Team Decerto vs In Ya Ass (9154 views)

nl saKen
nl L4mpje
fr An7ho
ca bN
is phyzic
ee Sinnu
gb razz
fi olBaa
fi twidi
fi lettu
nl SQuid

CB 6on6 SC 2012
Premier League - Grand Final

In Ya Ass has to win twice!
26.08.12 22:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 40788
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 95


Gl iya
screw you guys :<
avi for iYa

2500 bet on jallaaa and saken.
Have fun decerto boys :)
Good luck ee.
in anim i trust

You have € 13 on eu IYA
Possible win: € 157.3
You have € 20 on IYA
Possible win: € 141.8

in Subbi I trust
antho playing wth cheater keith no problem for him,thanks to lithium
Dear god. How could they know? Dont blame them u gipsyfuck
who cares?
antho needs cheaters to carry him :S
what the hell are you on about?
hes french dont even bother replying
nice flags knowledge :D
you mean romanian bro!
you mean gypsy bro!
you mean unforgiven bro!
who cares?
GL subbi!!
avi /q
no french duo no win ;D
hf overload mates
will be obliged to carry more ... :D
u can do it easily no doubt ;D
Asslick more please
jelly because I well understand with him or what?
Why would I be jelly of someone that constantly asslicks :DDDDD everytime you comment on gtv or crossfire you're always licking somebodys ass, beta faggot
i dont really get the sentence
you dont get much do you? /!\
I'm not your bro :_D
good luck dark elfs
gl manz
je mist een uitroepteken beetje jammer weer dit..
teringlijers zetten een complot tegen mij op
gl Decerto
Ant7ho is a serious concurrent for me in the club with all those medals around his neck bitchez will be fighting for us.
sad but true <3
slick rick the dog XD
GL subbi ; )
<3 anim <3 saken low
<3 anim low <3 saken
If Stevji plays izi game for IYA ;D
gl hf
gl yench sinnu and decerto
lick that ass baby
gij doet da beter he?
Why is there a change to put a comment below a gtv match? maybe so you can wish someone gl or hf.
een verandering om een comment te plaatsen onder een gamestv match
wat is dat nou weer voor domme comment, ik heb met hun gechillt op lan en ik hoef niemands ass te licken, reageer ff lekker niet op mijn reacties gekke internet hero. ga jij nou maar gewoon verder met 1o1s nerden in de nacht die niemand cared
hahahahhahahahaha , dat komt door je stomme gtv naam ik dagt dat je nbs/mustang was heb miszien
Ojaa nu is het weer mijn schuld. Nee is goed Harmen...
gl eesti qtid
I outdrive phyzic. True story.

fuck anim and everything he stands for

go In Ya Ass!! fuck ovr !
that's not very nice mate
GL mates!
EZ Fab'
hf le fab
yEnch out sadly, sQuid in happily
izi fabi
You have € 250 on IYA
You won € 542.5
wp iya
olbaa satan 666 xp
they didn't win twice..
2nd game on tuesday 22.30cet
it would be nice to know beforehand when betting if you bet for both matches or only the first one...
it didnt say 2nd match will be played after if IYA wins brah
No but it said iya has to win twice, which makes it even more likely that you bet for both matches, I understand of course that it's nice to fill in this score for those who missed the game, but all bets should be reimbursed or settled after next game
Nick lost 400 emoney here hahaha

no bro , all is ok!

You have € 3000 on IYA
You won € 6510

you're quite happy with yourself aren't you? :p wanna play an offi tonight btw?
nah im busy last days, no time to play w/e
They only had to write it in the infotext if the match WOULD be played straight after, they stated IYA has to win twice but didn't state it would be in the same match (or do you expect everyone to write in the infotext its only 1 match for each match played here?)
I don't really understand your comment tbh
I guess he meant that if no additional information is stated, it's normal that the bets only correspond to the first match. But he's wrong as it usually works the other way (both matches are played together unless stated otherwise), and that's what frequent betters are used to.

Anyway it's just good to know that bets for grand finals can now work in any way, and everyone should keep that fact in mind when betting.
Bet: 800 euro on nl decerto Result: Lost
Nobody's perfect :-)
You have € 52 on eu IYA
You won € 112.84

more money for cheats!
You have € 3000 on IYA
You won € 6510

You have € 587 on nl decerto
You lost
saken and jallaa are just so fkin underskilled... still wondering about how they can be so bad after all these years of playin et..
In my mind Jallaaa is one of the most underrated players out there :O Might not be on the spot every game, but still.
I doubt that he even watched the game, probably just looked at the Statistics and assumed the players with low damage played badly
i watched it, and obviously saken is just so miserable, in every single game, and aswell in 3on3s...
Things have changed. 2nd game should be on Sunday 22cet.