gods.inc vs wArning! (5988 views)

11.12.05 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Angrykid (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
Downloads: TV Demo: gods.inc vs wArning! (4 Files)
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Enemy Territory TV
de homeofhosts.com #1
By: Broodman (ettvd)

de reT!reD.ettv #2
By: deej (ettvd)

de reT!reD.ettv #2
By: deej (ettvd)

de vp.ETTV.Server
By: arni (ettvd)

us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: gtv`steph (ettvd)

us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 2
By: gtv`steph (ettvd)

xx PourIX Broadcasting // Server 1
By: GTVd
xx PourIX Broadcasting // Server 2
By: GTVd
xx SeNtiX[ETTV] - playREACTION
By: GTVd

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


go wA! go!!!
lol whos wA
kyl God t?nki taitaa vied?... eilen hienosti SoF:n vei 2-0.. team-uQ: n sunnuntain matsii kovasti odottelen
wA is going best clan ever !! 8)
gl god clan :>
will b hard 4 gods.inc ^^
This should be a great match /:/
go wA! nice match <:
hf gods *-)
wA ftw
i hope for 20 maps |:s like everymap goes draw .. :D
go wA, GL god
GG :] wArn!ng :] WIN !!!! *-):D
co?e el coskis!! xD
Waiting for this very interesting match :D
all said wA wins :/
so i say go god :P
wInghaven! vs god`Winghaven (l)
winghaven ftw
Easy for Gods imo
gods.inc will win
imo big balance, wing could turn the tides tho
Winghaven versus wArning true!

gL BOth!
gl hf > all spam :?
Gods incorporated for the win !! (l)
gl wA and god , will be good match
o/ chmp o/
chmpp, i will spec u,... u know it

4-2 wA
gods look very good past few games. team seems to be well in balance. i see them as one of the main favorites for EC win:>
dont rate 2 high :)
:| hmm warning good clan but gods.inc wins :) 4-2 gods wins:) have fun
imo 4-2 gods as sector said :)
whats time math/??
so? posticipated?
dunno this clans but i think wA is better *-)
gl hf... (l) wA *-)
enga wing meteles :O gl wA:P
god will win 4:0 :P
|:s spam > all
very nice shoutcasts by zen-flying :):D
own them wing x)
west <3
juu god vie..mulSu vie "epsanjalaisia" :P
gl both team*-)
god (l)
gl wA
It will be hard for wA! to win..|:s

gl both
Waning WIN 4:0 xD 8)
Warning WIN 4:0 xD 8)
I would say Gods.Inc. But It will be nice match (l)
pw pozdrawia |:-|
In my opinion gods.inc is better than Wa!
GL 2 Wa . :P:P
Godsi vie ku niill? on ihQ winghaven
go gods!
gl wArning! hope you win ! :)
GL & HF for both teams
god 4 - wA 2 :P
n1 match
omg nick steeler get out of here |:-|
deine mudda!
wA ftw, interesting match for wing
im a first timer so could someone tell me how can i watch the match?
Just start ET and connect to one of the IPs provided.
go gods!
i hope its be a good match :>
gl both teams
go go gods wins 4-0 gods yea yea yes yes yes8)
(l) MulSu (l) Naitti (l)
ET 2.6 and etpro 3.24 tbh
Hi Uskonpuhdistaja & FinlandBullet! Im glad to see u here for watchig such a great match.You would recognise me at thor server by alias n00b_ESP.
Just add any ip given and enter the server.
Enjoy!Go wa!!!!
Wat happened?
All the servers are donw :<
its coming to a 4th map.
Tie 3-3
OMG..great match!!!! :D
yeah, they are looking for a server atm..
wing is sooooooooooooo overrated!
no leave wing alone he owns!!!
god.inc :

lol 2oo5 :D
j'aime bien avoir les LU des vieux matchs qui sont pas affichés, quand elles y sont pas et que je mlatte un ettv je les met :d