The Last Resort vs pro5 (41926 views)

hr aCoZz
lv Clown
be dAvid
cz Marv
be mAus
es Winghaven
de butchji
de hatred
de ramin
ch gifty
at potter
de drago
ClanBase EuroCup XV Losers Bracket Final
13.06.07 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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1st 4 1st time!
Your bet: 16€ on pro5
Possible Win: 285.92 € (+269.92 €)

<3 mAus FTW! :P
gonna be tlr vs p5
gl to unknown !!!!
pro5 - dignitas.. so no pro5.. maybe impact?
actually it's the winner of pro5 - dignitas.
gL bemAus & D4v1d
gonna be euJunk57 vs gbTLR ! :)
junk 52 + pro5 = pro junk57 :]
Wrong :D! junk52 + pro5 = Pro Junk525
52+5 is 57 imo
attention plz
Or mix them and you get 255. 255 = 0xFF in hexadecimal code. So pro5 + junk52 = Fear Factory? XD
Gl pro5 GL gifty :) very well played to dignitas
hope TLR will kick cheaters ass!
<3 marv
cheaters banned by clanbase so no cheaters in pro5
but they played 3 matches with cheatzors, 3 matches when everyone know they were cheating. Well, TLR kick their cheatzors asses!!!
true its worst timing i seen for long time from clanbase
ye, but pro5 is now cheater-free i guess..
gl both :]
go go go TLR..

Your bet: 74€ on TLR
Possible Win: 226.44 € (+152.44 €)

HAVE to win!
go go go go mause (padawan of raziel)
Bet for pro5, they are above the law :)
aww, i bet for the wrong team =[
Hard one to bet since I <3 both teams :< Sad that one's gonna go away.
does pro5 have 6 players, now keran and shy are banned?
Yes its cone be 6 vs 4, gl P5 : P
jep, Potter plays with'em. so they are 6 again :P
my money is on TLR.
dav1d !!
gL TLR, don't forget 2 pr4c!!!
pro5 pwnd dignitas so pro5 pwnd tlr
but tlr pwned d so ... :)
pro5 lineup????
p5 lineup:

n1 with potter :>
Potter still plays !?
i thought he stopped :O
finally cheatzors have ban :) gl TLR, beat their asses!
tlr also beta dignitas so its 50-50 imo gr8 teams

<3 mAus
<3 butchji
will mAus play for belgium team or for TLR?
be vs hu @ 21.00
TLR vs pro5 @ 21.00
pro5 won against d. but I don't think they will bust through TLR

go Wingje!
TLR lineups pls
hmmm, i think p5 will own them... Butchji ftw^^
But lineup from TLR plz
greetz Rayzed
ez bash for Juri !!!
so common team TLR is more important that represent their country BEL ??
Oo - gg guys !!
Do i rly need to answer that ? :o
TLR will get more resistance from pro5 than be will get from hu
as the saying in football goes, club before country!
gl butchji & C|own!
potter'll make his come back ?
dont think so
but it looks like
he said on that he only is going to play this match to help pro5 finish the EC
pro5 with this linup owndZ =)
TLR will rape pro5
ye till pro5 bleeds hard...
TLR, I beg you.. please win to save this EC season.
Perhaps its better that pro5 wins it, to show CB how fucked up their rules are...
np 4 TLR after perfo's ban and not allowing aza to play in final...
aza will play in final
he said @ xfire he isnt allowed... but if azatej will paly then np4evo whatevah
pro5 needs very big luck.
i hope tlr rape pro5 =]

fu shtrs
ez for tlr!
As I don't want j52 to win this tournament, I hope Pro5 wins the match as it's pretty clear TLR can't win from j52 for some reason.
gl& hf The Last Resort ^^
gogogooggogogog pro5 =]
<3 butchij gifty potter =]
winghaven <3
Potter will make the differance!
potter :O
I hope potter dies before he can help out the cheater harborers!
lal taking chuckie serious

gl acozz
gl aCoZz hf Marv
will mAus play for tlr or BEL that time?

go butchji!
i hope p5 will win... great work during this EC.. so many roster changes and still they are very good team... gl
good cheater imo
i was joking ;)
I think these reply/alerts doesnt work. I replied to the polish guy who masturbates over "strong teamwith lineup changes reached LB final with 2 cheaters on roster" ... your post was ok
every high skilled player used once a cheat, just to look how it is, i belive... But its too boring to play with cheats... Until i see proofs that keran cheated in EC i will have hope that p5 wins this season
it was ok ofc but i don't care anyway, i just think it's not correct with razz and the helix or with perfo who has been banned in 2 days... Admin has to be equal -_-
agree... i think that delay in keran's case was to eliminate dignitas, and after his ban TLR will have clear way to final... And woot no perfo in EC final coz he's busted...
+1 conspiracy against Dignitas :\
"every high skilled player used once a cheat, just to look how it is, i belive.." OH MY GOD I HOPE NOT! If yes ET = DEAD :,(
They won't confess it anyway
u need to understand that human is curious animal...
lol you cant be serious with this statement... What about rape a young girl? or murder? Its about you are curious? Pls...
you fucking retard, testing hax in a stupid game doesnt equal with raping a young girl, what kind of ubernerd you are to make such statement? Cheating leads to being banned from a computer league, raping or killing leads to jail, how the fuck can you compare rl with a game?
its about principle :) testing cheats in some game is like murdering in real life. I agree with smoke.
i hope ur being sarcastic : o
I hope too but humans being are sometimes acting strangely, taken by follishness or something irl. No comparaison possible IG. IG is like jungle between irl, the consequences of your acting is not the same.
LOL pls get brain? Or what you think I will tell you now? You completely DIDNT UNDERSTAND what I wanted to say. Its about NOT DOING IT AT ALL NEVER! I will never use cheats and never rape girl... hmmm maybe xD
idd i didn't understand, sure it is thing we should never do.
if u get to highest level of gameplay, and stay at top, after some time u will get bored... its normal... then u will try out cheats
LOL you never stop to suprise me man with this unbelievable statements... ok use cheats and kill the game thx
its not like cheats are killing the game... cheatbusters do this...

and i dont belive in this "once a cheater = always a cheater" shit.. playing with hax is so fuckin boring that u leave them after few minutes... and u may get busted coz u didn't uninstall it properly like keran...
prestan se chovat jak hysterka...
Sorry CHEAT = PUNISHMENT, everybody have a choice to be fair player. Thats no other point of view. Dont try to tell me that cheaters are good ordinary kind people ...
let him be smoke, this cheater is not worth of attention. He is probably banned on every public server and every league. Now he wants to get attention to feel veeeery important.
:sadpanda: im not a cheater... tried it, but no fun when u know were enemy is... and im not banned :)
Highskilled won't find it boring if they earn money with it... But i hope they're not >.>
gogo winghaven!
die xiters!
imo TLR gb > pro5 de the same tlr and belgium...who will mAus play for??
potter!!! :D i love you!
Welcome back potter!!
gifty @ rifle, that should say all :)
:D that's what I call: get a life
easy 4 tlr, pro5 are playing for once w/o cheaters
gl potter. potter will make the diffrence.
gl hf!
Where is Darky and Rapture ;(
potter vs wing = entertainment >: D
wing vs butch...again lol..

nice match gl wingggg
busted dont play today so easy 4 tlr :]
gl bedAv1d
gl belgium power!
gl Winghaven!
this is moved to tuesday
Now tlr>pro5...
my money on pro5
reschedule this match for tuesday..
Your bet: 10€ on pro5 Possible Win: 64.80 € (+54.80 €)

go on pro5 <3 :D
winghaven and butchij have a busy night

tlr x pro5
esp x ger

gl both
as mentioned above, this match is rescheduled to tuesday...
wich one ?

pro 5 will win cause they are unbeatable with this fking n1 linup!
_shy and keran got removed, sorry
TLR will win because Pro5 cant use there cheats
Everybody will check them
Are you dumb or something? Like they have used cheats during the last matches, that guys have lan proven themselves.

And the cheat they used doesnt work anymore, because otherwise they wouldnt get kicked by pb, would they?

Once a cheater always a che...
Once a retard, always a retard.
lol, some cheats, mostly private cheats, are undetectable by punkbuster, man. And pro5 (zP in past) proved on CPC2 that they dont have "lan skill" - they were totally fucked!
what are you talking about? they were caught using public detectable by now prolly cheats :/
Dude? You arent that long in the community or what? Did you saw them at SHGopen? They bashed everyone expect for dignitas, so please dont act so retarded.
i am playing ET since october 2006 so... but they didnt show nothing special @ CPC2. And i was replying to atemis post that they would be kicked by pb if they were cheating.
Well watch SHG, you'll see something special.
jed marve !
Pro5 will win
why is not a german radio moderator for this game online????????:(
weil sich keiner sowas anhört
It is called a commentator in English. Just a little FYI.
Nja, ich würd mir des anhören, so ein deutsches radio wär shcon was
Your bet: 5€ on pro5
Possible Win: 72.45 € (+67.45 €)

pro faiv ftw!11
pro5 ftw
when did _shy and keran get bann and how long will it last.
few days ago and it will last 6 months
gl Gifty
Winghaven will pwn
gl&hf pottOrnator
Go pro5

Make me the richest!!
my money on pro5
Possible Win: 102.00 € (+97.00 €)
i see you bet a lot of money xD :P :D ;D ;P ;) :)
50€ on Tosspot buying another 50p sandwich from Sainsbury’s and needing a "toilet break" during his shoutcast.
gl pro5...;)
Dales caña wing! ;)
np 4 cl0wnator
need toss
gl TLR everybody<3Marv :D
need TosspoT !
where did quadv go :o
toss come back, or mashed ftw
i dont see why the odds againt pro5 are so bad

i think pro5 will win this

Your bet: 10€ on pro5 Possible Win: 193.50 € (+183.50 €) haha !!
because noone else thinks that pro5 are going to win it ;)
Impact - Pro5
Dignitas - Pro5

Both times everyone thought Pro5 wouldn't make it, but they did. I don't see why it couldn't happen again today. It's our only chance to see a 2-matches lasting final again, cos TLR can't seem to win from Junk52 aka Evolve-Gaming.
Je valt in herhaling.
Ik voel me vereerd dat een persoon als jij alles leest wat ik schrijf.

Btw, wilt niet zeggen dat ik het jullie niet gun ofzo.
Jah je valt wel op eig.
Nochtans niet mijn bedoeling.
seem not to be able :D
gl potter
gl both
wb potter
Your bet: 15€ on pro5
Possible Win: 287.70 € (+272.70 €)

gogo Pro5
l33t amount of slots :-f
gl ramin & potter
Butchji for the win:D Potter rof the win Gifty<3 for the win the best rifle i have ever seen in my life:) btw. Kick TLR asses quick and very painfully:P If tlr loose 4 to nothing i'm sure that TLR will callapse:D

Hehe great david has spoken:D i like TLR and pro5 thats all:D
Can i lol ? xD
you just used xD
David :D nice game nice team play i'm sure that mAus's maus decided about the score nice game rly i cant say a word against you and your team rly GOOD GAME!!:D
god has spoken
more smileys
su stupid kiddie :X
common it!
No English Shoutcast? :(

TosspoT, please:)
take the polish one.
take the jewish one
I dropped out cause I was going to go to a BBQ, but now its raining so I'm back! :P

*EDIT* and now it got rescheduled :(
krakzxzwkwak wdakzxzmxksz, daxcfd maus ddsvjvzzv. No thanks, come on ye Englanders, we wanna hear jooo.
n1 radio Hebrew o_O
Problems with that?
omg set a date plx!!!
go pro5 go :D
Your bet: 50€ on pro5 Possible Win: 595.00 € (+545.00 €)
Should be a great game.

imo TLR will win but then I didn't think pro5 could beat Dignitas.....
go tlr !!
good luck aMenti
plz take a date and keep it!
gl 2 both!!! 1555 slots :D:D:D
maus hax nothing to add and no comments!
lan proofed
like perfo? : ))))
Perfo was banned for cheating on a public server.. they did not catch them in the EC
but he said that he is stil fairly skilled without cheats so go figure :D
butchji, make me rich x)
I bet this will get rescheduled again :>
Your bet: 100€ on pro5
Possible Win: 1,809.00 € (+1,709.00 €)

xDDDD gl pro5
Your bet: 500€ on pro5
Possible Win: 9,080.00 € (+8,580.00 €)
Lol xD
p5 must won the EC so then everyone is gonna whine about it!!
gl wing/d4v1d
Ok there was 2 cheaters. everythings clear now get used to it ;)
GL both better will win. aCozz, d4v1d, Gifty, Potter, butchji, and everybody else :)
237 comments.. most ever?
or wait.. 238 comments now :O zomg
tlr 1800 slots...most ETTV-viewers ever???
last EC final had close to 3000
even NED vs GER NC final a year ago had more
Your bet: 20€ on pro5 Possible Win: 334.00 € (+314.00 €) :)
imo p5, gl both

gl gifty
Go w1nG !!
gl pro5
pro5 for the win!
TLR ftw

go aCoZz and marvjeeeeeeeeee!
WOW 20 ETTV servers o_O
GL marvje
need more slots imo
Gonna be great cast, gl both :>
After long time of fucking learning I am looking forward to be one of 6 guyz on AIR tonight! ;)
Me too, hate school.
nah, wasn't that good of a cast tonight :<
At least the match was great to watch :>
omg-very good match-go trl
go for gold :)

hope there dont play frost....
Well but they will :P
Maps: sw_goldrush_te, frostbite
Total Slots: 2070
Comments (263)

yea very much slots:D
6 languages of shoutcasts, I hope TosspoT won't say shut the fuck up to each shoutcast :>
If they don't say 'gg' in global chat 2 minutes before the end then he won't -_-
go dAv1d!
late again...
hahahhaha 15:00 time... Genius :P
idd :D no fullhold ^^
what's the score?
2-0 tlr
go be mAus, Fasolkafucker
Go Go Go pro5
Hi wnb skilled cup organisator!
who is the teamcaptain p5 ?
2:2 decider
hello money
pro5 ftw :D
Your bet: 5000 on pro5 Won 35300.00

you're pretty cool tbh

02/04 21:00 zP! 4.47 vs 1.29 Impact 50000€ on zP! Lost
21/03 21:00 mQ 13.74 vs 1.08 Impact 100000€ on mQ Lost

The Last Resort 1.17 vs 7.06 pro5 Total pot: 1605854 €
Your bet: 24€ on pro5 Won 169.44€
4-2 pro5
4:2 p5, thx 4 money :>
Its p5 good clan or good cheats?i hope to get answer on that!
wtf your whining about? never saw any lan games of them?
maybe u know zP! ?
Your bet: 5€ on pro5 Won 35.30€
<3 gifty
Your bet: 35€ on pro5 Won 247.10€
butchjii potm
Your bet: 200000€ on TLR Lost
Radar@p5 map.4lyphe
pro5 :D
glückwunsch :)
danke aber das geht sicher in Richtung ramin und drago :)
gg aCoZz
Your bet: 250€ on pro5 Won 1765.00€

tlr only overrated ;)
zP coming back? oO
wp aCoZz
gg pro5
Your bet: 50€ on pro5 Won 353.00€

but i wanted tlr to win :<<
Your bet: 70€ on pro5
Won 494.20€
Really nice game, congrats p5. You make me a bit richer once again.
Your bet: 75€ on pro5 Won 529.50€
shit happanes ... p5 very anyoning team. :x
Your bet: 595€ on pro5 Won 4200.70€
p5 looked strong , gl in final
thx for money ^^

gonna be gd final
omg , again lost :(( , bad luck
cheat WON hahahaah
Your bet: 5000€ on pro5 Won 35300.00€

i would have preferred TLR in the final though :<
wtf was that, same exact scenario as vs dignitas
get raped first map, then take two maps np
What was that shit about tosspot being busted or something?? I didn't listen to it very well...

n1 one pro5

// Your bet: 50€ on pro5 Won 353.00€ \\
c'mon evolve. british connection ftw!
NOOOOOOOOO! :( but great match! Really enjoyed casting but I was fan of TLR... anyway gratz to great season guyz. CPC3 is yours! ;)
Your bet: 100€ on pro5 Won 706.00€
thx :*
wer impact, dignitas und tlr raushaut...muss nicht mehr den EC gewinnen. dazu noch die mammut-leistung ein 0:2 wettgemacht zu haben.
*sich verneig*
thx for money
whee zP back on top!
Thx for money : >>
Your bet: 100€ on pro5 Won 706.00€
lol shtrs ftw , i have 2 say very good played pro5
yeah pro5 <3
cheater always win ... thx 4 money xDDDD
lol who of them cheats? tell it to me asshole?
Your bet: 25€ on pro5 Won 176.50€
fuck :<
fuck TLR
=OOO very very well play pro5 <3 gg gifty :)
Mwuahahah thx for those who bet on TLR!!! :p love the money xD
OMG T__________________T unexpected :x
Won 706.00€

wp :)
expected! :) wp pro5
No extra mousepads for TLR this year!
21213€ on pro5 Won 149763.78 €

nP zP !
how can that be? LoL!
thx4money p5 :=)
I'm really looking forward to see pro5 playing like this @CPC3...
they wont play like this on lan coz they always suck at lans... why? :O
thought the same :) the team got raped on lan :D and still the best team @ inet? xDDD
ty for money :>
200 on pro5, won 1412

gifty,potter,butchji = unbeatable!