Finland vs Belgium (37908 views)

fi iron
fi squall
fi lepari
fi cadein
fi twidi
fi lettu
fi mikza
be Shewie
be mAx
be mesq
be lio
be mAus
be zeto
Nationscup X GOLD Final
06.02.07 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup X
Manager: Anaconda (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Slots: 6,150
Listener Peak: unknown

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Belgium <3
Belgium ftw !!
100 eurozz spend !
Finland <3
Your bet: 21€ on BEL Possible Win: 30 € (+9 €)

GL! :)
finland imo :) they beat both sweden and poland 1-2 weeks ago
belgium beat both finland and germany 1-2 weeks ago :)
hehe didnt know that ;) still, my money on finland
then you lost it already :)
you're wrong!
yep he's wrong ;) or.. we'll see tonight :D

gl hf finland
if you play jauhis, i am ;)
finland ftw ;)
Finland FTW <3
Your bet: 50€ on FIN Possible Win: 174 € (+124 €)
Finland<3 Your bet: 36€ on FIN Possible Win: 127 € (+91 €)
hmmmm be. i think
Belgium did it before and will to it again: PWN Finland
Belgium is gonna win this 1 again, serious I hope the lineup will be nice
lol belgium pwns and flames sucks
belgium imo

germany has been pwnd... they can handle finland too :p
germany has only been pwned coz senji and urtier didn't play

gG sherlock!
go Be!!
this time: cheats v mistake, everybody know that nobody have chances with bel cheats so gg wp bel

2007 EC:

1. BEL
2. FIN ( :|)
3. POL (;/)
4. GER
any demos that prove this bs?

that reminds me of: Bel will win. Bel will win. Bel allways wins. Xd
it was typical polish morning whine..wasnt it ? #care
i would rather use words "cheat" and "mistake" the other way around :)
he is :(
Ummm... Why would BE cheat? Because they can win vs. Poland? Btw if you're talking about EC, I don't think there'd be nations competing... ;)

Your predictions are right though :P
exept for the fact that POL will be fourth and GER third
That's pretty likely, but who cares about the Yermans and the Polaks, right? :P :D
pl didnt lose to bel...
So your point is...? I never said they did, but they would lose if they played Belgium :P
right, only possibility :)
gl bel :)
Suomi! <3
Centuries ftw

Nostradamus said : beyond the mountains,the black lion beats the gold lion

4-2 be
finland ftw.
more bets for fin please, so i get more money when bel wins :D
belgium imo
lepari > bel
Correction: lepari < belgium
ofc 1 lepari < 6 guysi
but then we come to:
2 fin = 6 bel
and then to:
3 fin > 6 bel
and finally to:
6 fin >>>> 6 bel

EDIT: >>>> = 4 > = 4:0 for fin, thats power of logic, forseen the score without magical (hax) skills
nuh lepari > idle, so he is greater than 6 guys alone. Also I heard, lepari might be mystic!
next time use spoiler:D
u r mystic, busted imo
gl viira
Belgium is very strong this year so easy win ;)
awsome lineups, gonna be interesting match
Your bet: 60€ on BEL Possible Win: 300 € (+240 €)

Np for be Belgium .
Lepari & Squall > Belguim
LOL , Lepari < Belgium . ( Squall < Belgium too :D )
ye indeed, Lepari & Squall > Belgium, we saw that last time when they won 4-0 vs Belgium in the groupstages!1!11
fi Lepari ftw!
All on Fin
BEL - easy money for meh
FIN - sittuge pihku
lepari = mystic!
easy for belgia
last time Bel have lotto this time FIN powned them
BElgium 4sh() !! :)
gL bro's
bemAus > fiLepari
mAus is doing over 25k damage with aimbot
he's doing pretty much without :)))
all on bel
Fin ftw !! ;]
Your bet: 160€ on BEL Possible Win: 800 € (+640 €)

yes plz
-_- another low-skilled match @ argh!!!!!!!!!111
aye, why cant they broadcast just few CwG wars <_<
Gogo mesqi and shit, my money is on ya!!
Your bet: 27875€ on BEL
Possible Win: 139375 € (+111500 €) GL!
Your bet: 100€ on FIN
Possible Win: 125 € (+25 €)
Your bet: 87€ on BEL Possible Win: 435 € (+348 €)

thx for easy money .
Gogo be, you can do this
finland let raveneye play imo!

easy bash
easy for be
only 550 slots:O
few slots for a NC final
my last moneh on BE
spend it good...
Need more slots ... :/
Your bet: 75€ on BEL Possible Win: 218 € (+143 €)

i <3 odds :D :D :D
team BE :°°)
Gl Belgen!
gl mAus , BE fo sho
I wish a fair fight! gl both!!
well imo BEL takes NC this year
Lepari will beat belgium
patatekes ftw
Belgium will get Leparized.
too easy for fin
I think Belgium will think as yermans and forfeit the game !
lineups ?
gl bel

mAus vs lettu gg
maus+shewie+max vs lettu+squal+lepari :) imo bel ftw
Line Ups Added !

GL & HF !
too easy for bel, they already raped us in the groupstage!
what is the purpose to set three servers to show the same match?
more slots
i mean three ettvs of the same corporation (h3-exe)
go be mAus
Your bet: 70€ on FIN Possible Win: 109 € (+39 €)
Last year we had like 2200+ slots and now only 1300? What happened to ET :o
More slots please! :o
Your bet: 200€ on BEL
Possible Win: 528 € (+328 €)
Belgium imo!
Finland will take this one fo sho
gl 141
go be go :)
dAv1d replace mesq pls, you don`t have to pracc for EC anyways because zP will rape you anyways so go 4 gold .. plssss :x

be with dAv1d .. be will do it
be with mesq .. fi will do it
the A-Team (mAx, mAus, dAv1d) ftw!

no dAv1d no win :(
imo the E-Team (ShEwie, mEsq, zEto)

go bel<o/
and mEx,leo,mEus ?
end devid
du penislutschende transexuelle nudde du :))
hdal.: )
nice lineups :)
FIN > BEL ... but gl to both teams .... iron and lettu <3
all on fin! gl
go go .be
BEL need dAv1d and Xionn
what about Kevin?? -,-
i'm not skilled enough
nc is no competition anyways so who wants to play it
so dont care, ur still an ok skilled player when i watched a game of your clan
u 2 not
kevin, jawel :p en btw, ik ben sybren's broer xD
go lettu >)
Suomi FTW
GL both teams!!!
lepari ftw & gl to belgium
54 on BELGIUM they won vs ger so BE FTW!
possible win 130(+76)
belgium raped finland at groupstages, no doubt that they are gonna do it again. all my money on belgium

Your bet: 1290e on BEL - Possible Win: 2928 (+1638 )
imo belg lol..
7vs6? :o xd Bel ftw
DoObry u are stupid:)
I always hoped that LAT could make his way to the final, but unfortunately LAT had to accept the lost from polish guys. But SUOMI team won those bastards :D I don't have nothing else to say exept this: "Let the better team win!" I placed my bets on FINLAND, because the BEL isn't shined in any aspect (win over GER was just a temporar status quo) and the last year events doesn't show a thing, like the German team showed us. go-go fin
close one!
exiting match!
finland easily
I hope (ofc) that Belgium is going to win
I wish also Finnland Good Luck :)

Go For It !
if i were you, i would wish 'gl' to BEL and 'hf' to fin.
hf mAx :)
more slots btw!
just updated my tv servs to 2 x 100 slots instead of 2 x 50 , 100 slots added !
no bet for me.
go <3
go team be.

<3 mesq & mAus
lpri = pubplayer
These are such great teams. NC is so much more exciting than EC. Anyways all my money on Finand!
izi bash
idd, finish team will be raped @ spawn
agree, they already did @ groupstage
thats why they won... -,-
4:2 for BE =)

I don't want lose my bet =(
i can't decide :(
i'm gonna go for bel but i still think finland has a very good shot at it
4:2 for FIN imo ;o
Gl & hf teams! =]

All my money's at BEL... ;P (Hmm, 4:0 -> BEL) ;DD
fin ftw! ;D
go mAus ,lio, zeto :)
gl team be, make us proud
bel championship !!!
YES! thx to jump3r we have >2000 slots! VIVAT! :)
GO Finland :>
no german shoutcast?
Finland imo
Imo Belgium:D mAx xD mesq Shewie (all):D
2025 slots and nobody will watch it.. :S only a pot of Total pot: 515301 €
even sth vs EU` has bigger pot :S hf
People don't want to lose all their money on a 50-50 game ;)
nah dont think soo.. they are pissed that holland is not in tha grand final :P
true, that's teh reason ;]
GL finland
easy for bel :X
Fin :]
what to do .. incorrect ET version ...
2-0 to russia
2-0 finland
2-2 !!!
OMFG !!!!!! be :s wtf are you doing? thought you were won ?
GG FIN n1 on adlernest :)
lucky suomi pedet
I have no words for that document run :o

Congrats Finland! wp.:
very closed Squall the snipe hero :>
gg lepari nice jumpin :p
haha... gelukkig hebben die belgen niet gewonnen :D
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !!!!!!!!!!!!!
who was this tard already saying "gongrats be" 2 mins before map ends? xDDD
think it was nightraver lol
no it was sinuss or somebodyelse from headshotradio!
It was someone from headshot radio.
sinuss buhaha lol :D
great decider, wp finland. Damn lottonest
un fu****g believeable
great game
loooooooooooooooooool @ last action
Squall > BE :o
FU both teams...fucking lotto niggas i lost my 15000£
lol... i mean, i lost money :<
great game, thx
vittu mikä MATSI! vittu my handshakes ja sydänpysähty
Your bet: 778€ on FIN Won 1626€
adleri todistettii skillimapiks
i won money xD bet on fin = cash
wp suomi
finland nice
great game with a great ending, too bad for belgium though

props to cb for another nice NC
Your bet: 20000€ on BEL Lost

so close, damn. But wp Belgium and better luck next time.

ps. you deserved the win more IMO. ;(
im moving to holland ffs n00b country
(wzRd) if bel doesn't win this 1 i'm moving to the netherlands :<
what a great game! i think exciting for ETTV and shoutcasters and big battle fro players - adlernest show again its spirit...

gratz FIN, wp BEL

GL ET for another seasons! <3
Your bet: 100€ on BEL Lost

You have 36 €
better team won.
gratz FIN ! nice game ... u chose best lotto map... ;)
Your bet: 5€ on FIN Won 10€ 8)
Suomi ^^
<3 Belgium
wp fin :) belgium was lucky with the tank at grush and first at adler but finland shows their strength ;)
Mitä vittuu : DDD
best match ever (good old times)
NC is much more enjoyable to watch then a regular match.
GJ Fins.
WP Bel.
+ it is 6on6 btw.
LOL @ adlernest 2nd rnd
ET 5 years ago and today.... compare.....

Iron, Squall, Lepari, twidi, lettu, lio, zeto, mAus are all still playing.

Shewie, cadein, mikza etc would be owned hard by new stars...