PolagZ vs teamoxid (10414 views)

pl dialer
pl Frag`Stealer
pl Krein
pl lesti
pl Lukey
pl stexx
de sNoOp
de Bl4d3
fr An7ho
de stRay
md eujen
de gr0ss
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle For Berlin II » Matchlink
Hosting: Official GTV Coverage
Manager: SimonKinsler (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 168081
The bets are closed.

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gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

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Overall Viewerpeak: 228


kurwa bardzo fajny meczol
eujen isnt german btw :D

and this is not longer teamoxid xD
They re-made the old teamoxid get your info right :D
highly doubt that u got better infos about that team than me, but ye, the lineup is the same + gr0ss, but still no longer playing under the flag of teamoxid
omg Ektomorf from Ekto lan team :DD ?
ofc, who else? :D

just woke up, dont know how tites and stray could go to work now xD
ahahah was kidding :DD

My god they really had to wake up for job this morning :o :s ?
ye atleast stray had to work i guess 12pm, tites is meating a friend or so dunno, im still wasted as fuck xD
hes meating a friend
does meating equal homosex?
i was still wasted from the eve before xD
Half of your national football team isnt german either, yet they play under your flag :P

not the only nation though :D
True! We have some mocro's xD
just leaving the name of france here :D
GL polagZ
who is that gr0ss ?? noob
gona be a close one
hf polagz and stray
haha gl Eujen and An7ho
Gl Lesti & hf eujen :)
gl Hubert
mAdn7ho, Lukey & Lest ;] gl mofos
hf Stray and An7ho :)
GL PolagZ :]
hf lest lukey and... gross fucker :D
bezcenne czasy i wyklady dialera o tym jaki to stexx jest glupi i nie umie grac :D a teraz z nim gra, pierdolony przegraniec
nie badz smutny
a Ty na chuj sprzedajesz?
jak dawno to bylo? Moze Stexx wydoroslal, przeszedl mutacje :O
nie nie, dalej piszczy :D
grzesiek, tam kazdy napierdala na siebie , dialer na stexxa,stexx na lesta i lukeya ale co by nie mowic dobra atmosfera w druzynie najwazniejsza xD
gl gr0ss
gl gr0ss <3
gl oxid!

außer gr0ss, der is frech!
Gl PolagZ!
gl gr0ss
gl eujen & stRay
oxid gonna roll polaks
i heard kamz is a gay parrot :S
tosspot casting , nice
bedzie bardzo ciezko aczkolwiek lesti pobierze !
tosspot casting , nice
You have € 100 on oxid
Possible win: € 538
gl oxid
GL PolagZ
GL dialer, Frag`Stealer, Krein
dialer GL - fanatica mogles zostawic ladnie gral :)
ja fanatica chcialem , inni nie chcieli :U
to mogles kreina wyjebac
nie mi decydowac kogo wyjebac z tego teamu
przeciez kolezki z teamu nie wyjebie:)
gl bl4d3
good luck deutschens
Tosspot , could you please record the stream, would like watch it later with shoutcast :)
lol @ tosspot. some people can't stay away
comment of the year
Cast TAG vs a.ToOn instead :L
Massive thanks to se mlmn who's cam'ing the videostream tonight :)
easy for Lukey(btg)
co to za maile wysylasz :D
szukam frag movie sOmeone's (praXeum) Evox ze mną robił...
wiem dostalem maila :D
stream > ettv
nice quality at stream!
trolled ze bets

You have € 10000 on pl PolagZ
Possible win: € 43000
g00t trol
nice salmon!
let's all thank krein for awesomeness!
what happened :D?
smg engy running in through west-side main entrance for controls in supply, rifle and medic alive from polagz. krein teamkills and kills himself and oxid profits!
You have € 100000 on de oxid
You won € 130000
audio only for ETTV Sync'rs: relay.quadv.com:8010/listen.pls
Thanks, now i dont have to be refreshing QuadV website :D
Tosspot's stream quality is sick!
gg no re
stray new wing gg
:XD didnt want to blow my mates! and tried my best reaction :XD
You have € 949 on de oxid
Possible win: € 1233.7
nice stream quality, good job with that
"We're definitly not well prepared but we'll do our best and I'm confident we can take it even 4:0. They might have few known players but that won't matter in the end :)"

point quoting that? Tells more about you than them. They better think positive before starting their game.
not really, they just made themselves look like idiots lol
eujen superbrain
kurwooo xDDD
az Sobie voda obejrze wieczorem