Team Dignitas vs Queens (32595 views)

ee Anderson
de drago
si JaKaZc
ee Night
gb sqzz
gb razz
is phyZiC
mt toxicccc

Playoffs: UB Round 3
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: YCN Spring Challenge 2011
Manager: Andersonnn (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 209841
The bets are closed.

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gb #QuadV Stream 2
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Total Slots: 1,300
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Enemy Territory TV

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gl queens <3
izi for dignitas !
needs more ee Night :P
gl drago ^^
so lightning just getting kicked now cuz night comes back?
Explain plz
If u read the topic about it it says his going back in dignitas in 3 weeks
ye but its not nice for lightning!
why? it was planned from beginning that hed only play until night is back i think
hes in TAG
no eeNight?
he still have 3 more weeks of army
gl squall :>
gl queens :D
easy for queens
owzo !
Gl Anderson ;)
gl both, nice match
GL guys nice match
GL d.SiMooN :p
Dans des rêves trés profond !!!!!
no d.SiMooN no win
all in on queens
gl boys :)
gl dignitas
d.SiMooN ???? LOL
ohyourcool did u come up with a cheer yet?
tjena owzo! ge mig en shoutout !
owzo !
wont be played today, sry :(
gl drago and toxic :))))
please win it this time ! ;-)
no karnaj no win! :-D ... gl toxicc:)
this not gonna be played Today?
hf toxic
its not gonna played today.
its not gonna played today.
its not gonna played today.
they change game time cause then night will be back!:D
go queens go!
my money on u queens m8's dont dissapoint me :<
owzo steamin' in !
You have € 100 on eu Queens Cancel bet
Possible win: € 366

sqzz !!!!!!
Queens mają 20 % szans na wygrana ;d
gl toxic :*
gl gav
gl queens gl gav i be watching u lad xD
All money on Quee(r/n)s,

Gl phyZiC & sqZz
gl toxic!!

You have € 242 on Queens
Possible win: € 793.76

in miNd i trust
queens will winj because phyzic will turn on his aimbot when its 2:2 :D
der mute gestern war unfair!
willst du mich verscheißern?
warst du der typ? xDDDDDDDDDD
ja man hahaha :DD
omg du musst ja nich so stressen xD
You have € 858 on Queens
Possible win: € 3818.1

dont fuck me about.
Ohhhh crap just put all my money on d. (which is about 3 shiny stones worth) WHAT DO YOU KNOW???
All in on my icelandic golfer nigguh

You have € 135 on Queens
Possible win: € 589.95
sick match, gl both ;)
gl sqzz razz phyzic :)
Game of the century
gl sqzz
owzo casting, very well
You have € 112 on Queens
Possible win: € 598.08

nothing else to say ... queens ftw
You have € 50000 on gb
Possible win: € 67500

i WARN you olbaa :D
night playing?
this needs de eujen
nooby i m moldavien tospot not ger :D "md"
welsh accent or moldavian accent

cant make a choice
You have € 100 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 291
ah you guys are gonna win now so i'm gonna bet on you
isi 4 queens as allways!
You have € 295 on gb
Possible win: € 448.4

Gl Dignitas
You have € 962 on Queens
Possible win: € 2809.04

dont lose on me queens
gl razz brink 2moz dont forget! no more et for you =D
gl gav
You have € 7448 on eu Queens Cancel bet
Possible win: € 20779.92

gl gavinho
no miNd no win
what is that lineup :(
Nie moge wlaczyc ET, szary ekran sie pojawia i nie chce zniknac. Kto moglby pomoc?:)
odpal et na defaultowym cfg
where owzo
won it by forfeit gg
pathetic cunts, 247 people waiting for this match, now die
thanks for winning me 2k m8 :D
queens most pathetic clan ever, knowing they will get slaughtered so they beg for forfeit :XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
was laberst du für ne scheiße junge ich würde auch quitten wenn ich 20 minuten auf irgendwelche spasten warten muss die denken sie wären irgendwas besseres
every match is starting 20 mins later nowadays
ich glaub die haben schon öfters mindestens 20 min gewartet, nur halt nich bei gegnern wo sie wussten dass sie verlieren :>
die würden nicht verlieren wenn sie mit ihren spielern spielen würden
lol dignitas didnt turn up with a team why queens get forfeit not cos they get sluaghterd pmsl
u sure that your from uk?
dignitas most pathetic clan ever, biggest retards in history especially reload the fucking fat cunt he is so fat that he even cant respond when queesn trying to talk with them.

yeah they were totally worried about being slaughtered.
frostbite sunday :XD
+ dignitas came back from 4 month break or something
what didnt u understand?
everyone has excuses, the facts are that the lost twice versus queens :) also if you don't know why there was a problem, maybe you should stfu.
cancle bets
I mean seriously. Every wants a good game and you take a forfeit with 4 players on server.
understandable, they dont allow them to take mercs which they want!
i would leave too
What was the problem actually ?
They mad :(
we take forfeit win. gg
dignitas, u did this to urselves
get lost
last time i checked you didn't have 5, how can you take forfeit? Scared much :D:D
They let you use 2 mercs, and that's how you thank them.
God. You really are pussies...
but not the mercs which they want ;)
we moved the game for them and they couldnt delay the game 1 hour for us? fuck you and fuck them
gl taking the forfeit idc but give us a good game tonight!!!
what happend? they didnt come? o0
strange guys in ET nowadays
they just didnt bother to get ppl to the server. we left after 20 minutes of waiting, couldn't be bothered. we have bent over backwards to help dignitas, yet they cant do the same to us. simple solution. forfeit win
sure, understandable. if u postponed the match for them before, strange guys...
Ruining the fun ain't e-sport pro gaming spirit :/
dude queens did the right thing
It's all about winning with or without playing xD
queens thanks for the money 1.56
2.78 Queens
You have € 100 on Queens
Possible win: € 278
must have some iq of 36 right?
After queens allowing Dignitas to reschedule the original match date, Queens asked to delay the match for 1 hour as they were waiting for 2 players, Dignitas would not allow this, hence the forfeit was taken.
Dignitas has 5 players, find a practice match and cast for viewers :D
I support queens on this one.
me too

e.dignitas pussys not allowing the mercs which queens wanted
QuoteYou may only use players from your clanpage.

Queens didn't have 5 players from their clanpage on the server. Therefore they can't claim forfeit.
this rule was never followed in this cup tbh, check on other teams
a rule is a rule!
rules are there to break them
a rule is a rule
it was never followed, so it doesnt count!
mee nukkumaa xD
You have € 250 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 695

izi money hahaha
Drama in the air <3
miNd you are is my idol, winning games when not even online+drunk
angielski sie klania , panie robaczku ;D
pan chyba nowy na gtv ze nie zna formuly "you are is my idol"
zostaw go kurwa , bo ci nie zaplace
tak sie sklada,ze ja jestem autorem tych slow ;D
to jest robaciek show . tzn obciaganie teleskopowek
brutto .
XDD troo dat, i just came online to rock this shitmbut iheaRD WE WON!!
gl queens & olbaa.
Badly functioning of gamestv. In these good matches it is necessary to say to the many spectators more rapid if it is played or is not played.
really? I think it was pretty obvious that it wouldn't be played when everyone from Queens disconnected
Dignitas remained in the server for 1 hour. Sometimes the match is postponed during 30 minutes for example. What I say is that one should announce what is going to be done by clarity, or if it is had clearly to remove the match directly of gamestv to avoid the continuous entry and exit of the server where it is played
but that's the point, it wasn't clear whether it'd be played or not.. so it's not really fair to blame gamestv
Is it a fault of the ......?. A lot of importance does not have the matter, but probably it should get improved
Lovin' your English.
i won give me the fuking money
You have € 125 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 297.5

send me my money that would be great. thanks.
rumor has it that if you cancel your bet, you will receive € 297.5 ...?
I heard rumours that this will be played on monday lineup will be something like

- jaka + karnaj = win :)
jaka, lightning? who will be the rifle?
Nuit à la place d'Eclair
jakacz and night are both decent riflers and smgs ^.^
whys that funny :(
isnt funny, im happy cuz im expecting that
i hope ur right squall
sup with mind?
we want mind !
lololo jakazc :o
why the fuck did queens take flopjehz
im a better rifle ...
you want backstab us?
fucking cancer tropic
gl flop, hope you fit in the team bro mind is hard to replace x(
flop vs. drago o_O

gl flop (=
go Squall & Reload, i have some great stuff for the shoutcast, if u see what i mean... :{D
gl gav and flop
gl olbaa
gl flop!
no mind no win

jehzflop and zQss gut luck
need maza
gl toxicc
gl flopje :))
all eyes on Night
I think Night lacks the touch and assume a big chance for queens :) gL orvar & co
good old d. :)
gl flopjeh
will night play? WILL HE PLAY?????????
omg night omg
Squall in RAAB and dignitas?
yeah cause d. doesnt play ec
different cups
FAT war !
GL Dignitas ! Und Drago du klatscht sie alle ;) will take it. :)

This is dignitas
gl drago ^^
sick match
people become older!
Lol ZaD :)
Are those cobwebs on his nipples
This picture actually shows what might happen to every bodybuilder that stopped training his body (+ taking special things to boost his muscles)
You have € 825 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 3440.25

I has faith
You have € 100 on Queens
Possible win: € 405
gl night ! et su aim samahea oleks, kui ennem s6da :P
owzo>francis i guess?
^night <3<3
GL !
gl gav ur da boy son give them hell after last time un gentleman like affairs time to put these muthers to there deaths
wow boss u still alive and have a guid i am suprised well ur cheat friends will fix them probs hey trolled once again by an eng man
wow man take ur head out of their asses and go back to your cheating buddies and don't come here to talk any shit where you don't know anything. Better to keep your mouth shut here.
P.S. Learn to reply.

View 1stCav TV by s0k1
Language: Polish

0 / 2500

Total Slots: 2,500
Used Slots: 0
Viewer Peak: 0

pol tard lose again when will they learn pmsl drinking my budd speccing queens secure both obj with out blowing main lol if they spawn back and lose flag they may have saved 1 lolololololol.ololololololololololol
It would have been easy win for RAAB without that tk rifle shot, easy obj returnings + spawn back = 5mins left, ~3mins left and east token, 3min turtle hold at west = win.
hahahaha this is his real photo from polish social site like facebook ;)) now u stfu ;)
iz money

You have € 825 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 2417.25
You have € 6666 on
You lost

thx Nait :D
You have € 411 on gb
You lost

You have € 30 on gb
You lost

You have € 20000 on gb
You lost

bb money :<
gg wp gav, mvp easy
wp flopjehz <3
You have € 3754 on Queens
You won € 10999.22

wp lads. BASHED. gav, legend.
You won

Kevlar, get warmed up for your 1k minutes of dancing
im ready. lets do this.
You have € 20000 on eu Queens
You won € 58600

gg fysiek :))
Toxic amazing <3
You have € 20000 on eu Queens
You won € 58000.6
et Today 22:15 Team Dignitas gb 1.52 vs. 2.93 eu Queens 20 € on eu Queens Won 59€

sqzz is the best et player for now!
Has been for a long time :)
queens ftw!
thanks for the money boys!
You have € 351 on eu Queens
You won € 1028.43
:) queen power
thx for show ; )
cant lose a game with sqzzo!
he was amazing! big congrats for queens ; D
they didn't even say byebye :(
wp queens
nerding brink too hard :{
Queens played awesome :D gg guys <3 Squirrel
niiiice :)
trolololol :'(
wp queens
good game
Request not working? Server disconnected after few minutes..
someone replace the ettvod pls :( it's still the forfeit one
u have to request the server below then its workin
I don't get what u mean
Oh, right. Thanks (looks like they switched the servers now tho : you have to choose the first one)
Shoutcast available :

Thanks for making LeFrancis enjoy the show.
et is dead
You have € 50 on Queens
You won € 146.5
i see flopjehz low+ pracs paying off
Dear YCN, could you please give Robert & Marcus their own ventrilo server so they can have their fucking retarded chitchat over there, srsly how many retards can you have as shoutcaster? and I dont think you're gonna sell a server when you have these fucking morons talking shit the whole time :) someone should really kill robert :)
+1 and telling shoutcasters to stfu, rly kind people, this is the reason why shoutcasters are not in the mood to waste there time, like eujen ;)
I don't think they said it "seriously". Atleast, I don't hope so...

e : Even if it was serious I would still keep shoutcasting since I don't cast for them but for listeners.
mais quel gentleman ce francis
Yeh, I can't work out why he left tbh, who told him to stfu? because the only time I saw that said was aimed at me ...
stop asslicking eujen, he isn't even a good shoutcaster
Considered turning off chat? -.-
y u mad Lennert?
You have € 250 on eu Queens
You won € 732.5
my guesses were so right :) gg orvar & co!
Expected, gg flop and sqzz
You have € 250 on eu Queens
You won € 732.5