Left Hand Solution vs #erAse.et Runo<3 (4126 views)

se hoffae
fi Superpallo
fi Mrm
fi Luksu
fi Jacker
nl Ap0c
at DonMatthias
fi dTEC7
no Hexagon
gb Nips
Matchweek #2
20.09.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup V 5v5 » Matchlink
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: Haapis (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 8788
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 10


gl both
Izi for ea
You have € 482 on eu eA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 824.22

izi for apoc hex and nips <3
liian helppo fiSuperpallolle :[
GL hoffae
iz 4 lhs
You have € 1807 on eu >LHS< Cancel bet
Possible win: € 5824.22
hi mister positive!
Pending Money 65 €

Trolled hard
You have € 65 on eA
Possible win: € 83.2

but pssst
he mad cos we failed at west so much :XD
hi mister positive!
go jacker <3
izi 4 nips hf bro :)

gl eA :)
gl don
You have € 187 on fi >LHS< Cancel bet
Possible win: € 424.49 nyt jumalauta
dema nyt bettasit väärälle tiimille :D
You won € 489.94 XD
gl ap0c :>
gl don <3
score ?
3:2 LHS, match in progress
ok thanks, who won bremen ?
dunno, connected few minutes ago when they played 3rd map ;p
low shit is low
what happened? :o
no esse
yes dtlow-ec7
lhs good
short and direct summery
we suck atm
hola ingame leader, we will discuss this before next prac, things will change because they have to if we want to achieve anything.
So prepare your speech! :D
You have € 1000 on eA
You lost

:D owned
Man somehow this smiley made me fucking laugh. :D
You have € 1000 on eu eA
You lost

Arpomistahan tää on.
schade don
You have € 500 on eu eA
You lost
Premier skill :D:D