30 seconds to MARS vs P*SSYBASHERS (11584 views)

ro Damon
nl GiZmO
be chry
fi Rong
fi Sungi
klientpro Winter Cup
WB - round 2
28.01.18 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: klientpro Winter Cup » Matchlink
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: Damon (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 62712
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 21


So the real question that everybody wants to know if P*SSYBASHERS will come to LAN
i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about pussybashers. u wouldnt say this shit to them at lan, theyre jacked. not only that but they wear the freshest clothes, eat at the chillest restaurants and hang out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
why do you talk in 3rd person?
Can someone stream this match?

Asked by a fellow ET fan that is lost somewhere in South America
Wat doe je nou weer in Chili dan
In alle eerlijkheid, de winter van NL ontvluchten :P
In aller ehrlichkeit, dem winter in den Niederlanden entfliehen :P
In all honesty, escaping the winter of the Netherlands :P
lekker man, graadje of 30 zie ik ook wel zitten
Ik heb niks te klagen Haha, maar NL breekt ook records met de huidige temperaturen
Ich habe nichts zu beklagen Haha, aber die Niederlande bricht auch Rekorde mit den heutigen Temperaturen
I have nothing to complain about Haha, but the Netherlands also breaks records with today's temperatures
snap ik wel... waarschijnlijk heel koud in die kelder van je :s
Niet zo donker als dat Dutroux hok van jou.
Does anyone have any clue how does Rong practice. I'm familiar with his style (headshotting and such) and I want to improve it. If anyone knows how he does it on what gamemodes, maps etc. It would be appreciated
4:0 sungi
You have 145 on eu 30stm
Possible win: 2697
nice bets xD
i'm missing the funny part, unless you're preparing a plot twist with Upload homecoming.
You have € 14900 on fi lolpussy Cancel bet
Possible win: € 15943
you gonna lose ur bet brah
i like your confidence, but dont get your hopes too high!
You have € 70 on eu 30stm Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1071.7
mestere te sparg daca pierd :))

You have € 100 on fi lolpussy
Possible win: € 107
You have € 200 on  30stm  
Possible win: € 2908

I hope 30stm will cheat
You have € 450 on eu 30stm
Possible win: € 4860
QuoteYou have € 450 on eu 30stm
Impossible win: € 4860

I like the impossible, making it possible !

Thanksfully people respect what they say o:)
Ez sungi
i bet sungi becouse he dont think

no offi because they want to use some crappy old aids infected anti-cheat from the 1940s.

suck dick you lowskilled fuck, Damon
seems like damon is too scared to play, plotting schemes to get fofeit win

tune in for more after commercial break
you're just afraid of getting your asses raped for the second time today, first your father and then me. suck it up bitches
4-0 Pussybashers
cry is free
You have € 14900 on fi lolpussy
You won € 17135
all this 'insulting/flaming' seems to be really important to you guys to trigger us or something; I don't really get it and it's not even working but i guess this is what autistic sad people do :D
Hope you can have a good sleep after this and cu on the AC
read the chat log, cherry was the one who started the trash talk and dont act like some poor victim here :D

GiZmOoO FROM MARS [Warmup]: i saw pictures of you guys irl
GiZmOoO FROM MARS [Warmup]: i understand why you stay at home
GiZmOoO FROM MARS [Warmup]: its okay
007 LORDI [Countdown]: lol ok i hope you saw some good ones
GiZmOoO FROM MARS [Countdown]: atleast you can be the internet hero here
GiZmOoO FROM MARS [Countdown]: ;)
lol that was after u and ur mates started to trash talk,anyway i dont give a shit, next time we gonna play with AC cu final
right after you code some actually working one.
jakie to uczucie napierdalac tu calymi dniami tyle postów na które w 99% przypadków nikt nie odpisuje?????????
w 99% przypadków zawsze znajdzie się jakiś debil, który to zrobi :D
and you, pming admin 2hour before game to change rules without talking with us because u know u will lose... pathetic
pathetic about forcing you to play with ANTICHEAT right :D fucking wankers
Not sure what's going on, or why it seems to be that especially LORDI got accused of cheating. LORDI has like 400 offis played with anticheat ON. Isn't this enough or what's up?
I played against you guys many many times in the past so i got my reference material.
I've played enough games to know exactly what's going on :)
yes, i've rewatched and its clear wallhack. :)
U dont need to be expert to see it, he only lean once on adlernest axis side, everytime exactly know when someone jumped on box, and who the fuck is holding crosshair on controls not on entry (first minutes of adlernest) just watch PBBANS on r_shownormals 1 and tell me who the fuck is playing like this, tbh sometimes u forget that u couldnt see him, charms of boxes when ure playing on wh:) and my favorite was last 2 mins on goldrush when someone was laying down in bushes XDDDDD
Wow first time i agree with you :D
What do you think of 15 secs before chry in the bushes. Gizmo went back and tried to nade, PBBans knew so he waited because he could see him holding a nade. First stage pushing out on main where he didnt knew any spawntimes from allies. Nading towards spawn at exactly the right time. No leans at all. LOL. Cheating on a 15 year old game, really pathetic.
I'm pretty sure you could see a part of hand of that leaning guy for a moment (i'd rather wonder why rong/lordi didnt react), same for head of chry above the stairs when he was running to the bushes.
So much accusations but not a single CF journal or avi? What's this?!
Tell us what you think :) rip PUSSYBASHERS
You're talking about my greatest student. I have taught him everything he knows.

Why would the best (after me) 2on2 ownager bother cheating? Let me know in detailed 500 page essay, deadline tomorrow.
because he got triggered by Damon asking for AC (which is just a normal understandable action considering the past of you guys) and didn't want to get raped like last time when they couldn't leave the cave on delivery.
Plus his autism wanted him to be the internet hero by acting big + constantly flaming. Obviously he wouldn't be able to do so without his wallhack :)
End of essay.
>considering the past of you guys

you mean achieving #1 2on2 and #1 3on3 CB ladder when it was still alive? guess he did that with cheats, too.

>didn't want to get raped like last time when they couldn't leave the cave on delivery

pro tip: you noticed the line up change from last time? or our team's name?

I rate the essay 10 in a scale from 1-10 (1 being minimum amount of noticeable brain damage possible, 10 being the maximum amount possible to reach in this universe).
On behalf of PUSSYBASHERS INC. I release the following statement: As of 2018 we have fully adopted the philosophy of the legendary gnajda: Rong and I buy cigarettes, Sungi uses his weekly allowance on bot's monthly fee in a 13.4 million years old video game.
Your team didn't buy only cigarettes... ;)
Why nobody gave this amount of shit after the last game when you guys played with Jinosta? wtf. https://www.gamestv.org/event/58327-30-seconds-to-mars-vs-p-ssybashers/
Why are you both talking about the past, you watched the demo Rong and you know that Sungi is clearly cheating there that's all or you will maybe say he is a genius and has incredicle brain to predict everything :D
Because I watched the replay, and I didn't see a single suspicious action. Someone who finds suspicious shit from that game shall make an .avi. And trust me, there is nothing out of ordinary.
Oh come on man ahah we're not stupid, you're lying to yourself. But I can understand it's hard to admit your teammate is cheating (there atleast)
I literally just watched the whole game too. Not even a single slightly suspicious action. Unless you count Rong not getting full spawn every minute suspicious.
Since when is having a basic game sense considered hacking or predicting everything?
There is no point to debate with you since you will protect him anyway ^^
you mean like upload?
haven't had such a good read for a long time
You don't read much, do you
they are just a bunch of sad nerds razz m8
2k18 drama
0-4 vs noobs whats going on damon
nothing much brah just a bunch of wankers that didnt want to play with AC cuz they wouldnt stand a chance thats all :D
Rules like "CGAC is forced if someone wants to play on it" should be mentioned on the cup page @ crossfire by Onion and not 2 hours before the game at whatsapp / private message. Onion should really keep people posted about stuff like this.
Why would you not play on AC? Says enough doesn't it? ..
AC not starting, not cg cup so no match ids.. + damon got this idea 2 hours before our game and PMed admin behind our backs like the little pussy he is
Is that you PBBANS? cause that wh is really funny, wp (i understand now why you became so good)
Hahah yeah, totally not obvious...
Is this allowed? because I would've asked for anti-cheat in our games as well :D
if you demand it yes it is allowed
fuck, thanks for the info (Y)
The real surprise would have been if they had even won a round.
Well, you guys should stop talking, this is completely useless, didnt even spec you or rong because this sungi boy was taking all the attention with his 57wallhack actions
gg lordi sungi and rong
gg sungi and rong
New year, old nerds still crying. Team Borderline-poor vs Team Nolife, altho it seems LORDI has figured out some new epic dad cock jokes. Experience?
So the real question that everybody wants to know if P*SSYBASHERS will come to LAN
Quote007 PBBANS ARE FOREVER [Warmup]: we already won 3 lans
007 PBBANS ARE FOREVER [Warmup]: why would we come now

sungi best player in ET history confirmed
Anyone mic drop please
ggwp hazzinator and pussysungi
ppl call that a good read? I just see lordi's dmg still negative in 2018.
Why would I bother improving? No challenge in this game anyways.
a shame to use cheats nablets
also a shame to talk like they are the best now. #kanslozen.
I've literally never seen GTV more alive since I joined in 2015. And yet people dare to claim this game is not active anymore, hä
its fine boys let them be happy, we gonna let the things like they are and in the final we gonna force the AC and thats it. Lets just cut all this shit and move on 7 <3 :D
XDDDDDD Damon can't handle lost against inactive players and now trying to force anticheat
good old times m8 hahahha
Press F to pay respect to pl upload
What do i need to press to make him comeback? ;_;
Multibusted trying to force anticheat to play vs obvious cheaters .... this is ET in 2k18 xD
hazz pm
Well, i really appreciate your effort, but here are these 2 most suspicious actions in real:
1) action with gizmo timing granade, where you can notice brighter part of his hand, with a proper cfg it's visible for a split second (resolution: 1920 + fov 90):

here's the same situation in 1024 + fov 90 (even easier to spot):

2) cherry running to hide in the bushes (ss taken with fov 90 - there's no way he was out of his sight):

Have a nice day.

killerboy xD
B-b-bbut Lightness watched the replay with r_shownormals 1 and he's not even an expert. Besides Sungi only leaned once while defending Adlernest.
lulz i thought pbbans was rong, besides its obvious that u gonna defend ur fintard friends:X and i olnly watched 5 mins adler and 2 mins grush
I'm not defending him. I'm just making fun of you for seeing what you expect to see. A little hint: if you actually want to know whether you're watching a demo of a wallhacker, watch the demo without shownormals aswell. Almost any demo has suspicious moments if you only watch it with shownormals.

I haven't actually taken a proper look at the demos yet, just watched them once (although I did also notice the guy running to second that nejm took a screenshot of.)

I could look at the first 5 minutes of adler more closely at some point if you want, but on the first look there wasn't anything obvious at least. Just some good preshooting and surprisingly good hits from a pretty long distance.
Thank you for your time, and for explaining me that so nicely. Maybe you're right, im not playing this game long enough, also
I'm not experienced enough, so my modest and wrong opinion is just misunderstanding, I should look at it from the other side, instead of looking for something suspicious i can learn a lot how to play on higher level. Likewise i would like to say thank you again, for that great fun (you know i've got quite sophisticated sense of humor). At the end i would like to say, that your "little hint" means a lot for me, it's really heplful, especially from a player of this class.

Regards, your Polish friend (I hope still) from the internet.
<lol> :D
I've always been a little hazy on the precise line between an ironic tone and flat-out sarcasm, but you seem to have found it! :D
Ja pierdole czlowieku wez sie za prace albo nauke to nie bedziesz mial czasu na takie gowno, co za imbecyl bez ambicji. I jeszcze ten tryhard angielski typowy dla ludzi ktorzy "nauczyli" sie go w gierkach komputerowych
masz tu swoją rakietę i wypierdalaj do innej galaktyki
ale to moj tekst sprzed jakichs 8 lat, fajnie, że mam tak oddanego fana, mimo że to śmiec bez swojego zycia
przecież nie będę tracił czasu na wymyślanie tekstów dla byle łachmaniarza.
AHAH, He probably got confused with the light brightness above his head ;DDDD

AHaha nejm good job ! I love you <3
ja pierdole kurwa co Ty zes wstawil
Wiekszego sie nie dalo tego zrobic?
better look whos the best player on gbook loosers
Pozwole sobie zacytować słowa mojego dobrego kolegi Kamila "od cwela do milionera" <3
Szanuje w chuj :D
Akuku zelki zuje i wypluwam tfuu ;D
To Ty Vi3ri za łks jestes?
e to szanuje, myslalem ze za zawisza
a Ty lajtness wsioku przestales sie kurwic wkoncu?
pożycz mnie dwóch stów
Janek pozycz ;D
Niby ełkaesiak ale krawacierskia muzyka leci w glosniku
Had to login just to comment. Great job boys : ^)
Ten meczyk bedzie w topce z komentarzami guys LETS GO BOYYYYYYYYZZZZZ
So many comments in 2018
Match should be replayed!
Match should be replayed!