EDiT vs Impact Gaming (26177 views)

be mesq
be lio
be vila
be acid
be Kevin
xi TBA
mt Toxic
nl teKoa
gb eVo
nl aza
fi mystic
fi tiigeri
Loser Bracket Final
Winner of this match will play against the winner of the Winners Bracket in the Grand Final!

Changed cZar into EDiT, same team, different name.
09.12.07 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: andyF1 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Slots: 2,750
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Viewer Peak: 632


6th of czar will be mAus
gl EDiT :D
gl :)
against MPG or Impact ofc!
GL cZar !!!!!!!!

Mesq :P No comment <3

Lio ... Nice war with Bad*G ! (i'm uG.Cup*CriTiK)
4$$ l1c/<?
easy for unknown
woooow, rly funny man, rly, u got some humor skillz!

says the guy who said "cZar doesnt have a change to win this." =)
no they dont have:) i believe in impact<3:P and if we lokk odds some1 else feel the same way that i feel:)
easy for unknown
who is unknown ?

gogo czar

its aiganst impact or megapro ... ma tog goe luck e manne
maakt nie uit, we beaten die toch beide easy
Ik neem u op u woord.
cZar doesnt have a change to win this........................
Because I told you you could keep the change
lol @ huon
here we go! :) no tuesday please god! :)
n1 game
googogogo impact GL chgifty :D
Impact win 4:0, they like actually played the other day which means they should be in relative form, or at least enough form that is needed to beat czar.
Gl lio and pokerboy
go impact :>
GL belge!
impact all aim no brain, my moneys on czar!!!
impact got raped by mpg`s aim though...
go czar !
yeh gogo czar ! beat em up
i hope impact wins this time :< they already made me lose money on mpg
4:2 for impact imo.. but gl cZar
tegen beter weten in toch geld op cZar ingezet... stel me niet teleur he mannen!

ps als jullie winnen krijgen jullie allemaal een kusje ;) xD

eazy for bemesq!
izi for acid vila
what's now? tekoa and toxic went to TLR

I guess Impact team playing this game will be:
mt Toxic
nl teKoa
gb mztik
nl aza
fi mystic
ch gifty

fi jauhis will be off getting aids with the girls in thailand
fi xpaz has fried his pc
<3 your lineup! Please comon! :))
aids=u mean help...
aids = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome i guess...
Immuno ;[
it depends if you write it together or not, Immune Deficiency or Immunodeficienty :)
are you sure you aren´t from africa?
not rly :D:D:D
how can i be a mr.teKoa ?
mony on czar!
well, with this better line-up than vs. mpg, impact will win for sure.
/whois aza
Azatej > GL cZar !
gL teKoa!
2 easy 4 impact
gl Mztik
izi bash for impact.. zeto suxs like always

<3 zeto, lio & mesq
Gl cZar :D
Mesq Do The ownage :)
GL gifty :)
gl cZar!!!
own them!
gl impact
blah kevin blah blah
I have a vision, my connection will be abnormally unstable on the day of the match somewhere around 21pm untill 23pm.
Update: I found a very usefull little script of mine that improves my crouching.
don't say u are gonna use that lagscript (read netlimiter) again :D
I must make them cry, even if it's the last thing I do. ;_;
maak ze dood AzA!!
ps. ik heb nog wat voor je
een nieuwe undetected hack :O
Mach sie tot AzA!!
ps. ich habe noch etwas für dich
My Hero!!
great match
imo czar will win
Why is tekoa allowed to play under serveral of clans during this EC?
And who's he playing for according to you in the current EC?
He have played offis for both Impact and TLR(kreaturen).
I havent played for impact yet in this EC. :P
This will be the first match.
it's possible if there's enough time between the games
I can't realy find that sneaky rules on CB.
look harder, hint, try allowed players ;)
Now is the question, when and why was it added.
sups can adjust rules whenever they want.. + its in apl rules
That wasn't my question.
gl both teams
well, i love impact but they wont take this :(
4:0 for edit
u just saying so u can win this EC cup !
We'll win no matter who we play against.
Like last EC?
Recently people are comparing me with AzA so I'm doing my best to back up such reputation.
As if you're ever going to be able to live up to my skill, dream on.
Your " Let's avoid all the major LAN's in the country I live in " skill or? BUBUB :99999
just ignore the little kid
Yea, because you so would've outskilled me on LAN amirite?
Once again, your avoiding a real answer, because you don't have one. Your " outskilling " yourself, meight.

"teKoa has written a followup to your warcomment (21:37). View"

I wonder where that dissapeared!? Even your best mate tekoa deleted his comment on this matter, because he had nothing valuable to say in your defense. People are starting to back down on you! :/

blaze on 05/12/07, 18:35:44 GMT

from now on you are on my retard list
Actually I figured it wasnt worth replying to you so I deleted it. :]
Assuming is for the miss-guided. Oh and, once again your looking for a way out with the baiting excuse, sadly I found that's pretty common when people don't have any real arguments to backup something they said earlier.

Anyway, to save some time for this petty community and to avoid replies from other retards... Yes I'm an idiot, yes I enjoy in this little flame discussion we have here, and yes, I'm going to put an end from it from my side, since obviously you have nothing worthy to supply me with.

Eventhough I'm cheering for EDiT in this game, I hope you'll manage to overcome them and play us again in the final, where you'll be able to shine like the previous time.
"since obviously you have nothing worthy to supply me with."

I could've told you that from the start since I feel nothing but enjoyment when I see people biting and trying so hard to get their point through.

edit: By the way, I keep noticing you use "once again" in front of every one of your oh so well thought through attempts of being an internet warrior. Do you have any information to back your "once again" up with?
The information I posses is under the " serious business " documentation, and therefore I cannot reveal it to you. :XD


Nah, rly I loled at the internet warrior part.



I win, thank you.
I respect you more and more aCoZz, flame those fuckers :=D
AzA just proved he can more than easily compete on whatever sort of standard you're attempting to set in english grammar. Owned ;)
So at least he can do 1 good thing to make up for his negative things, like pedophilia and cheating.
Pedophilia and cheating? ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? dunno where you got the pedophilia allegations from.
acozz setting a standard on english grammar? :o:o
When you're one of the best aimers of the world but plagued by dozens (if not more) of cheating allegations and there are 3 major LANs in your country (which happens to be the Netherlands) and you never go to one of them, you cheat. Simple as that.
Yes, yes, you will say that that is idiotic reasoning and perhaps it is but it is the truth. They said butchji cheated, he went to LAN and the majority of the cheating allegations dissapeared. They said mAus cheated, he went to LAN and he owned everybody still. They said rocky cheated, he went to a LAN and sucked. And so on, and so on...
a* hero


http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=an+hero AN
You're so funny.
He proved he can fight against immaginary things? I don't know how exactly you got the idea I'm trying to put up some kind of standard, and by now it's kinda obvious most duchies are handling english pretty well, atleast from the people I know.

Anyway since even more people joined the disscusion and this thread has some flame potential, to answer one of Aza's previous remarks.

" Do you have any information to back your "once again" up with? "

Nope, I don't have any. But you are obviously hiding something, since there isn't any valid excuse for you not showing up in all 3 previous LAN's in NL, and you know it. What's that reason, I wouldn't know, but I guess it's something hilarious.
And the best part is, I'm not even saying you have to play on LAN, just showing up would suffice.

Anyway I don't recall naming you a cheater in this thread, I just find it funny how you caught yourself inside a paradox, as both you and some people you know defend you with the " he doesn't care " excuse, but here you are now, discussing this with me, and your excuse of doing so is that you enjoy seeing people prove their point.

If so, please explain to me, what is the point i'm trying to prove here? I didn't know I have one that needs to be aproved by you or anyone else.
he wouldnt have enough space to move his mouse at lan, thats why he cant go
Rhand, you keep making me dislike you more and more, way to go!
Give me one reason why I should care?
lol dat je echt de tijd neemt om te replyen op zo een lelijke neurd :o
1. It says a lot about your way of thinking about society in general and in real life, which might make you hated a lot? Anyway, you proved yourself a dumb motherf*cker. And if you're going to say I'm a NONAME, don't bother typing that shit cause it's pointless.
Why would I say you're a noname? On what should that be based? I don't use such childish ways to defend myself.

Anyway, your theories are a tad too far fetched for me, so I'm not gonna retort for once as I'm too happy my point has been proven in this match.
ga met playmobil spelen sarcasm :)
Far fetched? OKI! Have a real good look at this dot: . It is the size of your brain. And exactly which point has been proven? That Aza cheats? Here's a hard word for your small brain: proofs, p-r-o-o-f-s, proofs.
Wijze commentaar vanwege een pientere jongeman. Houden zo kiss, je bent goed bezig!
heb je net leren typen en wil je die mogelijkheid botvieren ofzo?
En uit welke put komt deze kutdmongool plots gekropen?
hoe triest ben jij eigenlijk wel niet?
Ah en waarop is dat dan gebaseerd? Argumentatie jongeman, argumentatie!!!!
spijtig dat ik van jou hetzelfde niet kan zeggen : )
en ja aza hackt :) , met 200 ping nog zo schieten xd
gl aza n co
gl impact
easy for edit
hah no zeto XD! <3
GL lio
why isn't he playing?
gl impact
go czech
Bad luck to Kevin for not reviving me on Cybergames :).
n1 match GL EDiT !!! lio & mesq ! :)
zeto doesnt play ??
jauhis will be off getting aids with the girls in thailand <3 rofl
easy for mystic & co.
I wanna tossiboy
gl impact!
gl both
gl both mony @ czar
go go cZar !!
I smell aim overweight @ EDiT .... just rumours
tosspot, mashed or atleast splodge please
brother's birthday mate, can't miss out on the cake
gl Kevin
best of luck to Impact !
go go Jeroen :)
go aza
Go Gifty!
From a spectator's point of view:

aCoZz > AzA - dodging LANs in NL comment
aCoZz > AzA - no argument from Aza's side
aCoZz > AzA - AzA's comment (Yea, because you so would've outskilled me on LAN amirite?) - He can't use that as an argument if He dodged all LANs, sorry m8.
aCoZz > AzA - teKoa defending AzA (WRONG)
aCoZz > AzA - because of AzA's "I win" and "I am victorious" comments when he basically got destroyed by aCoZz' replies
aCoZz > AzA - because of AzA making fun of aCoZz' english when he is not a native speaker
aCoZz > AzA - Mztik defending AzA and faling at "your english blows" attempt

AzA > aCoZz - aCoZz replying with smiley faces instead of an answer

6:1 for aCoZz so far. Keep it up m8s.
From a spectator's point of view:

ceres3 drawing up long comparison with bias claims as there is clear preferential treatment for aCoZz: +1

ceres3 riding on aCoZz's testicals 1

1:0 Keep it up ceres3

so he is biased, cause he rly LOVES acozz, while you play in the same clan as aza, and has known him for years, and you arent?

perhaps you wasnt serious
as aza is not a native speaker either he can make fun of acozz' english imo

as long as mztik or some other english guy doesnt
As Aza is not an authority in the English tongue, he can better keep his stupid comments for himself imo.
who the fuck are you to suddenly come out of nowhere and start flaming everyone?
And who the fuck might you be?
Good ol' ceres wins!
Note * from a spectator's point of view. No need to get all emotional. Pointing out the obvious is not the same as sucking dick. Nice try at flaming me though, try again. Oh and if my comparisons are bs for you then you are an idiot as they are all true except the LAN one( see teKoa's reply.) I can understand defending your teammate but you are just being ignorant and dumb. Hf
Actually I didnt interfere until I was mentioned,so the only one being ignorant and dumb is you because it wasnt about defending aza as you said above. Have a nice day.
True. -1 point from my first comment.
cZar ofc! :D
gl edit
there are 402 votes atm for that game but only 450 slots GG gamestv

402 < 450
And as usually happens more slots will be added prior to the start of the match when Broadcasters wake up :P
Look at the crazy amount of matches :x
Don't think we shall see much more than 600 slots.
Ownatkaa impact!
Thank you Belgians.... you gave the dutchies 10 points at the Junior Songfestival.... now the dutchies shall cheer for you guys.... GOGO DIKKE FRIETENBAKKERS!! :D
rofl we suck each year in one of those Songfestivals :< year after year, what's even the point of participating :<
yea indeed Netherlands were crap in the songfestival, but I think it's very nice that we get 10 points from our neighbour.... :D Nothing above friendly politics....:P
All those east european countries vote for eachother, it's all a big scam!
nice highskill flame =)
damn dont have any idea who i should bet on :(
watch the lineups then
Gl mesq & lio :) I hope to see great match !!!
will this even be played?
no it's just for flame and show
I have a strong feeling Kevin will talk French on comms... so guys, beware of auxiliary verbs and lexical words 'nd stuff, ok?

hf and give me a shoutout rtard =D
Hoe zit het met zeto of ziff dan?
oh GL spiROZE dan :DD
Your bet: 12€ on EDiT Possible Win: 36.96 €

make me happy pls
GL both
tba = mAus ?
sad but true
k couse he and tekoa both played this EC in other teams so i thought they would not be allowed to play at first but if you say so.
splodge or bozz ?
bozz = erm kevin is gonna erm like make a move erm no wait erm he erm nevermind him they erm just spawned erm so...

> splodge <
Your bet: 10€ on EDiT
Possible Win: 32.80 € (+22.80 €)

gogogo EDiT^^
who should i listen to ?

splodge or bozz ?
eVo :D
I HEARD SOME RUMOURS THAT mAus is playing for EDiT !
gifty :( gl tigerrii =) gogogo impact
omg, tiigeri is back!:O
evo @ lineup = rofl
wtf lineup impact....:/
rofl@line-up :DDDDDdd
WTF cancel bets u changed line up @ last minute
not rly
u are just 1min too late
i saw that lineup at least 5 minutes before!
cancel wtf evo is crap and edit have maus..plz
mAus ::)
kwil wel is zien wie die midget acid gaat meenemen om aza in elkaar te kloppen
Vila whine = totally crap
get skill plz!
"wp evo, talent" > all XDDD
i was in awe of his ownage in that game... honest!
2-0 EDIT
2 - 0 very nice game so far
not really.
impact's not taking this ec serious... :<
were is xpaz and gifty !!
4-0 Edit won
ET is officially dead now
4-0 EDiT ggs
toxic @ one-man panzer

gg eVo, nice teamwork
yeah you played okey, and so did Tiigeri btw
fun game
Much thanks for money <3
<3 mAus
very lame mystic , dont think ur so good that you can just make some fun of it :s
nice kevin.. gettin knifed like that :D
cancel imo, stupid lineups getting changed
nice game wp
as I predicted! :XD

i had faith and won money xD
Impact didn't even look like they where trying. wp edit will be a good final. thx for moneyz
nice game, mAus welcome back! :) wp impact - gl EDiT in GF
just like to say that we turned up and did our best to put out a team, xpaz @ pc fucked, jauhis @ holiday, gifty and could not be bothered to show up and we could not get hold of mztik, thanks a hell of a lot to tiigeri for playing on such short notice, better than not bothering to turn up imo, <3 to edit for being their usual professional selves
Thanks for playing with a cheater.
lol ?
who's cheating?
lol sure ok, get a clue
respect to you m8, especially for playing also....
Oh, is little eVo still mad cos I called Impact a team without history? :(

Don't take ET so seriously.
Like 80% of the community would probably change their mind if they saw him perform good at LAN, and then I don't mean butchji LAN lowskill.
i just dont take you serious Rhand, too much of a kid for my liking
yeah even though the full team wasnt there i think impact did a nice job. But its clear that MPG is gonna take gold
everyone can say what they want about you evo...*COUGH* shit player *COUGH* , but what you just said there made my heart turn around... :) what you say is right, it's about the fact THAT you played not how.... Tiigeri must be some "golden character" person to show up.

EDiT 3.02 vs 1.49 Impact Gaming Total pot: 576768 €
Your bet: 5€ on EDiT Won 15.10€

was only because begians helped @ junior songfestival else I would've bet on you.... You got some nice spirit...xD
they can say what they like, i'd like to see them do better against players like mAus, i dont profess to have the skill like players like mAus, aza, mystic etc, i just did my best when i had to play
Why u even try to make ur point clear to the community eVo, you know how retarded some people are and how they gonna flame you. Atleast u guys showed up, maybe with a diffrent line-up but who cares. Its pretty expected since enough player are not motivated enough to play ET any longer. You did well, guys who are saying "eVo lowdmg" etc are so dumb man, atleast u revived and stuff. Instead of being a rambo
not often I agree with u twinnz, but ure absolutely right there...xD
Impact took teKoa in, so why shouldn't EDiT take in mAus?
rofl what?
Well tekoa actually played a significant amount of matches with Impact, whereas the last time mAus played with EDiT/cZar I can't remember.
The fact remains that teKoa played for Kreaturen in the start of this EC, together with mAus. Which means that if he's allowed to play for Impact, mAus should be allowed too (which has happened ofcourse) and hence people shouldn't whine about mAus playing with EDiT.

And mAus played last year with cZar when they were called Finest n stuff, so yes he did play a lot with them Belgians. But that is a complete irrelevant fact, just as it is complete irrelevant that teKoa played often with Impact in other cups.
True. I'm only whining about all the last minute lineup changes. :/
Ah, my mistake then :P

Yeah well, ET isn't important anymore for the topplayers it seems. Was "unthinkable" 1,5 year ago that something like this happened
Yeah :(
money money money
what a fucked up match..
Your bet: 5€ on EDiT Won 15.10€

edit, lol tiigeri no wonder that impact lost
Your bet: 444€ on EDiT Won 1340.88€
Your bet: 28€ on EDiT Possible Win: 84.56 € (+56.56 €)

finally won some money hehe

ggs edit, gl in final

gratz butchji on winning your first ec :P snoop... fuck off
Your bet: 6180€ on EDiT Won 18663.60€
mystic's fanboy foreverrr <3
Was a fun game, gg.

[a.f.k.] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - 10.avi / DL: 161MB UL: 983MB (160kb/sec average)
Your bet: 600€ on EDiT Won 1812.00€
gg EDiT > 10€ on EDiT Won 30.20 € ^^
demos anywhere?
i would give kevin a 3 month cb ban for that netcoders quote

Viewer Peak: 632
pls :D
agree, he deserves it the dirty little hackerkid
shit performance of impact, especially of the big "tekoa" and the legendary "mystic" (biggest ego i ever saw) two discontinued models (shity english...i know)
You downloaded ET yesterday?
said the noob, you looks ttv sinec 2months, right?
Ouch, It hurts my eyes to see that amount of fail.
look at your bet statistic...you have no idee of et...so be quite...
I always knew zeto was the weakest link! :)

Gg EDiT ;)
EDiT 3.02 vs 1.49 Impact Gaming Total pot: 576768 €
Your bet: 140€ on Impact Lost
Your bet: 5€ on EDiT Won 15.10€
more disapointing matches plz
AzA, the fat and nerdish supergeek to the rescueeeee!

p.s according to Rhand, pedophile too.
I can confirm the pedo part, although I don't think I'm fat nor do I think I'm "super".
geek, nerdish & pedo isnt a bad score already.
I would also like to add "only interested in 2D lolis" to that list.