap :XD & supply could be close too^^
wp GR :)
almost fail ;)