gaming2perfection vs Queens (15218 views)

be chry
be Jere
gb griim
de Bl4d3
de kReSti
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqzz
se nuggan
ee Night
de flopjehz
WB Final
27.11.11 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXIV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Jere (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 152309
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 310


theres still an ec?
ye why aren't we in it wtf :/
gl bl4d3,krest & simon :)
Anexis = Queens nao
ppl are changing team like pants
Queens suck !
Gl Queens
again 3 best rifles in ONE team =DDDD gl blade,kresti and mind^^
flop night and ross?

or do u mean g2p with jere, kresti and griim?
I think g2p will take this one, Queens is missing a good fops damage player like kot or snoop and also lack of aiming without nuggan or phyzic. G2P have better rifle aswell so I think G2P will take this victory home.

*SPOILER* - razz is joining G2P after this.
nice saying :D ! very nice but still i think queens win!
who gonna rifle at queens :D?
instead of?

*SPOILER* - razz is joining G2P after this. LOLED
Where is KOT?
lineup for this match will be razz/nuggan/sqzz/ross/flop/perfo/
razz why you changing lineup? you played whole EC with that lineup and now change nigger?
night and mind helped us out last week because perfo and ngn weren online, every other EC match they have played =]
mind dropped looooooooooooooooooooooool
Now they've got a chance to win
Couldn't agree more..

The thing that razz doesn't understand is about team chemistry. Sure mind is an ok rifle and can get damage, not the best rifle but can handle himself but team chemistry aint there. His character is really different to others (really boring personality), which is why he's suited more to play with the finnish guys but none of them like him so he plays with Queens. Flop fits the team more because he gets on better with the others and doesn't whine and gets on with it :] Also he's a nice guy, not a nerd.. Because tbh when you're nerd like mind, you whine a lot more because ET means a lot more to you and everytime it doesn't go right, it effects you.

True story bro.
professional trashtalk, i like it ^^
Its a true story indeed, you just could be honest and write "Personnal story". Which is why you know it so well :)
the indian nerd talking about the "boring" finish nerd.. Mind is much better than u in everything lol even when he simply whine at comments on gamestv. He can be so much funnier than your lame professional wnb owner of truthPAKI86 attitude. And in the end he still much skillet than u even playing smg lol u are just a source of lulz but keep feeding us with ur legion of fanboys and ur pseudo troll actions
actually cant be bothered reading, sorry that you wasted your time lol
izi for g2p
GL g2p :)
- R0SS + NgN
hf g2p :)
2 stars, EC final :Xsaddfd
winner bracket final*

u can still be there, he better to not forget.

heard u still dislike me? 8)
lol razz faggot ugly shit 12 year old shit eating monkey
gl kresti!
and nuggan gonna carry razz's not dropped balls to victory
Have fun guys, nice match :D
razz is best ez for razz all in
get ur Finnish lips of his tiny cock
he dropped u
he was in need of some love! all u haters make him sad :(

call people nerd cos they play et every hour of the day


branded as hater

wtf is this?
hi :D
what's up mate
I saw you were totally engrossed by this match, that much that you were watching fail-factor, Janet should have stayed, Misha B is just your everyday voice...
gl kresti & flop
gl g2p
oh miNd u so benched
go Kresti!
ASSLICKES aka ertS wiss good luck to Queens ;P
gl sqzz nuggan !
Perforator has got this.
<@griim> - "ross is balls"
how does mind manage to get kicked out of queens always before final
??? Maybe this needs to be explained, this is the lineup that has been playing EC since the day 1, i played quali with fins so i took no part on this (3weeks off etc etc), i merced last week with night due ngn&perfo not showing up, thats all, i merc if needed but noone is going to be replaced whos been playing since the first game, it wouldnt be fair and there is zero need for that anyway
you are so muscular
haha this is true, and look how upset he is getting about it as well ;pp
KAMZ Saturday, 26th November 2011 02:47
KAMZ Saturday, 26th November 2011 00:47
haha this is true, and look how upset he is getting about it as well ;pp

Get with real time u weird foreign people :D
no miNd, no win
shoutout kart
Who is this griim fellow? sounds jolly =]]
I'm not playing.

GL fi miNd
You have € 25 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 47

I just had 25 € cuz i placed 25€ bet on other match also ;)

GL Queens!
lowbobz in finalz

wtfz ;c
its not final :x
"WB Final"

learn to read
winnerbracket final learn to read tard... not the final
its a final moron^^
ja aber net das richtige finale :x
der gewinner von diesen match muss doch gegen den gewinner von LB final spielen und das ist doch dann das richtige finale oder net?
richtig, ist aber trotzdem ein "finale"^^
... =DDD
promen denkt ja das das hier das richtige finale ist und ich wollte nur höflich darauf hinweisen, das dieses match das wb finale ist. naja egal jetzt^^
izi for the queenies
g2p :)
will cast it if i get my voice back
2much partyin partyin eheheheh
fait le en français sa serais cool , ou bien Benjii shoutcast aussi ?
GL deef :) (:
Total Pot: € 111137
g2p eu 2.00 2.00 eu Queens
No halfbrain, no ETTV
gl nuggan,sqzz and razz.
Kresti's message to razz
You have € 200 on eu Queens

Possible win: € 384
GL kReSti :) and g2p
no shoutcaster??? get involved ffs
succes chry makt ze kapot!
stream avi?
no kot no win gl quenns :<
Good luck R0SS
can u open bets again since night is playing
Wasnt sure razz was going to make this one cos he was busy playing 3on3
g2p new kujuneb, monkey agress with me, fuck you
Viewer Peak: 265
Viewer Peak: 292
ET is Dead.
me and mixer in spec, which makes 492 because we are both awesome and 100x more superior than average ettv viewer
Just admit you're that fat that you take 100 slots on ETTV server...
+50 slots just for his nose
already thought that somebody would reply with this when i typed it, i am so smart, sixth sense @ flaming ;s
De plus en plus ridicule sur gtv...
score? ;)
You have € 3510 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 7055.1

cheers for the tip chry
4:2 as predicted
q 4:2 gg
You have € 53 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 106.53

cheers for the tip chry
You have € 169 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 339.69

cheers for the tip chry
grats Queens \o/ :) good game
You have € 15000 on eu g2p
You lost
You have € 17,500 on eu Queens
Possible win : € 35,175

cheers for the tip chry
You have € 100 on Queens
You won € 201 danke
pus pus pus pussy

haha chry <3
g2p not enough belgians :(
Was a good match! It's a shame really that these are the only two teams worthy of being in an EC final, no offense to the other teams out there.

But g2p will surely start to fail soon since razz is joining them..
picking razz anyway is a fail it's self