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CB 3on3 OC Fall 2012
Fourth League - Bronze Final
25.11.12 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 3on3 OpenCup Fall 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 4031
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 13


No Xo so the best back to losing i guess :S
[10:31:57] <@`infi_> we could make a new team
[10:32:01] <@`infi_> and call it "broken hardware gamers"

gl both :D
you posted that in channel, im sorry bro !
cb admin in bronze final..... sure
you seem rather surprised
Gl friends
Gl jon
gl iabg and hf all :-))
diky diky doufam ze to bude stejny drama s nima jako ve skupine se stejnym vysledkem 4:2 :)
well infi's been banging on about raping this game so money on the best!
Nice time for an offi. Faggots.
gl desitka :)
izi for infi
2/10 would play again
Like the worst enemy ever! first they spam, that they cant play, that they dont have keyboards, mice ect, suddenly they are ready to play...no more comments to this enemy
whine. you got wrecked. carry on.
I shouldnt play at first place desitka was on a lineup not me i havent slept for 27 hours and was forced to play. I wonder how they can repair keyboards and mice in one hour!
"i havent slept for 27 hours and was forced to play"
Please, we asked you nicely to move the match because ohurcool's keyboard is busted and infi's mouse keeps disconnecting and you guys said no. But I guess it must feel pretty bad to know these facts and still lose :[
So We lost, i dont care, but saying we are not ready and later perform like nothing happen, that is what piss me off!
Nov 25 12:50:39 <[CB]ohurcool> hi adventuress
Nov 25 12:50:45 <[CB]ohurcool> are you from iabg 3on3?
Nov 25 12:51:40 <adventuress> yes hi
Nov 25 12:52:21 <[CB]ohurcool> I was hoping we could reschedule our match if you don't mind
Nov 25 12:52:38 <[CB]ohurcool> my keyboard is kinda broken and my mate's mouse is not working either :(
Nov 25 12:55:23 <adventuress> plssss another Beyond Belief story....seriously everyone have second mouse and keyboard even in the second world country like czech republic
Nov 25 12:56:10 <[CB]ohurcool> I play on a laptop so it is not easy to replace the keyboard
Nov 25 12:56:19 <[CB]ohurcool> I've already ordered a new laptop though and it'll come tomorrow
Nov 25 12:56:41 <[CB]ohurcool> and my mate is waiting for his mouse to be shipped
Nov 25 13:00:41 <adventuress> i will talk with mates at 20:00 CET but i dont want to be the good one forever like every team in playoff cry for something
Nov 25 13:01:40 <[CB]ohurcool> it would be very nice of you to reschedule the match but I understand if you don't want to :)
Nov 25 13:01:43 <[CB]ohurcool> thanks
Nov 25 14:04:25 <adventuress> so we have talk with teammates and they want to play it today....
Nov 25 14:05:59 <[CB]ohurcool> can you play it an hour later?
Nov 25 14:06:01 <[CB]ohurcool> adventuress
Nov 25 14:06:57 <adventuress> hell no tezaxo has to get up early so no way
Nov 25 14:07:34 <[CB]ohurcool> fine
Nov 25 14:07:38 <[CB]ohurcool> cu in 1 hour then

how is that spam? I asked nicely if we could reschedule, you guys said no... the end
you see the one hour difference between start and end of the discussion? Our players left through that time, when you finaly decided that you will play...so...
Then why not reschedule it? We always intended on playing, if your players left then that is your own fault.
I never said that we won't play... I was simply asking whether or not we could reschedule it

if your mates left, that is your problem not ours
I am average on IQ, but when somebody asks me to reschedlule it means, that he is not available at that time, so he cant participate. Well this has happened me for the 3rd time on CB in oc that ppl say oh we have trouble and later are avi to play. I hate this behavior! Where is the honor we are playing a fucking game why ppl use such methods to put other team out of balance...
u seem upset
I admit, i am...sad, but truth

lack of sleep and a bottle of wine a losing game in such way has its effect
moar like a bottle of whine amirite?
OH sure, you are a winner, you are always right!
can u elaborate? cause you're just throwing brainfarts around and they're all based on illusions
He asks to reschedule, you said no to him and your mates still went offline? That really is your mates' fault
well That is one point of view, but I have a different one. Why did they ask for a rescheldule when they are avi anyway...That is what I just dont get, a miracle recovery? Well I dont believe in those! Am I stupid? May be, but still I dont consider this fair. Still its a game so why making it such serious bussines, omg a key off, mouse only 95% of its performance, we cant play tonight! silly and pathetic!
so by your logic, you decline our request of rescheduling, which means the game _has_ to be played anyway. are we just supposed to give you a forfeit win, is that what you were after?
So you wait an hour and 15 mins to announce that you will play anyway...
are you thinking this through, what you're saying?

match was scheduled for today, i came on around 4pm(gmt +2) to find you guys, to ask if you'd be ok with rescheduling as i don't have a mouse - yet i couldn't find single on of your players on irc anywhere. ohurcool asked for a reschedule later when he came on, which you declined(as this story was "beyond believable"). i think from this point on, it's goddamn self-explanatory that the match IS going to be played. i had a couple dead mice's in the drawer and i looked up one of them, battling with dpi drops throughout the game but i didn't whine, and now you're complaining that you didn't have your full lineup and we _SOMEHOW FORCED_ you to play? oh yeah, totally.
yeah that is the power of OC admin in team isnt it?
how is his admin powers anyhow related? i understand you're hurting and need a hug but there's no one to reach out to - yet blaming clanbase now is not the right way of dealing with this.
Oh sure here comes the comments about lack of private life off the keyboard...I thought you can do better. I was wrong again.
I reckon you're used to being wrong by now.
yeah, you're damn right. and there's plenty of more where that came from!
What part of that do you not agree with?

He asks to reschedule - check
You said no - check
Your mates left - check
They showed up because you didn't want to reschedule - check
You lose - check
You whine - check

End of story.
Well isnt it nice, saying that we wont play and winning against team that is not in a complete lineup! Gratz to third place! easy maths here 3-1=2 -> 2+1(merc) cant beat 3 with HW issues(i doubt there were any)
read the chat logs again and tell me where I said "we wont play"

if you can find those words in the logs then I will add the score as a forfeit win for your team
Well tell me, why do you want a reschedule, if you can or will play?
as I said before, my new laptop is coming tomorrow so it would have been more convenient to play tomorrow rather than today

I realize that English is not your native language, but I still find it rather ridiculous that you are flaming us for "saying that we wont play and winning against team that is not in a complete lineup" as if it is our fault your player(s) left before the scheduled match time
Well, you havent really answered the question, have you? You are just repeating the same thing I have read already 3 times. Well, I dont give a damn. Think what you think, I stick to my opinion. Congratz to your third place in 4th division! Good bye, next opencup pls put IABG to a different division. thanks.
I answered your question, and yes I am repeating myself because it doesn't seem like you understand what I am saying

if you are waiting for me to apologize and give you the forfeit win or something, then I'm afraid you'll be waiting a long time because it won't happen

you can stick to your opinion - I'll stick to the facts and the truth
i will ensure you, that for the rest of your "et carreer" you will be in our group, always.
Are you serious? So tommorow you get a new laptop, well I want a reschedule of agreed/forced time.

So can I say, tommorow I wont be awake for 28 hours I want a reschedule. Tommorow the sun will shine, tommorow etc. Would anyone listen to me? NO.

Pls be reasonable. You have played whole OC on this HW, as your teammates, so did we. If there is a scheduled time you should honor it no matter what. You were ready to play! But reason for rescheduling, oh I got new computer tommorow i will own you ass hard, so pathetic, childish ect.

No, I dont wont your apology. You won, gratz, I just dont like the way how you behave before the match. Reschedule? NO! Ok we wiill play! srsly? That is what I wanted to express here and so I did. You think everything was ok, well we have different meaning in europe.

Have a nice sunday
So I will play only tournament where you wont participate. easy
How hard is it to understand?

infi_ broken mouse -> Logitech shipping him a new one next week
ohurcool broken keyboard -> Bought a laptop and it will be here tomorrow

Obviously we don't want to have to play with broken hardware... especially for a final. Thinking you guys were honorable opponents who would want to reschedule as to not play vs. us with an unfair advantage, but you guys declined. Nobody said we wouldn't be playing. If you were confused all it would take is for you to ask any one of us on IRC. Instead you assumed and you were wrong. The only person to blame is yourself. If you somehow still do not understand, I fear there is no hope for you.
a different meaning in europe? o_O where?

go to sleep, you're obviously not thinking straight. be sure to bookmark this and read this again in the morning, you might understand how wrong you are then.
If you check our calendar you would fint out, that we play tommorw an 6v6 offi. One of you member has to get up every day that week at 4:30 to get to work. So he has to go to bed were early. There was a scheduled time, period. You wanted to reschedule. broken hw? You have like 7 other players in lineup, why they cant jump in? If something is scheduled it stand as it is. period. Oh we cant play our HW is broken...well if I look at the demo it doesnt seems broken at all.
well i'm pretty sure you've got more than 4 people on your roster, and yet you were FORCED into playing. dude get a grip on reality.
You appear to be seriously mentally challenged. You refuse them to reschedule and then act surprised when they show up? They beat you even with broken hardware so please head for the exit.
not gonna happen :)
those are 6v6 players. You dont participate in 6v6.
Well If somebody has an apoitment with you and wants a reschedule and you dont have time on the other day, do you expect him to come? I dont
I do when I tell him there won't be any reschedule.
:D i wonder how long it's going to take you, until you realize what a fool you've made out of yourself here :D
unless he explicitelly cancels appointment I would expect him to come on agreed date. And I believe this is the case, they asked for reschedule, you refused, so original date still stands, that's pretty straight forward logic. He didn't give you ultimatum "either reschedule or no game", he just asked if it's possible to postpone it by one day.
For me the meaning of rescheduling automaticly cancels the agreed term! If I reschedule I really can not come. But they were all present and in condition to play(as the demo shows the mouse and keyboard problems didnt really appear) I stick to dates and honor them. If there is a serious reason for not honoring them I apologize and reschedule, but new computer tommorow and a mouse, are not reason for rescheduling. Anyway those reasons were mentioned here on the 22nd. Really 4 days to get a mouse or a keyboard working? They couldnt come to ask for res. earlier? These 3 ppl are also not the only ones in their lineup. No thats rubbish bullshit ect.
Yep nevermind, no hope for you. Find the nearest train tracks and lay down on them. It will all be over soon.
Really? Well, how many of those ppl really came? In my job expirience it is under 10%.
Thank you, may be you can also get up to highest building near to your house and try basejumping without a parashoot.
If honor is foolish today i am a fool.
What honour? :D

Refuse to reschedule
Lose anyways
Wanting a reschedule when you are avi to play, that you call honourable? ok
Quick, check your head for holes, I think your brain is leaking.
rescheduling does cancel original date, however it was not rescheduled from my understanding, they just attempt to reschedule - as once wise man said "Do. Or do not. There is no try.". They didn't reschedule, so nothing changed.
way to go c4p
QuoteI am average on IQ

Surprised you didn't flame him after being so nice :)
How did you fix your keyboard in 1 hour?
I didn't fix it

the keys randomly stick and are impossible to press sometimes, just got kinda lucky that it didn't happen too often during the offi
Kinda lucky when u sit her writing a book about it to? bullshit imo
believe what you want, your opinion doesn't matter very much to me

even if I was lying (and I was not), so what? we never said that we wouldn't play today, just asked nicely to reschedule and got flamed hard for it
his opinion matters to no body, do not worry
yeah totally bullshit because faulty/broken hardware doesn't exist. i'm totally with you man, ohurcool's such a liar!!
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so many nerds in this thread.

Every single one of you sucks.

But nice story to read, 9/10, i'll bring it to the attention of universal studios, maybe they'll make a movie out of it.