Inglorious Bastards vs Swallow My Seed (3879 views)

nl jaCk
ee ShaaQ
ro Gruesome
fi zaNc
dk fluffer
be yAnnickk
gb RRE
gb Warris
nl ranja
lv Sfin
12.06.11 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: jAcckk (Requestee)
Maps: Karsiah_te2
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Total Pot: € 3202
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 92


gl ib
gl gruesome
lol waar heb je die mensen dan vandaan geplukt
what do u mean ?
only answer me if u know what i mean, plz.
u said lol where did u get those people from.and i said what do u mean
so u still don't know where i am talking about, to make it clear i wasn't referring to u. If u would use your head u would know that, i was speaking dutch so i was proberly referring to a dutch man , ain't i?
i told u exactly what u said there cause i asked a dutch guy to translate me.why dont u answer the question u stupid fuck 15 year old cancer skin nerd?
i don't have to answer to u since my first comment wasn't meant for u.
smart ass...u asked jack where/how did he get this ppl from?most of them are contacted by me,we made the team let u know the team is made together,and not by a single guy,in your case assuming first of all:lol,what da fuck u care since u are a fuckin retard anyway,posting 10 times on cf about some guy who cheated some years ago,second cause even if i felt some pitty for your dicease thinking that u should be more mature cause of that,i realise pitty for guys like u is a sign of because i dont like u ,mind your own fuckin bussiness and go play with kids your age.
i seen jack in this line up, he asking me a few days ago to join ib to, so i was just asking jack because hes the only one i know in this lineup, btw u are making ur self look childish ur self, get a hold of yourself.
sorry to dissapoint u.maybe next time!and btw fuck head:i did not forgot your little circus u made on my address cause of that guy defqon.u lost your credibility in my face from that very moment
I did not say that i join ib, i refused because i was joining a other team. Now why are u so hot headed?
Nice edit, what has defqon to do with this? And what did i do on your adress? And i never knew u so i did not had any "credit" with you.
called me a gay cheater lover perhaps?idk go back to your crossfire comments u did that time and refresh your memories...
I don't remember that, what about u sending me some prove i can't find anything related to that in my comment history.
check your comment on rafek news post ib et pro public and on the post u made about defqon the same day 10 minuts later
tjaa weet ook niet man :D <3

speel backup voor team?
wat ik of jij?
jaa speel backup voor mn team dan <3
ja kan wel, als jullie niet in SC esl spele
dat wel, maar voor CB ladder?
na zit ook al daarin
gl sfin, jose
gl :))
gl ib!
gl sms pro's
=D omg...
-Gl my doll :D(Gruesome) want to take a ride :))
-btw gruesome don't do to much rush. :))
Gl sfin and jose
GL ib
Gl jaCk! :)
gogo ranja!

jij ook gl yannick :D
eh je gaat me wel geowned zien worden he?
jij leeft ook nog ;o
Gl SMS, getz zhem!
Gl inglorious 5on5 :D
gl gruesome

is fucked up cause he has net problems :(
=)) ty
gl sms
gl xcon m8!
gl ib friensdqs
go go ib m8
jack mad, tho gl
jack mad, tho gl
Hennessy dumb racist, no gl
Gl ib!
wp guys :)
was fun war, pauses :)
stopped counting :D
nice played :D