squad.ee vs SPEEDLINK (10383 views)

ee JyrkZ
ee raul
ca monkey
se slajdan
ee mant
de kReSti
de duKe_
de Bl4d3
21.07.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Gungy (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 169307
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 143


suerte paneleiro! good luck stownage :)
np 4 speedlink :DD

gl SL
gl flop, krest & bl4d3
gl speedlink <3 ich liebe sie, imo not but dunno
imo not but dunno
at that time i was drunk so sry for that
Gl both
GL squad : monkey<3 subb and jyrkz:)
Go Magico :D
inactive Squad vs active SL

should be easy for the canadian maus <33

der mann mit dem durchblick!
gar nicht mal so lustig
who thinks pninja is a tard +1 me pls :<
seine vorab analysen und sein insider wissen "direkt aus dem herzen der szene" sind halt mal der knaller :D
so bleiben randoms wie ich immer "am ball" 8DD
ich bin auch total froh, von so einem erfahrenem spieler wie pninja, immer wieder gute analysen hier zu sehen

das erquickt mein herz
scheint wohl gestimmt zu haben? ;)
ja gudeeee. die kugel muss in die hitbox und eine runde dauert 12 minuten.
i würd sagen. schaun mer mal :D
foll lustieg hehehe :)
ja herr netzer, sie hatten wie immer recht
insider wissen und vorabanalysen nennst du das?

Squad gonna roll :)
randoms on ettv ..
i know squad.ee low+ max :D
"CB ET Eurocup XXI"

gl squad.eu
magico will roll :P
Magicoooooooo! :-) gl Cholo
gl SL <3
3k auf euch. :=)
Who is magico?
random spanish fag :D
magico > *
who are you?
OMG, Spanish Maus + Canadian Maus = Easy Bash for Squad ee
gl sl
gl duke_

hf speedlink
gl magicowner
gl squad and duke :)
gl sl :)
Nice odds
why magico is playing,obvisoly med/+ max
gl kresti
blade podkrec suko ;)
You have € 11 on ee Squad Cancel bet
Possible win: € 387.53

No problem.
gl mAgico
You have € 500 on de SL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 515

np for pl malpa
and magico ofc ;]
gl quebecer
You have € 50 on ee Squad
Possible win: € 1695

GL monkey
GL Sqad E
You have € 100 on ee Squad Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2018

monkey zkara
gonna watch (: hf monkey and magico ;P
You have € 62 on SL
Possible win: € 65.1

GL sl
not gonna watch but i'll enjoy my money after
You have € 100 on ee Squad Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1955
siiiiiiiiii dales duro magico ^^
gl stownage
gl magico :p
You have € 84 on ee Squad Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1060.08
Gogo magico!
gl sl :)
hf mant
gl squad.ee hf sl :)
one of these teams is gonna be top 4 in ec |:

worst ec ever
iam sorry 4 you :<
after worst NC ever(UK 3rd) there has to be worst EC ever
UK was just too skilled :P

Only German and NL lineups weren't great tbh. Finland, Estonia, Poland, Belgium had nice lineups..
well, you lost against us... must be a bad feeling then
trolled hard duke !

but u must admit .. us and squad all u have to beat to get top 4 spot .. kinda lucky don't u think? :P especially when u finished 3rd in group of teams where 2 dropped out and 1 folded after .. no offense m8 dont take no credit from u or nothing .. you surprised alot of guys :]

but ye bla bla fucked up brackets, care :_D
yes i got trolled there assh0le ;P

but who cares, right :)


we won against 2 of the teams who dropped out btw ;)

skk and frogz?

cant remember u playing skk
we won against frogz and tmoe

and noone played against skk, so it was even
fortunatelly, there is still EMS :)
magico haushaushaus
gl monkey magico
You have € 250 on de SL
Possible win: € 300
slajdan > magico -> squad > SL
wtf with server?
Let the flame begin!
You have € 5000 on ee Squad
Possible win: € 30450

oleks võind ka rohkem bettida - You have € 2800 on ee Squad :p
gz to squad.ee :)
wp squad.ee :>
You have € 50 on ee Squad
Possible win: € 304.5
ty sl!
You have € 1750 on SL

thanks flopjehz

appreciate it
You have € 80000 on de SL
You lost

haha, now i don't feel so bad for losing 1750 :v
thx 4 the quote
You have € 100 on ee Squad
You won € 609
You have € 2000 on ee Squad
You won € 12180
pathetic, 5 ex-cheaters coming to this stage of EC, especially when you see 4 previously cb-banned in 1 team
thats why we have slac coming!
u mad?
squad.ee used slac want screenproof???
slac doesnt scan your pc -.-
neither does PB, it scans your memory. You as a member of SL should know that SLAC is functional to some extent and only a fool would cheat in an EC game with it :-P
member of SL? are you braindead?

And using slac means nothing these days, because the cheat detection is not even near to be complete and i doesent scan your memory it checks your et.exe

dont think its possible to make more mistakes in one single reply...
So ET.exe is in space? and as said only a fool or someone that wouldnt care if he got busted or not would use cheats along with SLAC, even in its current state. Same principle on cheating with pub hax on a PB server.
"ScaTmaN... member of SL? are you braindead?"

how low can you go, flaming your own anti-cheat because you lost? No bot can work with SLAC unless it is an opengl hack, and i'm sure that the detection chaplja added is for opengl hacks. and just in case you're thinking, etbots,rshooks,ethooks,mombots, bimbots, palehooks and other $$$$$$ hacks don't work.
piss off, i dont flame my own anticheat i just said that it doesnt mean its impossible to cheat with slac...

learn to read between the lines and stop those stupid replies
QuoteAnd using slac means nothing these days, because the cheat detection is not even near to be complete and i doesent scan your memory it checks your et.exe

that is a perfect example of flaming your own anti-cheat. Blame your own team for losing, not an anti-cheat, the game was supposed to be played on NO PB Configs, and they even used slac
so it was even pointless to mention SLAC in the first place
i never said in anyway that slajdan was obvious, so what?
don't rly undrstand the whine, monkey is the only one who's suspicious and his "suspiciousness" can prolly be explained by being some random canadian unhittable lagger.
I'm not talking about who is or isn't cheating now, I'm saying it's a shame that a team that has 4 ex-cheaters is allowed to play in the first place when some of them even have very recent bans(so you can't say they were banned a long time ago in another time), EC used to be prestigious, now it's somewhat of a joke
what is this, some serious business? it's a game, deal with it
it is a game, now you tell me why do people have to cheat to be "better" than other people in just a game?
It's a shame that people like you still whine about it..
ffive has also ex cheaters
ovr has also ex cheaters
and many other EC teams, so what is your point about squad.ee? Many players have tried cheats in the past, some got busted, some not, it doesnt mean they cant play without hax on high level after their suspension...
why is it a shame that people that want the game not to be infested with cheaters and ex-cheaters whine about it? there are so many cheaters because people welcome them back and play with them
I've also spoken against overload, but the fact that squad has like 6 people like that in their ranks is disgusting
So fucking what? There are cheaters in real sports also, they get a second chance, don't they? Stop living under your bubble and thinking there won't be any ex-cheaters in top teams, especially in dead game like this.
you're quite an idiot, living under a bubble? thinking there WON'T be cheaters in top teams? not much point in discussing with you

and name me 5 top athletes that have been banned and then allowed to compete on top level within a year
atleast im not a fucking retard who thinks world is perfect

and about athletes they get suspension for about 2 years so i can't name you any
i agree
You have € 223 on Squad
You won € 1358.07
knew monkey would do it
You have € 42 on ee Squad
You won € 255.78 thx : )
You have € 2860 on Squad
You won € 17417.4

[21:28] <monkeyy> its ouir last match :)
[21:28] <monkeyy> we will lose :(
You have € 50 on ee Squad
You won € 304.5
tra jälle kaotasin :D
haha i knew it

You have € 20 on ee Squad
You won € 121.8

thx malpa!
You have € 250 on ee Squad
You won € 1522.5

thx squad :)
hoyzer wir wissen wo dein auto steht!
äh lul
You have € 55 on Squad
You won € 334.95

thx monkey
Ich dachte nookie sei der größte hurensohn, den ET jemal gesehen hat, aber was hier abgeht ist ja over zeh top

had same smile :)
wat? don't rly undrstand why people are so surprised about the result.
wp magico!!!

You have € 500 on de SL
You lost

ach kmmt ey -.-
You have € 25 on ee Squad
You won € 152.25
Jürgen rolled !
mis see "rolled" tähendab ?
bye bye ET
expected, everyony whos saying "squad.ee cheaters" is simply braindead
Didn't you get busted for cheating or something? Seriously slajdan axeL cheaterboyfriend what do you expect.
I did, like 3 years ago, so what?
it was years ago i played some 3v3 with alex, go whine at matias + kentsu instead :-)

to be more precise: 14/02/06
I guess you were totally shocked that he cheated in NC? RIGHT? Fucking idiot.
I have no idea, but I didn't play NC last season so.. only time I did play NC with him was when both lioco and him got kicked for multihack or smth which turned out to probably be an exploit in PB and then a few days later alot of ppl started getting kicked.
wp anyway.
You have € 10 on ee Squad
You won € 60.9
easy brackets :)
nobody cheats :)
please use brain :)
SL ac is cool but use brain :)
+1 easy brackets :))))))
nice squad ee mates :)
wp sladshdan ;D
it's because of the monkey<3<3
saljdan rollin, what i like to see
nice :D
wp slajdan, raul mantt
wp slashdOWN ;D
You have € 25 on ee Squad
You won € 152.25

thanks quebecer
who fucked up the odds?
i won only 600

and gg fags, #squad.ee ex cheaters idle&perform oky?
roller by skilled :D
You have € 106 on ee Squad
You won € 645.54

You have € 26 on ee Squad
You won € 158.34

Thx lad's
lol noobs won vs noobs
You have € 1000 on ee Squad
You won € 6090
You have € 103 on ee Squad
You won € 627.27
You have € 100 on ee Squad
You won € 609
wp squad <3

You have € 233 on ee Squad
You won € 1418.97