France vs Canada (17325 views)

fr An7ho
fr karnaj
fr MENTh
fr kartez
fr Aniki
fr douille
ca brandoN
ca rossko
ca rockstAr
ca monkey
ca sHAUN
ca punkk

CB NationsCup XV

Group H - 1st Matchweek
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 73003
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" expected Line up " can be modified - waiting IP for server if EU or not

streaming dem nc matches
us Empty is now known as ca Empty
Somehow remember him being American...
gl ca + fr douille
he's Canadian
Empty could never pass as American, his canadian accent too strong.
dialect != accent

it's not an accent if hes speaking native english
are you saying english people from britain dont have an accent compare to english people from US? If yes, then canada also have a different accent than usa (i guess only real english speaker can see the difference)
A dialect is when you're an actual native speaker and a accent is when you speak a different language native
so you're saying if american and canadian say the same word and it doesn't sound the same then its a dialect? that looks wrong to me
gl canadians
gl tomo menth
Put me back in!

Easy for Canada
gl an7ho <3

hf bN ;)
no crimzon no win
gonna be nice match :)
where is fr emoreJ ? ;[
where is fr emoreJ ? ;[

GL Fab <3
emorej lost motivation to play et since i quit
gl canada <3
hf both! An7ho <3
vazy molo monkey
gl both
gl Canada!!
good luck punkk
GL fr !
gl tous mes copains
gl les fr
gl kartez, karnaj, an7ho
Je les connais tous !
c'est ta vie garçon !
gl ca
gl frenchies izi izi money
GL les grenouilles ;)
no emorej no frite

anyways gl karnaj, antho, menth, .ca boys i played with e-wave, etc!

think canada will take this, weaker french team than normal (kartez + some other random/s)
Gl canada <3
GL Tomoyo
gl canada
thx bro
:DD hey best friend :) how u doing? and what are u doing these days? x
hey friend :) im just been working! i moved from my home for work now im almost living in the arctic in canada ;P but its not so bad, just no bitches to fuck :D who are you doing ?????
gl extend... OH WAIT
Good luck Canada.
gl fra !
pas terible la FR cette annee
no emorej no win.

Bonne chance les jeunes quand même.
Avec douille ça devrait aller.

no didi no win
On va pas passer les poules ;DD maxuh emorej instead of Aniki & douille imo
En tout cas j'espere qu'aniki ne jouera pas... autant test nimporte qui dautre ca sera mieux...
easy Canada !
war between france and an ex france colony
Actually Canada isn't an ex French colony. Québec is located in the east part of Canada and is what you were referring to.
It wasn't called as 'Canada' but rather Nouvelle-France and yes it used to be a french colony before they betrayed us and let the english roll over.
They were fast to help their good buddies of the 13 colonies a few kilometers south though.

Ahhhhhhhh mais arrêtons de vivre dans le passé!
Je m'excuse de la part de mes ancêtres :( Tu m'aimes toujours ? :<
yes u are right
gl les petit loups :)
GL kartez, gros noob ! GL les FRA =)
Good luck sHAUN,punkk,anim,karteZ & An7ho.

Hell yeah.
GL An7holepapaquimetdescostarsmaintenant
u are not allowed to shoutcast this game benji cause u are from france ( CB NC RULES )
He is shoutcasting the game in French, what's the big deal ?
And if you're referring to spawntimes, he can shoutcast from an ETTV Server.

cb rules not mine :D i don't give a shit about it but when i was trying to cast Estonia game KB say'd its not allowed by the rules.
gl Canada + tomobro
gl An7ho, hugo, menth and rockstar :) fucking prick brandon
ill shoutcast
make sure you record Chris
need some euro to hook me up with info and a vent to do it in
kartez <3 gl!
An7ho, kartez enjoy it
good luck canadians :)

You have € 50 on ca CAN
Possible win: € 98.5
tomoyo out,karnaj out & prenez des news talent un peut y'en a plein
a quand le retour de emoreij karibouu DR tanck ect.. des bon quoi ^^
karibu et drtank "des bons". Oui, ils n'étaient pas mauvais mais à l'époque il y avait largement mieux.
Met la sauce gillou !
Gl menth kartez ! <3
gl anim n' rockstar putas!!!
shaun lowest damage indd :D
gogo rockstar
gl punkk shaun and an7ho

oh and monkey
no emorej no maxuh no win
GL monkey ;)
my cuty boy will win !!!!
lol thank you ^^
You have € 20 on fr FRA
You won € 47

i knew that karnaj will win <3
gl kartez
no chance for frogs
izi for Canada
Dommage que fra ait arreté ! Gl kartez !
an7ho & shaun!!!!
Il s'agit pas la d'une mauvaise team FRA, c'est juste une nouvelle LU qui doit encore bosser pour trouver un bon TP et ce qui va avec, normal que les débuts soient difficiles.
Gl !
Vu la line up , je me demende pourquoi y'as pas xin ,zoovak , wype,xtazy , mesq,kavinsky,explow,lyo ? :D
mesq est belge idiot !
qu'est ce que j'ai a foutre ds ta liste, faut m'expliquer génie
Pourquoi j'suis dans ta liste? sale tard
Parce qu'ET ne se joue pas en 6vs14.
Tu as intérêt a bouger ta graisse Kartez !
lol max, t'y es ouf
go get them lowmoyo :D <3
gl canada you badass motherfuckers
Damn anim you still play?
he'll quit when he dies.
JEFF?!?!?!? LOL HI2U pretty much what rockstar said
the day anim stops with et is the day the internet dies
It will be close but I see a vicrory for our Canadians Friends... GL both anyway!
Au nom de la poutine!

Tomoyo douille MENTh <--- WTF? ROTFL.
dont worry whoever you are, im not playing :)
Canada to win 4-0. #TeamMonkey
gL Tomoyo friend, rest are faggots
ca will take it but gl fr
no monkey no win
what did you say :P
La LU n’étais pas la même :D
BLYAT SHAUN,ONLY GL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No maxuh/straf no win
Sorry fellows but France owns Canada, in History and in Et...C'est tout!!
comment se ridiculiser avec 1 commentaire par Hy0...
Toi tu te ridiculises en un pseudo.


(On peut pas être amis?!)
la line-up actuelle de la France n'a jamais jouer ensemble au contraire de celle du Canada , de + ya des joueurs qui n'ont pas leur place las-bas contrairement à d'autres qui devraient l'être ;)
Since you just lost Tomoyo, you're gonna lose france.
lol, noobs ditching Tomoyo, you will have an easy win now Canada
Since you just lost Tomoyo, you're gonna lose france.
gl tomoyo ! ho .. wait 8D
Its ok guys, anim will probably be playing league of legends and ET at the same time. Again.
O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
sucks to be french
GL canadians mates :D
gl canadians =)
Since you just lost Tomoyo, you're gonna lose france.
what the fuck is this? @ettv?
omg douille omg
hf fabien <3
easy pisy
Je l'avais dis YES WE CAN, gg
NO! MY MONEY!!!! :"'(
You have € 133 on ca CAN
Possible win: € 231.42
what the hell


all my money
izi one :-)
You have € 11 on ca CAN
You lost
You have € 500 on fr FRA
Possible win: € 1175
You have € 250 on fr FRA
You won € 587.5
GG kartez menth
You have € 10 on fr FRA
You won € 23.5

Are these pliers sharp? 11 deaths without fragging
You have € 140 on FRA
You won € 329

in karnaj i trust
gg !
no crimzon
GG ;)

You have € 10 on fr FRA
You won € 23.5
unexpected scores....
respect. well done le frogs. [Warmup]: va chier

You have € 77 on FRA
You won € 180.95

You have € 302 on ca CAN
You lost
You have 267 on FRA
You won 627.45

:) european teams always win against a little bit better non eu teams :)
i betted all my money on canada.. YA FUCKING WITH MY MONEY