Poland vs Germany (25926 views)

WorldCup - Winners Bracket Final
01.07.07 23:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: WorldCup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: NxM (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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unknown ftw :)
GL both imo
gl de
FIN will take it.
Lepari, Iron & Squall ftw :>
well, it's poland vs germany, not finland vs germany

np 4 pl
gogo malcziK!
hmmZ FIN or POL vs Ger ;/ that gonna be hard
Ger will own!

btw <3 eMpTy ;)
loser bracket?
Your bet: 17€ on TBA
Possible Win: 56.78 € (+39.78 €)

please win TBA
4 sure!
gl germany!
ger ftw

but finalnd isnt bad too ;)

i hope its gonna be a good match mahahah
gl finland
easy for ger.
GER will take it !!! :D
imo we can expect to a great match ;)

GER!!! :>
Pol ! ^^
Holland! Holland! Holland! ohnoes, we're caught
go FIN^^
pol vs ger
A praccing NationsCup team called NETrunners. That's so unfair. :(
Its NETRunners
poland r0x
Please Germany only not again ... ->
GER does not wish to play the game, forfait win for Poland ^^.
Your bet:100€ on POL
Possible Win: 183.00 € (+83.00 €)
You'll make It!
gogogo GER !
Your bet: 77€ on POL
Possible Win: 7,322.70 € (+7,245.70 €)
Your bet: 460000€ on GER Possible Win: 464,600.00 € (+4,600.00 €)
you gonna lose money
Your bet: 5€ on POL Possible Win: 439.40 € (+434.40 €) wish me luck xD
pl sucks
gl ger x)
Poland 87.55 vs 1.01 Germany Total pot: 468916 €
Your bet: 13739€ on POL
Possible Win: 344,986.29 € (+331,247.29 €)

i smell money!
Poland ofc!! go go Poland!!!
if flixx doesnt play its nP4ger
my money on pol :d
close one
easy for pl
Your bet: 7€ on POL
Possible Win: 154.14 € (+147.14 €)

Your bet:200€ on POL
Possible Win: 4,312.00 € (+4,112.00 €)
Gl Pol
GoGoGo kot
I love you :D
I Am a N00b!
you idiot!
omg pls stfu and go play on the mainroad!
it should be moderated...
it'll be a close match imo :) two of the best team around the world ^^
Poland win !!!
Comment removed, rules say English only!

why just 500 slots??in the final...but there will be some more servers,right?
the neighbor-countries the best in the world^^...gl germany, you gonna take this 4 sure!!
hope will be a gg...

like Kaczynski owned Merkel^^
Yes you can be really proud of your lil' twins.
we can't...
Giertych > Kaczynski

gl Poland, hf germany
"owned merkel"
i lold

this guys brain must be damaged or smth
yea just like half of polish society who voted for that retard.
thats sad but true :(
You Sir are an idiot, if you really think so.
poland lagg like always and they win.if u shoot head poland players just get a leg shot lol
PL !!!! :o
pl(POL)EWKA :d
Everybody know that Poland will win ;>
HF & GL Polska <3
show us what you got NETRunners :-)
PL ofc :] <3
stfu Speisequark // PL win..
after quick look at lineups there is only one option: poland will win, and im saying that noc because im polish, but because ouir team is well know NETR/e-team clan... If guys dont fuck up there is no possibility to lose against skilled mix..
are u emo or sth?
Actually the pl guy is right and you are not.
if u dont understand some sentences its not my fault... look, fuckup = mistake during the game[killed @ 30 etc]... If poland team will play carefully then they cant lose... BUT if the fuck up i mentioned will happen, then poland may lose...
Butchij do you have something to our twins. Some of us voted on them and we are proud of them.xD
rofl :o
Not rly =D
comment removed. repeat this kind of comment and your user account will be suspended!
Homer don't cry i just kidding . omg . nie rozumiesz ironi koleś ....
GL GER u will win!

ALL Money on GER!!

"Die Polen schaffen wir!!!!"
netrunners 4: 2 germany imo
easy for Pol
I hope for less polish whine.
easy for pol
NP for Netrunners
GoooooooooooooooooooD LucK GER" :>
very easy for POL
nP F0R PR0L4ND !1111

gl ger ;o]
easy for Poland ... Germany lost ..
Poland 1.05 vs 19.95 Germany

Your bet: 15€ on POL Possible Win: 15.75 € (+0.75 €)

plz bet on ger i wanna have more money:(
go ! GER
:) easy for The Netrunners
easy.team easy for the wiN!
butchji don't cry pls. GL Poland <3
If he is cryin now, what will be after match ? ^^ :D
hahahah stfu -.-
u will cry after he owns ur Team...
Good luck GERMANY!!!!!!!
we'll do it again! pol 4 - 0 ger
pol all the way

<3 kot
Where are lineups of both teams?

Poland pwns :P
Butchji, even Duke Nukem doesnt help u ! :P
Easy for kot UND chester XD
hf pr0land , gl germany ;]
hf buzka =)
so late =[ ? gg 24:00 <3 that time + there will be probably some more waiting

Polish boys > all ; gogogo Poland! ;)
hard one but germany > all sry but it is so :P
Sunday, 23:00, you will see that your dreams are wrong :)
sunday 23:00 i will see germany owning poland but it's sad i like poland :(
Or most likely Poland will own Germany but its not a problem for u as u like PrOland :)
snoop and butchji are going to destroy pr0lands dreams
Germany ftw !!!!!!
:D nice comment...:*
poland ftw!!!
ye...snoop an butchji will destroy the dreams of them ;) chill poland...u will suck...;) gl...u wiill need it.....ger ftw
We will see, and u are wrong :P


U are patriot, its good XD
poltards can make it
go proland :D
gl both ;)
poland unhit > germany :'(

gl germany
Poland will owns u as we owned u in World War 2 even tho u had advantage! gl poland love u chester!
Do they teach you that in Poland? Thought it's the other way around.
rofl nice history knowledge at chester :DD
US Army will decide for us.
Actually they teach us quite the opposite - just a lot of underaged idiots with inet access so there you have it :|
ger > pol
lol... don't talk about world war 2, beacuse it was a long time ago
but proland will win xD
omg, nie róbcie zalu :F
gl netr
PROLAND N1!!!!!!!!!!!1
GERMANY ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wer sonst :S gg ich freu mich schon auf den Sieg! und auf meinen gewinn :)
I think Poland will take this one. Zoyd was under fire last time on PL scene, but hopefully he got smth to show'em. GL Proland. And i will speak somethin in Polish: Niech MOCZ bedzie z wami!
i think someone will be banned if you keep spamming
lol insje xD u got 100% right
that one who criticised zoyd should apologise him...
so me too xD
sorry zoyd ;*
and gl proland :D
u are nazi ! stop blaming them like that :S kiddie
ja pierdole dzieci ponizej 15 lat nie powinny posiadac kompa :F
czyli dzieci takie jak Ty :) pozdro
to co ty tu jeszcze robisz ?
ryj szczeniaku
Poland apologize for polish comments.

gl both.

Line Up GER?
i hope its the best that they can get =]
gl Poland!
hf Poland
gl Germany
tbh people should stop referring to Germany as 'nazis', this is a freaking ET game there's no need for it.
pls just ignore this stupid fool. he has no idea about what he is saying. thats a shame polish image in foreign countries is created by such people.
more later pls
Poor babyboy :( Mum tells you to go to sleep @ 21:00 ? ;(
yes, and? imo ur a "babyboy", i must go to sleep @ 21.00 because at 5.00 start working. Poor kid!:O
You sleep too long :o , 4-5 hours of sleep is enough.
Would you happen to be elpresidente from rate.ee ? :P
nope, i'm ownerless
Will be a good match, poland looked strong vs bel. and fin. but dont underestimate the germans!
gl ger

ger lineup

de butchji
de snoop
de hazer
de flixx
de ramin
de weak
it must be fake :P
germany will take it izy!
gl & hf Poland
omg nie wstyd Ci ?
"i Will be appreciate it"

haha czlowieku najpierw naucz się angielskiego, i wtedy coś próbuj pisać bo żenada.....
argh. so late. reschedule to 21:00 CET, pls -- for the love of god!
poland doesnt need ping to win but germany needs!!! xD
try to play with a good admin please
mai nd : )
Portugal needs cheats to win... oh wait they even lost with cheats and practise vs a mixed. :XD
Your bet: 200€ on GER Possible Win: 392.00 € (+192.00 €)
it's easy!! POLAND ruled!! ;)
gl & hf
go! POLAND!!!
idz robol niszcz robol tak robol !!
kot will rule:D
Where is the shoutcast?
pol ftw.
gl polaks
hahahah kurwa mac skilled1
poland win
I was born in Poland & I'm living in Germany, which country should I prefer and help to win?

regards, the biased admin.
chester and oic will own them :)
go butch!
yeah i have the attractive choice between polish and hebrew shoutcast.
Hmm i think polish language is cooler so i will listen to wookash
H0mer from EU-clan?

btw it could be hard, but i bet on ger!

hopefully it dont ends like the footballgame 2006 vs italy
go go go poland <3 FTW
looks like final time for line-up announcing..
pol : ger - 4:2
no english cast, n1, gg wp

gl germany

uk supports you not poland this time round :P
omfg no english shoutcast lawl
2:0 POL after goldrush
Your bet: 28€ on GER Possible Win: 286.44 € Edit: 0

Poland is far too strong. Still holding front flag on supply with only 5 min left.
gg Poland!
gg PL
4:0 for PL :)

4:0 for Poland :)
4:0 for pRoland
ger owned xP
boah das war ja peinlich hoch 10
mach es besser du gimp
oh baby glaub mir , hätte mehr gerissen...:-*
oh baby glaub mir , hätte mehr gerissen...:-*
lol so eine scheiße
nP 4 NETR :-X
Yeah GG :) Poland own
good ec clan versus a mix of oc&ec player
was war da peinlich, polen war einfach besser :<
ach, alles nur luck, das ganze ET is luck :<
Omg Ger owned :/ Pol 4-0 Ger
easy one for Poland :)
4:0 ... wp
wp poland, just too strong
4-0 - ownage xD
butchji whiner :F kot killed him he told "fu" x(
Actually the rifle killed me :XD
more wnb smileys plz
und qw nachher
mixen und war auf public, np :D
you stupid...?
Butchji was the only thing that stopped poland from annihilating germany so goddam hard it's not even funny...:S
He said "fu" and hes a whiner? Damn man, you are the whiner here by making a fuzz about two letters he typed.
shame team poland was netrunners before
OMG Poland FTW
GG P(r)oland xD
Not even close :>
too bad the odds changed.

polish fanboys > german fanboys
you said it sister!
such a shame ......
owned xDD who next?:D:D
wp germany :)

so schlimm wars auch nicht :D

ist halt ein eingespieltes team..
ja weils in ganz polen nur 6 gute et spieler gibt xDDD
die sechs haben wenigstens normale connections also kann man mit fug und recht sagen, dass deutschland scheiße war gestern =)
waren sie auch, streitet keiner ab :p
hätte besser klappen können, hatten aber auch viel pech :(
fullhold :D
w t f
dziekuje za romantyczne ettv w wykonaniu tritona i jego ziomków po fachu(czyt.po gimnazjum)
Pozdrawiam ! xDDDDDD
hahaha macie w dupe jebany szkopy!! xDDDDDd

(wayne poland)
Your bet: 5e on POL Won 5.55e
how to write euro sign?
yay nz
Skad można sciagnac demko z tego meczu?
clanbase albo jakies et.owned ;pp
Robert ftw !!!!!!!!!
naja die polen haben ein bot geklaut..^^
lol ? ich dachte die deutschen wären das beste et-team oO

naja gw polen
lol razzah
omg ! wtf
pizdy zostaly wyruchane
Ganz ehrlich der hazer kann doch garnichts mit seiner rifle
und du bist der neue raveneye oda was?
@ joker das sagt ein lowbird gg
da muss ich dir zu 100% zustimmen............
kA warum der im team-ger rumgurkt.
Schaust du wer noch Rifle in Deutschland zockt...dann erübrigt sich die Frage.

Abgesehen davon hast du haZer oder andere deutsche Rifle schon mal zocken gesehen?

Riddla ist zB inaktiv, kA warum ohzor4 nicht wollte oder halt die anderen, die in Frage kommen würden. Jedenfalls ist haZer keine schlechte Wahl.
Njaa jeder sieht des andersr :)
haZer rockt mit der rifle... keine ahnung was ihr euch so anschaut. jedenfals hat er bisher fast immer 1A spiele abgeliefert.
an guten tagen spielt er auf sehr hohem niveau - ich frage mich was dieses infragestellen soll?!

denke kaum das einer von euch "kritikern" irgendeinen skill hat..