FatGames vs oceans6 (9487 views)

pl etsi
ee Holz
pl kot
de urtier
ie sol
pl S4rna
hu Nonix
no Lakaii
hu seNti
gb FaTaL
gb matz
gb hYpe
se tornis
26.03.08 20:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XVII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Bartichello (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 44820
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV
de #andyF1 ettv Server 1
By: andyF1 (ettvd)

de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)

de #LoFT ETTV1
By: benJi (ettvd)
de dropshot's ETTV
By: h3ll (ettvd)

de OldMans - ETTV 1
By: mUnduS (ettvd)

gb YCN Hosting ETTV
By: xArQi (ettvd)
ua ClanBase ETTV
By: Bartichello (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 323


Could be a very interesting match, hope FatGames are prepared...
dont know etsi :(
etsi is buzka
ex diversus and |:P|

m1sc :*
etsi = buzka
Frenky isnt a player,and razz isnt from sweden :D
hahaha me and EC :DDDdd lol
o6 are not praccing at all, fatgamers are, put your money on fatgames!
yep its true, +Frenky will be our 6th :-/
hey dont hate, im not that bad
"OKEY" hype
Ok, hf at failing then!
GL FatGames. Urtier.=]
must be oceans7 :)
Go Go Nonix :D
do not underrate o6, gl :o)
np4fg imo
lol frenky x)
hf urtier^^
o6 will take it, fg buncha overrated cunts :)

gl tornis!
izi BASH for o6!!!!!
i thought urtier plays now only quake wars?!
gl most hated :D
GL o6 :)
lakaii matz razz hype, pwners
Both teams should be in EC tbh...
Yeah, kinda bullshit that CB puts these two teams against each other and then has teams like dESIRE vs muse and 8bits vs o2, fatgames and o6 would beat them all!
not rlly
you even lost against a med/+ team (syncro.et)
syncro has the reputation to be full of cheaters :)
Prac !1 retard, congrats, be proud now
1st official (i think) so gl Fatgames
- razz + hu seNti most likely and frenky isn't in the lineup :)
omg fatal failure then :( gl anyway m8s!
gl Nonix
urtier ftw!
Wheres razz?
Go hype!
oceans6 will take it
gl etsi
none of those 2 belong in OC Premier tbh

at least some of the players of both sides

imo there could've been picked some better qualifiers

GL both
True, if you look at the players. But you don't know how they play as a team, so I can sympethise with the decision to give them a qualifier.
On the other hand they could have made better qualifiers idd :/

And besides, I'm sure at least a couple of teams will fold after not reaching EC :<
You have € 80 on o6
Possible win: € 354.4
izi bash for S4rna gl FatBoys
gl hYpe
gL lakaii failer ;D
gl Barry the beast <3
Will be close.
gl o6
gl lakaii & tornis
all money on idle.ee
same here, I'll cancel before the match
oceans6 will take it ;D
butchji low
:X kotek pokara
fg imo
fatgames are inactive but should be able to win 4:2 this match... or maybe o6 did trained really good and can take it easily.. who know?
Fatgames aren't particularly inactive - seen them prac quite a bit. For the sake of EC, I hope they win, for the sake of my GBooky money I hope they lose!
and what the hell arent o6 ec worthy? is that what you say or smth?
Adacore knows best :p
It's not so much that o6 aren't EC worthy, just that FG are more so - they have some of the best players in the game in Kot, Urtier and Holz. Their roster includes past EC, NC and LAN gold and silver medalists. o6, while a team of good players, can't claim anything like that level of achievements.
the team who comes out as a winner, deserves the ec spot. why the discussion?
post some random cat pics then we can see why!! xD
hmm..urtier and FatGames ? Funny ? NOT
gl S4rna :D (pogromca jest z Toba <3)
gl fatgames
fat ofc <3 kot
np for the se allstar
let's spam crossfire during sol is playing :<
gl seNti
gl szükséged lesz rá XD
urtier @ FatGames :D
hf kot s4rna i etsi <3 u
o6 for sure <3 hYpe and tornis
Gl all mates at o6!!! :D
gl matz <3
gl hype
has seNti left bsturz? ::::D love this guy
end where is clarkje teh pwnzor!!!!!!!11
gl o6:-)
gl hu Nonix and hu seNti
2:0 fat's
4:0 fat
4-0 fat i think, ETTV restarted 1 minute before the end of grush.
Too bad, o6 had some really nice defense stages. They deserved to play EC tbh.
ye o6 should play EC
o6 deserve EC :(
they lost, so prolly not
lol if we changed oppenent to yours!
Cheaters never win :)
:-) well played fatgames
gl at EC
GG WP fatgames gl in ec. Too bad we couldn't get it to decider :P
gl oc matz
Well Nuggan,
It needs 58 seconds to move the truck to the end.
And they didnt even have secured the obj.

so FG wins

GG both !
No RaZz no win ;)
Wp :)))))))