Austria vs Norway (10910 views)

at bl1zzardx
at DonMatthias
at jaN
at scorch
at potter
at v1ech
no Snuble
no w3st
no Kris
no Woah
no Domi
no Lakaii

CB NationsCup XV
Playoffs: Lower Bracket Round 1
07.03.12 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: DonMatthias (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 76996
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 98


omg Domi omg
gl PL!zzardx
blizzardx you got this son
gl Norway! make me proud :)
gl blitzard XXX
Potter vs w3st
get blacky for AUT! gl norway! <3 Mr. Snuble <3
gl Team Austria <3
Lykke til gutter!
haha, hysj, eller så kommer jeg og grisebanker deg!!
jeg er ikke den eneste nordmannen som har cheatet før..
sett meg på plass om du vil, jeg legger meg flat :)
jo, det er du
haha, spar meg zodiac. jeg er rikere enn deg
settedegpå , jeg vet hvor du bor!! og zodiac har rett......!D:D::D
izi norway! :) gl boys
M@ndy 4 team AUT xD
+1, she would carry this so hard ;)
gl kris
gl bilzzard, don, v1ech and snuble! :)
gl domi bro!
day_ bruzlah limbonic beasty ? kein win für AT
GL snuble <3
GL DonMatthias & bl1zzardx
gl norway
gl AUT ^^
gl AUT! :D
ai ai chupalo seven =)
easy for my friend oliver <3
gl sNOOBle ^^ and Don
gl norway

all in for my true nation
gl donmatias
Lykke til Norge. Klarer dere lett!!!
gl Norway <3 All cool guys <3
gl potter
gl w3st
You have € 25 on AUT
Possible win: € 219
You have € 500 on at AUT
Possible win: € 3290

potter BE potter plz.
gl DonMatthias <3
You have € 143 on NOR
Possible win: € 171.6
blizzard make us proud !!!!
Good luck co-captain snuble!
go kris!
gl Don
gl Don Matthias & Snuble
gl aut
GL snuble!
don m. = win :DDD gl m8 ;)
Enttäuscht mich nicht Österreich hab mein letzten Cent auf euch gewettet !!!
Viel Glück
haha potter low
You have € 6000 on no NOR
You lost € 6000

You have € 127 on at AUT
You won € 523.24

no kris no win:/
gg wp
You have € 3500 on no NOR
You lost

You have € 250 on at AUT
You won € 1030
You have € 500 on at AUT
You won € 2060

You have € 250 on at AUT
You won € 1030

Schönes Ding :D
blizzardx you beast
You have € 50 on at AUT
You won € 206
gg wp, good to see that scorch and jan still can pwn after 2 years of inactivity.
selvfølgelig kan de det, det kommer jo nye juksemidler hele tiden!
ik heb en grossen lul <3
haha those nubs never pwned anyone xdd
My sentence was pure sarcasm, if you didnt notice ;) When I even were able to roll them with Krato and Terror... :P
not sure if this is the right position for sarcasm about them
Right position?
well you gotta admit they played very well...
Exactly, compared to then when they were active.
? was a perfect sarcastic sentence tbh
You have € 4000 on at AUT
You won € 16480
no torstein!? :(
snuble :o
You have € 20 on AUT
You won € 82.4
luckily i had no time to bet :o)
You have € 183 on no NOR
You lost

You have € 280 on at AUT
You won € 1153.6

You have € 25 on at AUT
You won € 103

Well done :)
You have € 500 on at AUT
You won € 2060
wp doni
You have € 100 on AUT
You won € 412

Originally more, but potter lied and said he wouldn't play :(

no kris and zodiac, no win :s
You have € 5 on AUT
You won € 20.6

to bad :xx
You have € 13 on AUT
You won € 53.56
No kris no win!
Bless you potter
You have € 10 on at AUT
You won € 41.2

No renz no win!
no win!
You have € 100 on AUT
You won € 412

ez :D
You have € 594 on at AUT
You won € 2447.28