Belgium vs Slovenia (8325 views)

be Boss
be dooppi
be Jere
be PlAyer
be siL
be ViKO
si Aniky
si Aristo
si m1ke
si seareal
si sLy
si squAze

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Group E
3rd Matchweek
18.02.13 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Highadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 71619
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 95


glhf boys

ez for be
gl m1ke, squaze & veruna !
Seriously wth is that line-up..
autofill from last games
no pops no win
BE Line-up : et is dead
Go Aristo :)
this lineup, ET is dead
man stop whining about ET is dead, we all know this lu is not so strong as the one of 2 or more years ago, but these guys try to do their best aswell and they all deserve a spot in this line-up.
is no so strong? thats random belg mix team with 2(maybe 3) guys more than real med skill
gl m1ke :)
I think we need this line up as minimum :

dAv1d, Kevin, Jere, PlAyer, ViKO, 6th (lio/spiROZE/siL) because I dont know whats lio's skill atm, spiroze, good guy & nice player but he's quiet inactive and I think the same for siL. A player like ViKO just deserves his spot because 1. he's active and 2, he's just one of the most skilled guys in BE atm, believe it or not.
You are better than this vikodick then...
if serious, First I dont think so and 2, I cant play during the week :)
Viko bestest be player atm
dooppi is beter
doopi is a old cheater (aka TysoNn).

And you know that supna.
nobody cares about that anyway, look at all the others that have a cheating history lol
don't see any1 busted
show me thx
ben je nou serieus :D?
Yes, im serious.
didnt reply to you, but i knew that!
zie je duidelijk aan dat hij bijlange na niks van de ET scène kent en zomaar wat neerpent
haha goeie
če bo tale lineup boste zmagal zihr.
shittest belgium lu i ever seen, gl anyway.
fucking low line-up BE bitch please..
haha +1
need some fif power :D
show any be player better than vikodin -.-
yes, but the legend wont play this NC
yeye, waar hangt dieje Jeroen vg uit..
what a shit BEL lu..

hopefully ViKODiCK can make it :p
Quotewhat a shit BEL lu..

creative comment

doesn't mean much anyway when it's coming from a 13 year old who has played ET for about a year
Like i actually give a shit about some faggot from usa (:
got me

at least put some effort into pretending you know what you're talking about, instead of just copying the above comments
People like you should really fuck off
Crap BE lup! Got soccer monday. GL guys!
need some buzzer :S
Poop lu cu@Lan
Rofl, worst LU in a while. Better get some inactive players who don't even want to play this game anymore, gg crap country!
bad captain :s
cherche pas d'excuse, t'es un mauvais capitaine et tu détestes les wallons alors que des personnes comme xAe et eden méritent bien plus leur place que certaines personnes dans ta line up.
we have 2013 and not 2006...

when the old players go new players will follow

the circle of life :P
True... And saw u more active that kresti last days, if u know what i mean.
Be will win this.
Even with this line-up.

Gl jongens.
lol is dit team belgie XD
hoe hadde gij hem liever ? supna keith harmen en nog wa mongols? :D
SupNa in = win :)!
chry , david , en al die gangsters
david moet sjotte, chry kan/wil niet
Je vergeet mij..
Slechtste verliezer ooit jij,serieus eron
Tis jammer dat mAus er niet meer is he :DDDDD
need more mAx and mAus
oh how the mighty have fallen
People wanting mAx and mAus back are like people wanting Pele and Maradona back for Brazil and Argentina.

If they did come back they wouldn't be anywhere near as good as they used to be and all the fanbois would be saying things like 'mAx can't get it up anymore', 'mAus is outta shape, clearly too many white lines and bitches'.

In saying that, wb Jere :}
I agree with your point, but mAus hasn't been inactive for too long so im pretty sure he would still be amazing.
true,"skill is temporary class is permanent" etc.
Don't be silly, mAus was the best aimer to ever play this game and I'm quite sure if he started playing as much as he used to, he'd still faceroll anyone, it's just that people aren't as dedicated to this game as they used to be. Both were players with great aiming abilities, you might lose your skill, but not the talent for it.

In saying that, bullshit. :|
refer to my reply to fumble :p but yes they would not be at the same level, still quite good compared to others, but not nearly as good.
the fuck are you talking haha :D
Thought it is pretty obvious? Do you need a picture or graph maybe? Skills over Time or Form vs Activity maybe?
kiwi get it but he is just lying, he knows that mAus can't be replaced and it is a player that the community will never forget; not like him.
Also Holz, kot, wiesiek, wrobel, butchji, winghaven, reload, night, mAx .. were very skilled with a huge talent and they had their own style thats why they r different from the nc players lu from 2009 to 2013.
if those guys were still playing, the lines up would be totally different in all the countries, and the skill too ..
no man, i was
wie is viko? :s
better dodge queue
Boss nog altijd aant geven in ET? :P
gl Boss, Jere en de 4 reviving medics achter Boss!
Als mijn land mij nodig heeft speel ik e! Tis wel al weer eeuwen geleden en ik ga ballehard sucken, kem inderdaad nen heeel goeie support nodig
Bet on SLO, hope BEL lu won't change
JERE gogog :D i hope you know me :D
Yo Skydriver!!!! How are you?
fine fine thanks and you ?!
rofl be lineup, i had to log
no aNGER/paLADiN or chizzle?? troll
even I believe in verunA, I hope belgium will win to kick ur asses for those stupid comments here on gtv. When you gonna realise theres nothin much to choose ..
chry? maus? or azur known as
noone of them is willin to play again
ok.. then cmon, jetro ,zeto ,emzii, vyper...
didnt see them playin 6n6 for a really long time and its up to captain
Oh u mean captain

GL ye
nice low SLO lineup gg

where are JaKaZc,superboyy and illy-ya?
no kwiz no win
gl buzzer
no anger/paladin/chizzle = no win
Klemen (:
no Kwiz no win

gl slovenia&ViKO
gl player !
gl Jere
gl Player, Boss
shit belgian lineup ....
Good lu or Bad lu.. just support our country guys!
gl Team Belgium!
I do kinda miss this game, it was fun, gg wp
too bad the community can't accept people quitting, even after they played top level +5yrs. gg anywayz
Couldn't agree more, but nothing to do about it (I guess)
Who the boss?
Bravo wp ;D proud once again! cheers m8s
teemo OP
Klapt eki vlams.. Teemo OP?? Whatya saying?
the best troll in 2 words i have ever seen
be for NC titel
where is the real jere ? oh wait he play with us on LOL :D

OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN (heheh I fell last week:P from stairs:P omg painful hehe :P)

Team Belgium without AL1 is like a kebab without horsemeat - it just ain't the same pff *sadface*
no al1
no sup3r
no service
lol just jealous cuz u never won against slovenia.. plz man..