S. N. Battalion vs Vicious and Evil (11564 views)

nl perfo
nl Viax
gb rahul
de Sight
fi Rk
gb Meez
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fi mikzaa
fi Iron
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Group A
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30.09.08 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XVIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Generaladmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 67893
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By: ResP
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Total Slots: 250
Listener Peak: 8

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all on vicious :>
fi chmpp

nice odds
gl sijti :)
You have € 92 on eu vae Cancel bet
Possible win: € 140.76
hyhy;] gl torspo
You have € 50 on eu SNB Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1531.5

Good luck Reikkeri, perfo, viax, chmmp, lepari, lettu, twidi
gl perfo, chmmvp
Good luck Viax, hentai, Meez and Sight
gl lettu & chämppi
hf mullen and chmpp
GL mize & Nyu, de rest zijn boneys
gl hentai
£5 on SNB
funny odds
with chmpp as a rfile,
snb has decent chances
GL perfo !
GL perfo !!!
gl meez
You have € 50 on eu SNB Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1449
veel succes perfo
gl jasper 8D
fi twidi
fi lettu
fi iron
fi chmpp
fi mikza
fi squall

would be the correct lineup
perfo rapes all
You have € 100 on eu SNB Cancel bet
Possible win: € 777
have fun fichmpp
gl chmpp
gl perforator ;u!
easy win for vae
if Lepari plays it will be easy ^^
gl snb
Good luck both
yeaH yeah Sightji !!gl snb
gl hentai
:D what a flag SNB :D gl hf
of course its a great flag, i made it
but its Seychelles flag :O
mundus fix chmpp's name already lol >.<
gl chmpp, lettu, twidi, mikza & iron ! (:
Gl sight =)
hf sight <3
will be a close match GL both
gl sight !!
epic fail is coming
will be closer than the betters seem to think
ezi 4 chmpp ! D:
wtf, stalk je me ofzo :S:S:S:SSSS:S:S
chmpp > *

sexy beast
You have € 100 on SNB
Possible win: € 431
Perfo will take em all again, but im really looking forward to see some chmpp-in-action situations :D
gl chmpp!

gl Sight
what shit maps
go go snb
izi 4 perfolol

don't understand why these ettv don't connect to the hub(s) :s
is match going to be on ettv?
no those 17 servers are just there as a joke
score ?
2:0 SNB
GG ana`s ETTV server restarting at the most interesting moment
just like other servers?
Total Slots: 1,325
Used Slots: 236
Viewer Peak: 251
score ?
You have € 300 on eu SNB
You won € 1338
perfo what a beast
really nice snb :>
omfg :(
fu vae!
You have € 250 on eu vae
You lost
somehow not so suprise:o) but good game both!
perfo :D
easy money
You have € 50 on SNB
You won € 223

Thank you very much! :D
You have € 100 on eu SNB
You won € 446
snb is representing everything that is wrong with et
thanks snoop
well, you played good but its true
explain :O
for the most of them its the first ec but still they dont have anything better to do but fakenicking, i mean, what kinda game is that where all players of a team play with shitty fakenicks in the cup with the highest reputation?
omg you are so cool with your 'WON EC 3 TIMES IN A ROW' maybe you will get a nice wife with that, rly.
omfg stfu you retard
do not flame "'WON CDC 2 TIMES IN A ROW" Matias.
I'm sorry...i insulted the ""'WON CDC 2 TIMES IN A ROW" man...he is much to cool 4 me :S
what has that to do with people fakenicking in their first ec game, which should be somewhat of an honor for them. and you can really shut the fuck up albino.
I just had to say that, sorry :D.
roflmao "albino" :X:D:X:D well atleast 1 player who knows what it means to play EC.
haha albino <3
Welcome to the world of Enemy Territory.
It's not fakenicking, I just don't have a nick/alias in the first place.
pls, next time play with a 30 char pink fakenick to show people how less you care about the game but still prac 24/7
its funny to see some1 overreacting this much about a nick :XD
o cmon you dont see ronaldinho playing with a pink "KILLERPL 1337" on his back either in the champions league!
i hate that kind of attitude, why would you play fucking 10 pracs a day and try to make people believe you dont give shit about the game by actions like this?
Makes it rather hard for the shoutcasters tbh.
not a fakenick, I just don't have a name

but anyway who gives a shit lol
fucking retarded, arrogant attitude but ye as i said have fun with that. bb
dont fucking care so much about a nick
true, everyone should do that to kill the game even faster. thx for opening my eyes.
why should not using a nick were you are known by killing a game? then lets say everybody is retarded cuz there hiding behind a nick and not their name
what kinda motivation do you get by playing a bunch of fakenickers? could play public then too.
i just heard you were playing on the higest level of ET, i guess thats ure motivation, who cares what nick ure oppo has
i prefer playing noobs with realnick than playing high opponents with pink shitnicks.
what motivation you get by playing a bunch of lowskillers were you already know you would win easily
forget it thats useless
no the fact that you dont like these guys, ok, dont like you either, but telling them they kill a game by using a fakenick ...
well, perfo plays there so i dont hate the team, but i really disrespect people with that kind of attitude and FOR ME thats the only reason why this game sucks atm and dies, players who became better and are now on ec level just fuck everything up and make it unspectacular + take away all the motivation you might have by playing against them. whats your aim to get better or keep on playing when that is everything you can play against? in my opinion there is absolutly NO difference between playing public and that.
now you get my +1
public... except that there are 6 guys on vent with teamplay...

you dont need a nickname to play the game, and the only reason clantags are used (for me anyway) is for convenience of the kill popups so you know who/how many are alive and who isn't
in the past people didnt do that too. so why do people nowadays have to come up with something like this? its ONLY to show how less you care about the game n stuff as i already said but thats really not needed in et atm.
I think snoop is right at this point, that fakenicking isnt really a good attitude. like snoop said, they want to show us they dont care about EC or what ever but still praccing for life. doesnt really make a point
come up with something like this? It's not new...

I never really thought up a nick, the only reason I'm called Meez is because I needed something to post on community websites with and everyone assumes this is my nickname
meh, we prac only the same amount as other EC teams
you don't know anything about our attitude, thus you can't judge us. furthermore, you should be motivated by who you play, not what they are called.

furthermore, as you said, it's our first ec. it's not like you know our nicks anyways. and for the record, only meez fakenicked and has a somewhat arrogant attitude.
we do care about ec. the reason sight and meez use different names have nothing to do with disrespect. sight always gets whine about ignorant people who thinks he's online only because he was the only good player in a shit team before cdc4 and they got raped on lan. meez tries to be cool with the "omg i don't have a nick" thing, which is somewhat true. but on the other hand, you have no idea what kind of whine he gets when playing with his real name due to his old cb ban.
start to asslick

epic pic
why should I retard?
You started it lololol
I'll have to agree with you there!
couldnt have said it better
agreed. what happened with the rule that you had to play with the name u signed up with?
you can change your nick as often as you want i think
atleast my nick was kinda similar even i change it =)
the rule is you must play with your cb nick

oh pls stop that now, i think i got your point that you are smth special pretty good now. keep on trying to fuck things up pls and i hope next time 100% of your team will be doing that.
Why would all of our team comply with the thoughts of each separate individual?

I concur.
You have € 250 on eu vae
You lost
Today 21:00 S. N. Battalion 4.46 vs. 1.29 Vicious and Evil 2,000 € on vae Lost
Today 21:00 Qonnected six 2.55 vs. 1.65 iNmotion 2,775 € on Q6| Lost

You have € 42 on SNB
You won € 187.32

Perfo ownz them all!
vae ootta huonoi
lol jasper power
You have € 460 on vae
You lost

who should i spec@replay?:D
any replays aviable?
cuz the replays shows the match in the first server
You have € 100 on eu vae
You lost
replay is broken, fix it now!
wtf suomi ffs i lozt my moniez :<
You have € 5 on eu SNB
You won € 22.3

izi money
gg wp
knew u were going to be good
You have € 250 on eu SNB
You won € 1115
wp snb :)
3 € on SNB Won 13€

So the fact that meez etc are lowlife retards is new to you snoop? :)
You have € 15 on eu SNB
You won € 66.9

You have € 89 on SNB
You won € 396.94

knew it ;)
You have € 942 on vae
You lost

thx, very very very thx low :*
Total Slots: 1,325
Viewer Peak: 251
yes my money!