Netherlands vs Germany (9307 views)

nl GiZmO
nl kARMA
nl SQuid
de gr0ss
de Oxy
de s1LENT
#gMen 3on3 World Cup
Playoffs Final Series
Upper Bracket Quarter Final - Bo3
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Matchweek 2: 7-14 April


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13.04.14 22:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #gMen 3on3 World Cup » Matchlink
Manager: timbolina (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 99324
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 82


Opt moment dat er gewerkt moet worde haak jij af he

Misschien speelt hij wel :O)
yo boys cant play 2marow.. weekend could do
Is it possible to play this at sunday 22:00? If not, thursday 22:00?
sunday would be ok, thursday not for me;P
gogo s1lent <3
gl NL <3
Gl gr0ss and stownage !! :)
izi 4 gr0ss senpai
dank je wel
constan and his aimbot for team nl
oK team gl freunde
Yo, is it possible to play this at sunday 21:30/22:00? If not, thursday 22:00?
oK Thursday 22:00 seems fine.
karma my dog
GL <3
You have € 50 on de GER
Possible win: € 84

Easy money ;-)

Actually i have no idea, but gl both :D
gl kanker gizmo & silent
gl boys in orange, verliezen van de duitsers kan echt niet
kiwi got this
karma not avi on thursday. I spoke with silent and we agreed to sunday 21:30 CET
karma & co got this
gl Germany
gr0ss s1lent but why kiwi? (bl4d3,stownage,duke,kresti,flopjehz) should be a better choise
Aggro would be the best fit :)
kitt fit
bin noch nicht inform (hähä inb4 wars nie) aber würde desunni vorschlagen sollte nicht wirklich schlechter sein als kiwi atm
enjoy my inactive skillz :D
parce qu'il est meilleur que ceux que tu as cité sauf kresti en 3v3!!
gl NL , & bitch please
sil3nt getting carried once again!

PS. all the love to you kiwiboy<3
thx m8 :) but can't play tongiht :/
gl s1lent
guter lucke Gizmo and kARMA

Hf my lovly polak friend pl s1LENT <3
ooohhkillem boys, succes goons
finish em off s1lent beast ;)

gl karma
Fix bets please.
gizmoooooo <3
Gl germans : ) :
Why are bets closed?
hup holland hup, pak ze pelle!
gl pls1lent
geelii sajlent
stille & gr0ss <3
gl karma and germany
rescheduled for the 3rd time by NL for 22:30 :D!

btw -kiwi. + Oxy
gl ***
Oxy owning the shit out of this

GR0SS SUPER JUMPER!111111111111111111111111
Viewer peak : 82 !
gege nice gaem
Cruijff < Beckenbauer!!
easy peasy lemon squeezy for s1lent
pzemek too good, unlucky NL!
they should let u play indeed
u should comeback to play instead of oxy imo.
You have € 5 on de GER
You won € 10.4

expected sry karma bro

nice team <3
You have € 100 on de GER
You won € 208
yep, gross, yep
You have € 500 on de GER
You won € 1040
Lucky guess :D
You have € 100 on de GER
You won € 208
izi money