megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. vs EDiT (39657 views)

CB ET Eurocup XVI Grand Final!
16.12.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: andyF1 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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gl EDiT
go butchji
megPro vs impact imho
wtf xDD?
gooo cZar
We need more ETTV servers!
only med/med+ players :s
Joke inside
GL both!!!
mgp vs EDIT please gogo lioco sal clochard!!!
Il faut d'abord que impact joue contre czar et après le vainqueur de ce match joura contre les mpg.. Si t'as s'autres questions petit frère n'hésites pas
^^ gl MPG :)
izi 4 pro, izi 4 butchji and wEAK
criminal kus sa siin czari näed kui nad peavad veel enne seda impactiga mängima ...
Would like to see this match at lan :XDDDD

butchji @ < 30acc etc..

but yeah its online...

gl weak and snoop
wayne...they would also get pwnd by them :p
Huhu, that's why cZar won against pro5 @ CPC2.
k mauzinho xD
realista :< na ultima lan parecia low+ a jogar.. na net joga tipo high+.. claro.. sou o pai natal a seguir
2izibash 4 Unknown 2
rofl... EC finals keep getting better and better since parodia vs idle.
parodia vs idle was boring Oo
More so than the four ECs that came after it? Not for me.

Anyway, I don't mean whether they were boring or not, just how much of an actual final they were. These last ECs have all been garbage; steamrolls and so-called "upsets".
Yea indeed, its cause Artline isnt playing EC xD
I think its the best one ive seen! :]
It was very unbalanced and one sided. The best EC final was definitely u96d vs parodia
My mistake, i thought thats what you were talking about! That was indeed the best one :$
The boring one:

The exciting ones (u96d came from loserbracket and won twice vs parodia in the final)
Im not sure i watched the first one you mention, but i defiantly watched and enjoyed u96d, although parodia are defiantly my favourite team ever, it was a nice game
Most exciting was insanity! vs. saevus, the best game I've ever watched.
omg mayni you are now like a rival! xD
deButchji desnoop VS be mAus be lio
mAus still playin? xD
I prefer butchji vs lioco !
im sorry - but MPG > Edit - Edit are pretty good players!
what is the main team of mAus??amenti or edit?
Way 2 EZ for Edit!!!!! Go go Edit! <3
so wait, do i get this right: vila,acid and mesqi are in the EC grand final?
It's a joke, right ?
and you where are you???
they are not maybe really impressive by their frags but they have a so good tp... so W8&see
they will get bashed, but i'm really surprised they got so far, even without other teams that are worth EC (except impact)
if they got so far, maybe there is a reason... :)
Lol you think theyll get bashed? I think you underestimate teamplay over aim. Watch and learn why edit are probably the best clan on ET atm
Too bad they DO need mAus if they wanna win this.
ye u got it right. wondering how u could know that
Mongool gij moet u bakkes houden mensen met een IQ lager dan hun schoenmaat zouden ze het recht moeten ontnemen comments te plaatsen. Ge zou beter wat meer respect hebben voor wat uw landgenoten aant presteren zijn...
ze zullen wereldberoemd worden <o/
I just can't find the right words, to describe you, oh wait I got them, you sir are the most retarded person that Enemy Territory has known.
instead of bashing them you could at least give a little support...

gl EDiT ('ll gonna need it tho...)
its not that i don't support them, they're good and everything, but a year ago or so, they wouldn't have meant anything at EC with the same lineup
just shut up :)

best joke ever...
keytaro and smokey, you never followed a single EC so far ?
Same question to you tbh.

EDiT (aka cZar) already played many EC's... sure they've never been so far, but still, they went several times to playoffs. Plus, mAus is playing with them.

Anyway, we'll see the result. But I'm sure of one thing : They won't get bashed as you said above. It should be a nice and close match (= interesting).
i'm not saying you're wrong, but just drop it :p
pls hes right and everybody knows it but anyway gl EDiT you gonna need it
indien je beter was had je er waarschijnlijk zelf gestaan? auwtch
zelfs me cheats geraakt gij zo ver niet :(
zeg e gij e foto van uzelf, kzou echt eens willen weten hoe erg gij zijt
ik luister naar metal, oops, dat is iemand anders, stel voor om es in de spiegel te zien :(
gl mpg
izi... butchji is butchji
imo mpg will win, but i hope it'll be da great match
gl edit
it's gonna be a tight one :P
gL !!! mpg butchji !!!!! :)
I've got something for you butchji.
Drugs : o ?????????
go mpg ;)
Edit went far enough, here stops the way :)

HF mpg !
gogo pro

hf buchtji, snoop usw. =)
4:0 MPG np
6:0 - MLG np
gl cZar go mesq + lio =D
butch for EC? finaloly
gl EDiT

Make us proud belgian pwners!
on MPG.

You live in Vancouver now? ;o
i wish! canada is cool! same goes for scotland,australia,sweden and norway!
o/ ....god help me!!!
Possible Win: ...? :D
looks like the fucking nerds familiy of aphesia..
you lost it :=D
gl edit.

Those belgians have been around since like forever
First EC gold for a Belgian team in the ET/RTCW history!
easy for megaProGaming e-Sports e.V.
looking forward to seeing this match
gl edit
Mayb it the last EC
and theres no toss in teh final
cant be !11
np for GER
go mpg
A Retarded Final.
No Dutchie in the final...couldn`t be better.
nog zone arrogante zak die denkt alles beter te kunne
Haha, you take it a bit too serious. ^^ "Arrogant bunch of assholes, who think they can do better everything." Doesn`t it mean something like that?
Just because they are good at ET doesn't make them less retarded ; )
A retard that is calling other guys retards?
There is always a bigger retard...
go mpg!
moffen zijn sterker :<
megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. 1.61 vs 2.64 EDiT Total pot: 88567 €
Your bet: 900€ on pro Possible Win: 1,449.00 € (+549.00 €)
make me rich!!!! gl butchji, weak, & snoop
Congrats EDiT.
izi 4 mpg. gg edit D:
I win
does mAus play?
Gunna be a great game , but i think pro has the advantage gl to both! will it win anyway. with or without him, it makes no difference
go be

bebebe bebebebebebebebebe

den acid, vila, kv, lio, mesq ziff & mAus ftw

den zeto nekeer praten éééééééé
GL EDIT maar dze is wss voor mpg :(
Congratz butchji!
7€ on EDiT
Possible Win: 20.37 € (+13.37 €)
zawsze jakis baran musi rozpierdolic ramki :(
gl edit
Edit will surprise
only if mAus plays. Is there money to win ? :)
no money this time afaik :/
So mAus won't play !
hf lio
easy for bekeyplayer
As it stands, i've been betting against Edit and yet still they won every game.
Saw the game with mAus and the teamplay was very good.
I don't follow every gamer movements but it's save to say that them Belgians
have a decent chance to win this game.

Godverdomme, geeft ze op hun klote en zuipt ne stella van mij zenne !!!!
Edit is going to take this home, good luck mates <3
team ger vs team be =) hf snoop (hurensohn) xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
omg nice xDDD
He stole it from my first post at start of page :(
You calling me a thief? :(
gl ger and butchji
gogogogo EDiT, laar het een kers op jullie ET carrier zijn
tweede plek is een druif en druif > kers dus NP ma toch winnen we
Snoop and butchji will take it again i think but EDiT excellent team too tbh :)
Go Go EDiT!!
TossPot should shoutcast this IMO!
GL both
gl MPG
izi EDiT!
pro imo, but gl EDiT ;)
GL mesq and lio :) take it for me pls <3
GL liofaker :D
EDiT ofc!!!!!!!!!! ;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d;d
omg nice xDDD
lets go germany and acozz, kick their ass!
easy for weak
nuchter blijven plz
GL Kevin mate. <3
Déjà Vu!
gl edit , zelfs gij snorrie <3
here is there real lineup
ne flik die duitsers discrimineert, way to go dNzLowsense
easy for mAus
All the flaming belgians, it's priceless.
Gl [flag=BE] <3
kick plz
fullholds for eternity pls...
gl belgen
Mega Low Gaming will take it.
It was the best match i ever saw omg!!! 5-3 for megaprogamming. Nice drama with mAus admitting he hax rofl!
zijde gij ne mental retard :O
[sarcasm]if that actually happens, ill rofl and you have a very bright future[/sarcasm]
izi bash 4 edit
4-0 np4mpg
np 4 acozz
GL EDiT (*'-')
EDIT = new CwG
gl snoop :-)
ALL MONEY ON MEGAPROGAMING, eventhough its the worst clanname ever.
edit lineup?
with maus or without?
megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. 1.21 vs 5.85 EDiT Total pot: 473458 €
Your bet: 1000€ on EDiT Possible Win: 5,850.00 € (+4,850.00 €)
always when i am bet agaisnt edit, they win. maybe now they win too?
mpg website is just so nice
more slots !!! :)
no tosspot = ET dead
gl schnuup
edit > xd
kanker lompe kanker belg
inderdaad :/
edit will win since butchji always loses ec finals
gl gb Splodge
i will win. bet on me!!!
GL kevin !
plz Lineups
gl cZar
maus won't play
ye tosspot is in <3
mAus playing r not ?
germany vs belgium gl both . my money on nazis
no mAus no win
gl spiro :)
yahuuu tosspot :)
no mAus no win ofc!
gl lio, mesq, vila, acid, mAus & 6th !

go be

mesq, ge zei dat mAus wel ging spele.. denk't ni é! mja gl [flag=be]
gl mAus
why is it that always when germans(read butchij,keran n so on) play there is no advertising, no excitement in rest of community than germans only?:(

this feels like somekinda random group match...
mAus gl !! :)
1623? 800 max.
go edit!
sokl buahahahah, "bandit, masz tylko chwile na pomeczenie swojego sprzetu" xDDDDDDDDDDDdd /for poles only :]
come on - give us 1000 people viewer peak ;-)
2-0 mpg
what a game :x
2-0 mpg, beated them by 2 secs
fucking awesome, 2 sec =D
omfg 2 secs :////
n1 =)
Those germans always bring troubles...
mpg more luck imo !
Your bet: 200€ on EDiT Possible Win: 1,190.00 € (+990.00 €)
cmon EDiT you can do it!
Fucking ETTV delay :(
decider <3
again close map, decider soon
ettv : oo
imo welcome money :D
Your bet: 5€ on EDiT Possible Win: 29.75 € (+24.75 €)
4-2 edit
4-2 edit noice
gg EDiT
4-2 EDiT
fuck that mpg
n1 edit! gratz
Your bet: 2000€ on EDiT Possible Win: 11,900.00 € (+9,900.00 €)
oh noe
Your bet: 1000€ on EDiT Possible Win: 5,950.00 € (+4,950.00 €)
2nd grand final at tuesday?
wp edit ;)
ohohoh wp
gj edit, deserved
Your bet: 207€ on EDiT Possible Win: 1,231.65 € (+1,024.65 €)

Nice :D
Your bet: 48€ on EDiT Possible Win: 285.60 € (+237.60 €)
One of the best games I've witnessed, especially for a final.
16/12 22:00 pro 1.20 vs 5.95 EDiT 2222€ on EDiT Won 13220.90 €
09/12 22:00 EDiT 3.02 vs 1.49 Impact 6180€ on EDiT Won 18663.60 €
250€ on EDiT Won 1487.50€

top that :p
Your bet: 250€ on EDiT Won 1487.50€
ET is dead
gonna say that everytime we win? fucktard
250000€ on pro Lost
i'm going to kill you mpg -_-
Your bet: 2538€ on EDiT Possible Win: 15,101.10 € (+12,563.10 €)
Your bet: 5€ on EDiT Won 29.75€

I expected more money, but well... at least I predicted score 4-2 for edit !
should have bet 10 like me m8 :)))

and congrats for beating us today I thought u would have gone a bit easy on us...xD
I had just 10 in total so 5 was max I could bet :(
Your bet: 10000€ on EDiT Won 59500.00€
Your bet: 10000€ on pro Lost

thx snoopy :>
Your bet: 5500€ on EDiT Won 32725.00€

gratz EDiT !
gg mAus
so when will ppl start underestimating us?
'us' ?
I felt that one coming, as I'm a part of EDiT I can use that word I think, correct me if I'm wrong
edit would lose without maus,
so cut the crap plz, the "us" ur talkin about wouldnt win this one trust me
and mpg would lose without butchji , what's the point..
yeyeyeye all the same
Your bet: 12€ on pro Lost
Your bet: 7€ on EDiT Won 41.65€

WHAT A GAME! Fucking trilling match! AAAA cant wait to tuesday!

wp both and gl in GRAND FINAL! ;)
Won 297.50€ :D
hyhyhy Won 297.50 €
i lost money but i am glad we can see another nice match like this was!
aCoZz Sunday, 9th December 2007 22:20 Reply
as I predicted! :XD

welcome money
I just can't win a EuroCup so you know on who to bet next time....
the money i won doesnt matter wt matters is that was one hell of a match expect the second leg to be even better <3
proficiat :)
nice match wp mAus and gl in the grand final:P
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GOOD GAME :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
lol aza :DDD
AzA auf hochtouren altah!
AzA auf hochtouren altah!
AzA auf hochtouren altah!
16/12 20:00 pro 1.20 vs 5.95 EDiT 5€ on EDiT Won 29.75 €

XD i was not confident hence the small bet, wp Edit <3
Your bet: 5000€ on EDiT Won 29750.00€

Same but I took the risk ;P

ggs both
whahahaha aza xD
Dem be hatin' ma flying lolis. ;_;
nice spam man!
Your bet: 500€ on EDiT Won 2975.00€
nice move edit !
16/12 21:00 pro 1.20 vs 5.95 EDiT 875€ on EDiT Won 5206.25 €
internet money

megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. 1.20 vs 5.95 EDiT Total pot: 813093 €
Your bet: 1000€ on EDiT

thxs 4 the money guys =D
gg edit. thx 4 money
and still no victory for butchji. :D
thanks to both teams for that match - what a nail biter (lost actually 2 on my right hand on braundorf) and thanks for the money maus - but nonetheless - very well played by everyone on the server - keep up the paste on tuesday - cheers to both teams
Super match. I Won 255.85€
pointless to bet, without a line up
edit with maus is like twice the team
i betted knowing no maus
Am I right that there will be a 2nd final cuz EDiT came from loser bracket?
yes gnm-.

thx 4 money EDIT !!!
lord, thx for the match!!