Finland vs Japan (12977 views)

fi Squall
fi decem
fi stuka
fi chmpp
fi crosby
fi twidi
jp Kirark
jp RollStone
jp upstate
jp Gabriel
jp Remishi
03.08.08 16:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire Nationscup
Manager: Kirark (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 80736
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cz TeamPlay Radio
By: smOke
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Total Slots: 250
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gogog jp ;)
tora tora tora
GL fin xD
japan gl !
Japan will win easy
gl metsuri
all money on fin , GL neighbors from north
gl fin <33
hf finland :>
MiRUKU 80 kills on delivery. 4-0 NIPS
You have € 37 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 244.2

izi money
usa server :D:D:D:!?!?!?
You have € 100 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 631

izi money
all-in on fi
izi 4 miruku, best rifle ever seen:D must have been 90% acc on bremen
You have € 600 on FIN
Possible win: € 726 Easy money :>... GL!
gl both!! go0 finn!!!:D:D
You have € 200 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1082
You have € 150 on jp JPN
Possible win: € 726
gl jpn :) GL & HF
300 ping for the win :DDD
they need some Ural or Mongolian server :xD
there're some afaik! :D
north america makes more sense
gl japan<3
hf squalli :E
easy for fi if chmpp plays
go japan :D
Izi For Fin
50€ on fin porod
finland, make me rich!
50€ for fin, eazy money ;)
Japan gnna win :/
Show me the line-ups!
fi squall,
fi decem
fi stuka
fi chmpp
fi crosby
fi twidi
no mtm, no win
no chance for finland !
izi for fin
hf fin
Japs make me rich $$$$$
north american server or european server?

please tell us, otherwise it's hard to predict who will win
" hellrzr Friday, 1st August 2008 04:29
usa server :D:D:D:!?!?!?

-Chmpp.img Friday, 1st August 2008 13:15
what else"
Assuming it's USA..
usa server for jpn or aus matches. as always
gomotherfuckingjapan usa serv plz
Gl jp :)
gooo finland... FOR METAL!!!xD
Where is lettu ? :o
easy for finns
izi bash for finland, gl Austria!!! :D
japan TBA -> stv
gl japan! :)))
upstate ftw
You have € 21 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 118.65
easy for japan!
the rest
You have € 200 on jp JPN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1144

gl jp
gogogogogo jpn!!!

Hop Upstate go Stuka! Hop hop ^.^
You have € 1066 on FIN
Possible win: € 1236.56
no jp miyavi no win.
rollstone's straf <3
np4miruku with 90% acc
Server decision is a big matter in this game.. Japanese ppl have fiber connections so it might be even possible to play on a european server :p
No, it ain't. They played on a EU-server vs Russia (before NC) and had 350-400 ping.
Betted 60 € on JP cos they might have a chance since chmpp is playing !
go MiRUKU! :o
fin 4 sure
You have € 42 on jp JPN
Possible win: € 283.08

go japwns
gl hf! Looking to great game
gl squall!
no fi blobo , no win.
rofl. :)
wp first map japan :O
np 4 fin 4-2
kamikaze :D
Pls dont whine everytime u lose a map dude :D
yeah.. that's what it's all about! I don't care if we would've won or lost that game, still wasn't fun to play and didn't feel any good even after winning. had the same feeling after both games vs Australia on WorldCup too (4-2, 4-0).
200 ping ain't that bad. 250+ is bad, 200 not.
everything over 100 ping is bad
Shows how limited you are.
Excuse me?
You need pictures to comprehend what I'm saying or what?

I'm sure it has some delays and it might be a bit irritating, but to say it's unplayable is just retarded.
bit irritating, u sure know what u are talking about!
I do, I play(ed) a lot on USA servers the past 4 years. I mean if I can play on an etpub with 40 players and 198 ping, I guess you should be able to play a 6v6.
Maybe it doesnt matter to you because you are lowskill whatever ping you might have but if you are playing with constant high accc + aggressive challenging 200 ping surely isnt playable anymore
make me lol
Haha chmpp, you sure are funny !
200 vs 200 aint that bad imo but 150 vs 200 is a big advantage
It's the same as 48 vs 98, and afaik it's always the 48 who whine about the 98's unhittability.
Ive got a lot of whine about us beeing unhittable (in some of my clans most of us pinged 98) yet no clan has ever agreed on playing fin server (us 50 - them 50-100) because stable 50 is simply the best.
Ofcourse stable 50 is the best, but don't start with this "everything above 100 is unplayable" because that's as far from the truth as you can get.
no its not the same not even close
also "unhittable" whiners are mostly idiots who cry when they get owned
48 playable
98 playable
150 semiplayable
200 useless in fair 1on1s
Yeah, there are so many fair 1v1's in a 6on6... I also don't think 150 is "semiplayable". When I play with 150 ping I play at 90% of my capabilities. I even shoot more headshots than when I'm playing with 48 ping. 200 ping would be 60-70 % for me.

Perhaps it's because you guys play so little on foreign servers (outside EU) that you find it so hard to play, but I for one don't have that much problem with it.
Every other country playing with this ping againts teams like USA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN etc etc
so whats ur porblem ?
I'd have no problem playing versus USA / Japan on a decent US server located on the east cost (stable 150 ping), but playing versus Japan on that server (where ever it was located in US) with 220 ping was no fun at all. same goes for playing versus Australia on Californian server with 250 ping, atleast I can't enjoy it. if some guys can enjoy playing with that ping, great for them, but atleast I can't
whiner !!!
good game
fin 4:2
Japan almost make me rich. :(
was a great game from both !
wp fin,with ping 200:P
was awful to play, but since it was just a groupgame, it didnt really matter. gg japan.
i nearly pissed on my pants, while i betted all my money :<
yes, well played @ gr
great game from both ! gratz :)
very close 4 fin-g gj japanese..i thinked that it wil lbe full hold at tenk at both sides=you suprised me lol-...
gratz FIN, wp JAP! <3 GabrieL
wp jp it was fun to watch you guys.
wp but a bit too much of a paraolympic feel with those pings
I understand that FIN players must play with high pings - 200, but is any better solution to have NationsCup for whole planet than playing on server with as more equal pings as possible? Look that nobody from JAP whine ;)
Why I play this game is cos i thinks its fun to play, but that wasnt even fun, it was pure shit tbh

well ofc this is just my opinion
200 ping isn't playable :<
I understand, but what you will do as CF NC admin to organize such games? Its good for W:ET imo when we can show all that even in JAPAN and CHILE we have W:ET fans and good players.
You dont understand. We aint whining that japan should not play in this cup or so.. we just played on the worst server in USA(didnt have passwords&ettv for other servs) and playing indeed wasnt fun :P (I ping 150 to almost every server on USA but that server pinged 250 for example)
next time look for another usa server, like the one that we use for our matches.
like chmpp said, we didnt have passwords for the other servers. our other option was a server with 150 ping for both but it was unavailable for ETTV so as this match wasnt important, we decided to play it on the crappy server for the sake of ETTV entertainment.

and well, I remember reading on the cf rules about teams forced to play in european servers if either of the teams disagrees to play "abroad". most teams agree to play as its fairplay, but if it were any more important match (finals or something), I'm sure we wouldve not agreed to play on 200-250 ping server.
wp tatuL
I played with 50-70 ping (hu) on Eu servers in 2003-2007 and now i have to play with 100-130 (es) so the difference is really big, i had to practice very hard to get the same acc etc... So when you force an eu team to play on a server with 100-250 pings then its unfair doesnt matter if both team have the same latency, beacause the enemy from amercia, japan used to play with that so they learnt that style. So what is the best solution ? I dont know but the best would be if european teams would play on a server with max 150 ping (like Ny, east USA) and let for example Japan plays with 250 ping, fair enough.
Sort of ruins the point though, playing with over 150-200 ping is incomparable to playing with <150 ping. Euros have always cared too much about ping... the point isn't to get the same accuracies with higher ping, the point is to give both sides an equal disadvantage. You don't really have to change how you aim with <200 ping as long as you use your brain.
The main point is:
Let both teams play with equal ping if possible (as u wrote), if its not possible then dont let Japan, Usa play with lower ping that european team.
Ya I didn't know Japan played with 150 and Finland with 200... Still if this is really supposed to be a world nations cup, there's no reason to give Finland preferential treatment.
its even in the rules afaik, the competition is mainly aimed for european countries. "lagger" countries are allowed, but european countries arent forced to play "abroad". anyway, whether its 150 ping or 200 ping, its completely different for europeans to play with. we never have to play with that ping. "foreigners" are in a way used to it as they randomly play versus european teams. im not saying they play like its their "thing" but they are more used to it anyway. atleast I was really frustrated about the ping as my playing style is somewhat aggressive, shooting till I really need to fall back. I can do that with my normal ping, but when you see your health getting low and trying to go away, you die behind the corner. its like adding +1 second to your reflexes even though rest of the gameplay remains somewhat the same.
Ya I agree with you, playing aggressive is more difficult with higher ping. Aim isn't affected by high ping as much as damage feedback... Still, if you adapt a little it's as close to fairness as you're going to get.