Belgium vs Austria (11241 views)

be Kevin
be lio
be mAus
be dAv1d
be jetro
be vila
at blizzardx
at beAsty
at Tamschi
at xXx
at rapture
at xet
at v1ech
Group A
17.07.08 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Nationscup
Manager: mUnduS (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 59609
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cz TeamPlay Radio
By: smOke
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Language: Czech

Total Slots: 250
Listener Peak: 17

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de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #2
By: blAckmAmbA (ettvd)
de #9th-Dimension [ETTV]
By: mUnduS (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 1
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 2
By: h3ll (ettvd)
By: Trubel (ettvd)
de #LoFT ETTV1
By: benJi (ettvd)
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de Ana's ETTV #3 [old]
By: Anaconda (ettvd)
de #2
By: Broodman (ettvd)
de OldMans - ETTV 3
By: 8Bits|Skydriver (ettvd)

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hf gl

greetz to at xXx
Gl Be :)

XAV !!! xD
gl BEL :]
gl be^!
go austria!
easy for Belgium =)
gl xAv
4:2 for be
You have € 5 on AUT
Possible win: € 382.4
rolf xD
Gl xXx :)
no rapture = no win so money on BE
gl spion v1ech beasty
no healer no win

ez bash for BE
lu be?
gl aut
You have € 0.00
gogo xxx :D
gl be
iZi bash 4 belgium

Belgian line-up?

gl Belgium
hf be
gl AUT :)
easy win for anaconda ;XD
np 4 mAus & lio!!! :D

gl beAsty and xXx ;)
lineup will be announced wednesday, not earlier

k thx

xet <3
gl mAus <3
gl be !
easy for Belgium !!
Arty op da kruispunt en NP! go belgië!
gl beestjes
maus david xav kevin lio jetro
sander XD
Bel have crushing lineup : P
Bel = NC winner

mAus , dAv1d and lio @ rofl aim

but i hope that aut win :D
gl austria
you'll need it ;)
no jaN no win
no scorch no win
hey quinne! :D dachte du bist gestorben. Was geht ab. Wie gehts dir und ekrem so :P
ekrem abeitet jetzt, hab leider schon lang nix mehr gehörrt.

Ich zocke noch hin und wieder, sind ja jetzt ferien :D
Und was geht bei dir so? Warum bist noch immer in keinem nationalteam ^^
bin ich eh. CB NC Team. Leider hat day_ vergessen uns einzutragen un wir haben ned gezockt ^^ Aber drin bin ich. Ansonsten läuft ned viel, ich zock mehr CSS als ET. Wir müssen mal wieder zocken du ei :D
gl rouxtard, gl mon davke <3
mundus admin

fun garantied
only added the match here ... EPICFAIL
izi win 4 anaconda and gogo mAus
gl ösis
idk how they will play (at) no spion no potter
i guess there wont be much more than perhaps some mix...

nobody of the guys that wanted to play seem to care...
izi for xxx the haxer
go go rouxtard de merde <3
Stop mass effect et SSBB xAv et va faire tes rifles tel THE MASTER OF OBVIOUS.
gl be
hf david : >
easy bash for belgium.mAus & lio hf and gl ;p
maus sucks
gl liio and xXx
nice be lineup
austria = germany fck 4 them!
izi for be, gl
np 4 mAus, dAv1d & lio! :D
be + mAx would be ownage
alles geven eh krul
very nice lu be
Nice lineup. Good luck .be
You have € 5 on at AUT Cancel bet
Possible win: € 203.6

gl dAv1d !!
no way from mAus :D GL & HF... That will be a great match
gl BEL :) need vila :| we are waiting for n1 match :D hf gl
haha sander :D
gl kev & jatromonster
You have € 566 on at AUT Cancel bet
Possible win: € 13085.92
wtf...9th @ aut xD just to say lio...xD will be izi
Sag einfach nur Gusch du emo verschnitt
Schnauze benje dich hat keiner gefragt!

gl Team aut
austria will be in very good need of that 7th guy on the lineup xd)
np4 viechnator
gl mAus dAv1d !
u dont seem to understand mAus never need gl, he only need hf
gl be
gl belgium :)


all we see new record times from BEL :°(

gl BEL hf mAus:)
gl BELgium :):):) hf mAus , dav1d :):):
Veel plezier Davidé
We need mesqi.
You have € 1600 on at AUT Cancel bet
Possible win: € 20576

rapture > mAsu
Yeah but rapture < mAus
hf david, maus :)
gl belgium!
wildcard imo
gl @ Team AUT
final will be BE VS GER for sure
gl Daaf
gusch xD ihr spasten xD
wtf worst game i ever played..
but i think we are still able to place 2nd in our group :o

gl be 4:0 aut
wp bel

as once again austria was not able to set some lineup and train anything... this was sad but true the best lineup austria had atm :D

it's nice of you to actually field a lineup instead of giving forfeit

gg's btw, and you shouldn't take my arrogant remarks too seriously,


- Kevin
hf with your movie frags ;P
we already thought we would have to use wildcard.. but thanks to anaconda who allowed us to play with any austrian player we want to <3
gl for u in upcoming matches
Well I'm planning on making a minimovie ( nationcup frags only )

should get some more people and make a decent movie tbh
Don't include those airstrike kills plx.
not sure tht belgian LU trained or smth neither ^^
i know that this is a pritty nice lineup with most guys that have played together for a long time...
not to mention that they all are highskilled and experienced in eurocup and everything thats got a name...
after xet told us he would have to leave right after we have pracced 1 war and 5 mins befor the game, i knew that finally a lineup of lowplayers would remain :>

i wish bel good luck in the NC

i guess i wont be able to play anymore... i m off to egypt on friday :)
gl be
Kevin ownage with support fires ;) gg
i enjoyed the game!
probably wont be able to play for Austria anymore - holiday incoming..

anyway gl team austria!
fuck yea i wonn::D:D:D You have € 10 on be BEL
You won € 10.9 tnx BEL:P
You have E 320 on BEL
You won E 348.8