OVERLOAd vs Zero Empathy FiF (12979 views)

be Jere
be dAv1d
be mAus
be lio
be chry
be siL
nl Jo0f
nl vaNq
be fostrum
ca anim
13.06.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Major Series VI Group Stage
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Robert (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 88969
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
pl 1stCav Radio s0k1
By: sokl
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Language: Polish
xx #CubeCast Cast server 8
By: galiathus
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Language: German

Total Slots: 300
Listener Peak: 21

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 215


1st gl
nice match :)
gl FiF !
gl ovr win
succes fost, die pak je wel!
I think the match is canceled :)
gij zijt echt strontachterlijk :d -> vila
me thinks this wont be played
GL Villa!

oh wait;DDD
kwist wel dat je dom was vila, maar zo dom :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
waiting for vila's screenshot concerning this game :{DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
tis ne kleinen deb, ma hij heeft wel veel achievements e...
da getrol werkt op mijn zenuwen maat, kutwoord da aaaaaah
hf over. boyz ;)
shoutout to jere on this one
gl fos
nice first game for Jere >_<
Manager: vila (Requestee)
need vila for FiF!
Flashy for fif ;)
my new nick maus: ovr-OMG mAus OMG!
welcome to 2007 with this OMG MAUS bullcrap
ati for fif!
Quote by vilaFrom now, I even check my facebook pictures to be sure there's no leg remaining
lol mAus rolled me and my mates on BiO with rifle 3 kill :o
sorry for this traumatic event :s get well soon
gl dAv1d !!!!
gl beide
won't be played on this date

maybe next sunday (not sure yet)
thats what i tried to tell your supervisors, but seems like they know better :-)
ESL, what do you expect
i wont say anything bad about ESL
ten prawdziwy mAus ?
a jaki ma byc xD?
You have € 10 on zeroE
Possible win: € 81.4

go go go xd
^^ niewiem jakis fejk
You have € 250 on ovr
Possible win: € 287.5
gl Team Belgium
fostrum telt voor 2 ofwa?
gl maus
looking forward giving jere 3 hs all the way ;-)
lan-style :P
Quotelooking forward giving jere 3 hs all the way ;-)

QuoteMaps: Radar

QuoteSpecial Delivery TE

:DDDDDDDDDDD, made me lol, ty for that
and mesq xDD
maus ftfuck <<
no vila no win
gl Jere, gl FiF!
FiF zou wel weer eens pijn aan de rug hebben met dat gebackstab van jere & worm.
gl to both teams!
izi 4 ovr :).
mhm jere in overload =D wtf,

gl fostrum <3 best player ever
gl fostrum!
gl fostrum, lekker pwne jochie
chash du schwizerdütsch
QuoteMember Since 5th June 2010

e: inb4 "Member Since 1st April 2009" comment. I have an older acc here on gtv from 2007 :pPpPP
Member Since 1st April 2009
mAus It continues playing ET?
;XX ;asd
Member Since 19th March 2006 owned?
and you don't know how to reply ? owned ?
+anim for FiF
hf with anim
wtf pakt gelle anim :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
gewoon om uit te proberen
kvind anim gewoon ni beter dan ovie of flashy, en die praten nederlands
gl FiF & david !
gl anim :PPP
Today there are votings in Belgium. Is it true that Belgium is going to eliminate to turn into two States? Flamencos and Walloons?
wont go that far (yet), some things will be split up though (health care, some financial shit, etc etc) but Belgium will stay Belgium (at least for now)
Amm, Thanks for the explanation.
Danimal :DD
gl jere & vanQ
no exceptions. brandon said he will only play at lan for you ;D
stab >:
nah on ts with him atm. he wuvs us more
yet he stabs u tonait
the only way he will play is if the admins make an exception for brandon to play tonight
ofc they will every1 can play for every1 this EC :)

zMk playing for 3 teams, impact using over 9000 players etc etc
it's not EC is it?
no need to be arrogant,
I didnt know (or care)

but theres not much difference anyway
I wasn't arrogant ... :p
that 'is it?' was because I wanted confirmation about it :d
oppo's fault
if cb just would have agreed without saying 'ask the other team's permission first' then he would have been able to play too, it still stays shit.
League: ESL Major Series VI Group Stage
be Flashy Sunday, 13th June 2010 18:01
it's not EC is it?
be Tette Sunday, 13th June 2010 18:06
no need to be arrogant,
I didnt know (or care)

but theres not much difference anyway
be Flashy Sunday, 13th June 2010 18:08
I wasn't arrogant ... :p
that 'is it?' was because I wanted confirmation about it :d
go watch wm 2010 ugly nerds
no you're a wm 2010
gl vila
gl fostrum :)
need english shoutcaster
indeed, will be nice to see some english shoutcasters :=)
no flashy no win :D
4-2 FiF!!
You have € 3 on eu zeroE
You lost
You have € 117 on be ovr
You won € 127.53
u rich!
gg, ;)