Friends in Forces vs Keskus Rikos Poliisi (7629 views)

nl Jo0f
nl vanq
be siL
be Jere
be fostruM
fi blindieRi
fi happolapsi
fi dck
fi supermarko
fi londonz
13.04.10 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fostruum (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 104536
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 103


gl fostrum chmpp m8
gl chmpp
You have € 371 on be myR Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1736.28

Komop boys, jullie kunnen het !
good luck jere!
myR be 6.66
1.29 fi krp
gl jere <3 and Slarto production
gl Jere & Sil
gl FiF !
gl joof jere!
gl FiF !
gl krp !
Slarto = fail
I'll do my best.
how dare you say that you dirty pidar!
gl fostrum fuckehm up
siL pak ze ;) Gl FiF
KRP cant loooose
You have € 1506 on myR
Possible win: € 6822.18
When they win you are rich & famous:D
gl fif !!!
Interesting game
go jere
pak ze sil
morin <3
Lol what happend with the KRP lineup? lol from high to low :]
You have € 50 on fi krp Cancel bet
Possible win: € 121.5
jere lowbob xDDD
no sample no win
gl sil en jere !
easy for fostrum
izi 4 Jere :).
You have € 553 on krp
Possible win: € 1305.08

EZ money.. I know something you dont! :D
I believe in FiF ;))) GL Jere , siL , Jo0f , vanq ;)))
gogo Emmerdale!
fake nicks for the win, gl masculine man
You have € 25 on myR
Possible win: € 45
gl KRP

KRP line-up
bullshit, bet all my money on fif and now krp plays with a different lineup
You seriously didn't see it coming :D?
since i dont give much shit about those krp kids honestly no...
and i didnt expect them to get some good guys together for a 5on5ladder match
i would ve smelled something like this if this was an ec game or similar :P
anyways, i guess it will be cancled :P
nooooo don't cancel!!
they anounced the lineup 20min before the match!!

that one? :PPPP
everyone knows who happolapsi and supermarko are -,-
and these are their cb-nicks, you could look them up!!
and dck and londonz :)
i didnt know londonz and wasn't completely sure about dck any more :(
was thinking of smokeninja at first, but ye, you are right!
this bet must be cancelled
because that we used cb nicks @ lineup? :D:D:D:D
Whatever the reason you say about yoru cb-nicks .. obviously your intention has to fool us-- when you been using a nick for loooooooonnng time ago .. is not fair to use your "neverseennick", you play good.. but the bet must be cancelled honestly
why would it be cancelled? we didnt know whos gonna play.
almost made me smile but heard that befor already...
shit happens, not our fault, we dont have acces to add any lineup here.
its no need to discuss about anything, its obvious what happened here and ye, i got trapped since i dont care much about that bunch of kids...
bla bla bla
but you care about sum gmoney? : - D
wrong argument, you guys obviously trolled everyone to get some emoney
or we are just not stupid like you =) if that gmoney is that serious for you, CHECK FUCKING CB FIRST THEN =)
ok boy, take a look on the comment again... i never said i m deadly serious about my gtv money, noone is but the fact pissing everyone off is that everybody got trolled by some finnish bunch of kiddows again since it seems this is everything they can... i know retardness on teh internetz is your day and life but i personally dont want to be one of the victims for your entertainment..
so where are proofs that we are trollin'? :D:D:D because we used our cb nicks like you should when its cb ladder and ur too stupid to understand it.? you motherfucker need jesus
You think replacing usual lu by cb one is usual ? Cmon, dont be hypocritical
i got the proofs :D

as you wanted me to i had a look on your cb profiles and guess what... mind and sample have edited their krp profiles a few hours befor the war... i qried some cb admin for the changelog and bingo... both changed their names from the known ones to those random ones. still its nothing illegal and it wont be canceled anyways but i now know i was right and you guys are sad fucks. and all just for gtvmoneyzz
nothing more to add... qed.
their only intention is to get stupid eurofags like you mad and seems like they accomplished again.
i hope that poor finnish life got entertained
if you don't know lineup, don't post fake one, leave it empty.

cancel only fair.

We havent posted this lu, have no acces.
who posted fake one?
no clue, neither dont have any idea where from it is.
well, it's hard to believe poster wasn't from KRP.
1) there's a gtv-feature which automatically adds lineups from old games
2) fostrum requested the match, not a krp-member
so there's good reason to believe that it was noone from krp :)
well ensam & sample always playing with them, true nerds :)
noob, war doch offensichtlich

You have € 303 on fi krp
You won € 669.63
sie haben stunden vor dem war auf cb ihre nicks geändert...
woher soll ich das wissen... es gibt nur 5 gute bei krp und die sind bei mans, der rest is scheiße... schau dir zb den blindi an, der is nicht mal low+
and ur lame lineup change before the match, pretty hard like that
You have € 9166 on fi krp
Possible win: € 20256.86

ez moneys
will be canceled, don't worry.
wont be, sorry.
you have 20% of all money beted on KRP, no wonder you are interested in this.
Yes i do, everything is also correct here, cb nicks.
ok, if it's your idea of fun faking nicks on CB, then gg
or maybe we have played with different names back in 2004? =)
point is: ensam & sample played with fake CB nicks, someone (from KRP proly) beted and posted fake nicks. canceled bets only fair solution. i'm getting tired of this. over and out.
so fucking what? its not our fault if u cant check from clanbase whos playing, fucking idiot.

they can play under any fucking nick that it is on clanbase if they fucking want to.
nice calling names when don't have anything else to say, retard.
since when CB_NICK is a fake nick? because ur retard enough to think that crossfire_names are the "real" ones, dont be wanking here to us because ur too stupid to understand that you have to play with names that are @cb. and you can have fun checking when the names have been changed last time.
yeah, like it is that important to me to fucking cross-check the lineups for stupid bets, stupid fuck.

and like ensam and sample will use tonight's fakenicks in EC.

i'm tired of your low-life GBooky greed tbh. bibuy.
well you are crying here about the fact that u didnt check cb names for your bets :D:D "i dont care" well then shut the fuck up moron =D
Its their name on KRP clan page on CB.
You have € 10000 on fi krp
Possible win: € 22100

i got the other 20%

You have € 324 on krp
Possible win: € 716.04

cmon want my money ;)
If every match with fake line-ups had to be cancelled...
It was so fucking obvious that those nicks were fake, I cant even understand why ppl bet on fif :D
they posted new line up 5 minutes before game, not my fault :) gg fintards !
actually that lineup is real as it can get... the fact that you have no idea about our cb nicks, its not our fucking fail
You were the one posting fake line-ups in the first place and fucking up the odds. I told Jere Id do the gtv stuff but you just had to post shit here.

I added our real line-up here before the game started.

You lost 4-0 and now act like it would change the game result somehow.

I also told Jere our tonight's line-up prediction _LAST NIGHT_, can proove it by IRC-logs.

You also had this "lag problem" and tried to reschedule the game 5 minutes before the game started, if it was an hour before the game that could've been discussable but friggin 5 minutes? Gimme a break.

I cant really see what's your problem here. Im not here to flame & whine btw, just stating some facts, no need to start hating :/

-over n out.
you wouldve certainly added the correct lineup to fuck up your odds... exactly thats what i would expect from a krpnerd
infact everybody just read blindi+4 randoms and since you are known as by far the worst player out there + fif performed well lately everybody bet on fif...

but i hope you wont get away with that fucking trollshit again
so blindi is nerd because he won a game against fif :D you are fucking crying about your VIRTUAL_MONEY :D:D:D:D:D:D:D you are the fucking nerd here =D
Quoteso blindi is nerd because he won a game against fif

yeah facepalm to you jackass =D
kerberos ricos police 4
friends in force 0
You have € 712 on be myR
Possible win: € 1295.84

im afraid i am :( better luck next time!
heh :) that would be cheating :D
add the score pl0x
DAMN fucks.. What were the real names? :X
fost wil deliver :D
You have € 9166 on fi krp
You won € 20256.86

Who cares about theor real nicks, no matter what lineup krp still would win.
no replay available....nice ..... last few decent games without player ....
my bad ...... cheers chmppp
oh le fu

You have € 149 on myR
You lost

You have € 100 on fi krp
You won € 221

stop maar fifjes.. de top is voorbij..
krp is 1 van de beste teams juize, ni zagen e
ik verloor centjes, was gewoon boos ze.. :(
nerds are nerds
You have € 62 on krp
You won € 137.02
money back, fake names in match roster !
for all the mongols whining about GTV money


seriously, btw thx for the money KRP <3
su belgian poor faggot, krpkiddosfan
please KRP keep faking next time so more assholes bet on your opponent and I can get more easy money
hehe rolled by finns ; )) !!
You have € 500 on be myR
You lost vittu enää en bettaa euroille
Fucking stupid nerds whining :D And they saying they dont care :D But they care so much that they cry :D Stupid fucking nerds :D

Hienosti rollattu

PS: Aika söpöä et nää jaksaa vieläkin ottaa ihan kunnolla lämpöä tällaista jutuista. Ei ne vaan opi.
Fins becoming more and more retarded
oh wait xddddddd
FiF get mAus and you will win :XD
mAus is just overated, and a bad player tbh