stronger than hate vs The Last Resort (11071 views)

hr frozz
hr calisto
ee freeze
se nuggan
fi mind
nl milk
gb ross
be maus
it xylos
gb sqzz
08.12.10 22:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ZOWIE ET G-Cup
Manager: frozz (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 39119
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 161


gl frozz,calisto,rimi,nugga,mind,milk,ross,maus,xylos,sqzz :)
gl nuggan! and sqzz mate :D
gl NUGGAN!<3
gl Nuggan, ROSS, and sqzz
gl mAus and sqzz
You have € 12 on sth
Possible win: € 931.92
Go now nuggan :)
good luck frozz
gl nuggan mind + tlr :)))
2-0 sth :P
7.29 goldrush by sth
nuggan + freeze = ownage
sqzz <3
wp sqzz on gr
ross fucking terminator with mg :D
Goldrush was epic.
n1ce sqzz ;)
if ure not gonna win 4:0 then u gonna lose 2:4 :)
like in volleyball!
lol volleyball can end 3-2 not 4-2
but u know what i mean ;p
4-2 TLR
Well played lads, tough match.
gg maus n sqzz :D

synd nuggan :*(
riktigt drygt game för mig :d
aimet var helt off, så bara försökte lyckas med objectives, fucking 3 cm från att ta tillbaka guldet på grush.
hahah man såg att du bara försökte spela objective :D

aldrig highest dmg som du bruckar har(av ditt team), lr kanske efter mind :D

d kommer tillbacka for 3o3nc :D

lycka till för de kommande matcher :D
sqzz man of the match, wp both
Squizzy <3
sth deserved it.
218 € on gb TLR Won 222€

when did you start reviving?????? :{
since september
it's some mysterious thing that happens to me after not being able to hit people who're standing still I guess :d
where was this guy in colt 45??? :D
wouldn't have helped ]x
I either aim shit and play well objwise or I aim nicely and fail objwise!
that's just how I roll
FUUUUUUUUUUUU havent seen it :>
nuggan plays so brainlessly agressive, my fav player right now :D
i bet his face is like this now:
2/22 :D
what u were doing frozz
do I take that as a compliment or are you hatin' on me? :D
i have the same style, its useful most of the time and if everybody would play like this in my team...

...well excuse for getting full sometime :p (example: goldrush, yes i hate to stand in spawn for 10 seconds while the opponent is taking the gold)
indeed,thats why every team is breaking their bones to get you in the team. get real nonix
as i said - maybe u cant read - i like how he plays even if he gets full sometime.

how i am related? wo wo wo are want to say u are better than me ? get real :D
finally u found a team where u can get carried. I was never a player in any team with lowest stat capizse?
hard to accept u suck right? answer me, what team EVEr asked u to play with them? Did u ever get a msg "plz frozz join us", i doubt haha
and plz show me one single match on ettv where i played bad, u cant find i guess
frozz > you =(
frozz is better than you, least he has a role and can do it .. you have a role which you're not really that good at
+1, for the very first time
how are you related? you are related because u mentioned urself and how would u like to play in ur team (what team afterall?).
where did i say that i'm better than you? but yea, i can answer on that question and the answer is: i'm better in doing things i have to do, which basically means, as kamz said, i'm doing my role better than you doing i better player?also a maybe, depending how will you look on the things. do you have better aim than me? probably you do. but see, you got mediocre aim and really shit gamesense which makes you a pretty useless player. remember when u played few games in a spring to see how would you fit in with us? we told you nonix play medic side at gr and your answer was: i have really low sense, cant play there.
so now, what kind of bullshit of that? you are not playing any other class as well. you get emo when you lose. how many times did u get kicked from ur teams in past 2 seasons?
but as you see, you only take care of damage and individual rambos, you have just stated smth like that 3 nuggans, 1 nonix and a rifle would make a perfect team? do you seriously think that only players playing as nuggan are the ones that are doing it right? you also maybe want to think you have same style as him, but you are so much behind. behind in all terms. aim,movement,sens,gamesense and revives. and even nuggan who plays really good fucks up from time to time...and especially with the fullspawns. and that fullspawns will cost you a game most of the time, because top teams will make a profit of it...while you said that these fullspawns arent that crucial.yes, such damage carrier with few fullspawns is a way better than a player with mediocre aim and without fullspawn, but these fullspawns are the difference between top and good and reducing these fails is a must. and even agressive players sometimes need to be patient atleast for a brief period of time(hint: radar for example.)
oh and yea, i never said that i'm awesome player but i'm doing my things right most of the time and almost never fuck up in crucial moments. if i felt i'm not contributing to the team,i would would leave straight away. while you would say that you had best dmg and that certain fuckup wasnt ur fault,because u had top dmg and rolled! (i assume u would say something like this).I also didnt find a team, I made it myself, maybe you should create one to show me your extraordinary leading skills and also extraordinary hungarian imagination & ideas.
no idea why i wasted 15-20mins to write this comment but maybe i can slightly enlighten your selfimpressed ego so you stop being in a blunder
cool story brow !
3 nuggans holy fuck :o

dignitas would get raped
+ fuckin 1
but noone would repair the tank :P
how are you related? you are related as u mentioned urself and how u like to play ur team (the team afterall?).
when Did I say that I'm better than you? but in a way I can answer that question and the answer is: I just do things I need to do, which in practice means, such as kamz said, I'm doing my role better than you do i lost? may also, depending on how you look matters. Do you have a better goal than I do? Probably not. but see, you have a mediocre goal and got the crap game sense what makes you pretty useless player. I remember when u played a few games in the spring to see how you fit with us? We told you nonix play a medic aside gr and the answer was: I'm feeling really low, cannot play there.
so now what kind of shit about it? you do not play any other class as well. you get when you lose a parent. How many times do u get kicked ur teams in the last 2 seasons?
but as you can see, just take care of the injury and the individual rambos, just said smth like nuggans 3, 1 nonix and the rifle would make a perfect team? Do you seriously believe that the only players like nuggan are those who are doing it correctly? You also might want to think you're in the same style as he was, but you're so far behind. followed by all the terms. Aim, movement, sens, game sense and revived. and even nuggan who plays really good fucks up from time to time ... and in particular fullspawns. and that the game fullspawns pays most of the time, because the top teams will profit from it ... when you said that they arent that fullspawns crucial.yes, such damage is the operator with a few fullspawns is much better than a mediocre player without a goal fullspawn, but these fullspawns is the difference between the top and the good and not have to reduce these is. and even aggressive players sometimes need to be patient, surely a short time (hint: the radar, for example.)
oh, and so, I have never said that I'm a great player but I'm doing my things right most of the time and hardly ever mess up in crucial moments. I knew if I did not contribute to the team, I would leave immediately. at the same time you could say that you had the best dmg and that some fuckup wasn't ur fault because u was in the top dmg and rolled! (I guess u would say such a thing). I am also didn't find the team, I did it myself, maybe you should create a show me the extra skills and also a leading extraordinary Hungarian imagination and ideas.
no idea why I wasted 15-20mins to write this comment, but maybe I can cheer up a little selfimpressed ego so when you stop bloomer
+1 frozzie

and something I have to mention I am better player than nonix (and well a lot of ppl plays better than me for sure)!
and you are smelly aswell, bro
same story here (except for some great screens i made during some foolish period) , i'd choose your way of playing above any brainless rambo anytime, anyday..

hf flaming me :)
dont want to flame u
it's not fun anymore
You should stop arguing about this all the time. I didnt rly want to say this out laud because I have met u in person and u r nice guy, I respect you as moviemaker etc, but this is just too much. I had been playing with you for almost half a year and I would rather take a bullet through my head than playing with u again, and I am not alone as you can see. After playing few wars with you at the begining, we had been trying to find another guy to replace you, but because we already asked you to play on cc7 with us we decided not to be a backstabbers. I am not gonna investigate what ur problem is when it comes to ET, but in result u have proven to be useless in majority of teams u have played in. Speaking for myself, imo ur biggest ingame problems are lack of gamesense (being rambo is not a bad thing, but it needs to be done properly), getting emo when smth is not going ur way (like frozz said, when doing tax for example) and unhealthy obsession with stats.You have aim for playing in high teams, but unfortunatelly, its not enough as you can see. After all those comments u should realize that u r doing smth wrong, and maybe for this instance, drop ur ego, try to listen and think what u do while playing. Its not too late to change and improve ur game...
I am sure u can come out with shitloads of mistakes I have done, but I am aware of what I am doing wrong, I know that my aim is bad as well as my gamesense and lack of experience, so it would be better not to reply to this, I just expressed my personal opinion, I didnt try to be offensive in any way. asked him to play

u're fucked now
tbh when I've played you in 3v3 you seem shit aswell. Never understood how you became a "EC skilled" player.
Well you can look at it on more ways. Camping in spawn can be successful 1/5 times, that's mostly if the opponents think everyone is dead. Being the high aimer it's a must to push out and try to get at least 1-2 guys full and hold the objective back a bit.

thx for the lesson, :O
ye, that team would be totally raped 10 seconds after the spawn
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! n1
robert rolling
robert not quiting
frozz my best mate, Robert help out. ehehh
nuggan played so fucking nice
Lets make a book?
why? explain pls.
Y'all got that right.
i agree.
plus eins
und die moral von der geschicht: kopierpaste = purer gewinn!

LOLD at this thread, really. :DDD