Czech Republic vs France (18218 views)

cz Loo
cz butch
cz marv
cz nindrt
cz cpu
cz denton
fr emorej
fr frA
fr Karibuu
fr DrTank
fr Straf
fr maxuh
Group B
02.03.09 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 89186
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
cz TeamPlay Radio
By: smOke
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Language: Czech
fr #NerdVibes Radio
By: P3T4RD
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Language: French

Total Slots: 750
Listener Peak: 82

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 346


you'll need almost as good day as against nl :)
Tough one
I think France will take it

all in on fra, gl guys
Joli match !
Gl la France :)
my birthday... make me happy, guys :)
all on cze, ofc (CPU goo <3 :)
4-0 for CZ, fullhold on GR:)

ugly,isnt she? but i guess,every miss is plastic and ugly..
No she isn't ugly but she presents nothing special, and I see dozens of girls much prettier walking in Warsaw evey day !
allez les blouuesssssss.

Mundus, Horek is the captain, he will not play :D
playing et still?
all money on czCZECH REPUBLIC!!!!!
izi 4 CZE cpu,marv,loo<3333

nP for France !
not nice this french girl
omg so ugly
we know you prefer boys :)
Give me her telephone number Please ;D
bah np, np...
hodne stesticka prejuu dejte do toho srdicko
go go CZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have € 502 on FRA
Possible win: € 1265.04
GO FRANCE !!!!!!!!
gl denton & marv
gl CZE!!!!! gogogo!!!!
Genre la cote française est a plus de 2.50, easy money tout ça ^^
gl cpu <3
omg ru marv omg
gogogo CZE !!! GL & HF !!!
tooooooooooooo easy for CZE!
You have € 355 on FRA
Possible win: € 610.6

GL les fr
go go CZE GL Lulankovi a Gumidkovi

make me rich!!
gl FRA
hf and gl CZE
gl cze !
gl CZE!!! ;)
je vous fait les annonces ts a vous aussi nP!

^^ cool :D gl CZE
Huste tohle taky bylo cze vs fra :D A Budem doufat ze i ten konec dopadne stejne :D
Easy for cze.
I think so too .......

Oops! Mon stylo est tombé!

france girls > czech girls
dej si facku a mrkni nekdy na porno :P
videl a jiz ne vice :D
czach girls>all
to znajdz sobie zone czeszke jak takis madry ;)
waaaaaah :o)
Oh no, pls do not use Alize she is so fucking hot! ;)
sexy :))
much much better then miss world kucharova imho
I love alizee
izi for cze ;) gl !
gl fra et dr.Tank^^
gl marvje/cpu. missing teente tbh :<
GL :)
You have € 1462 on fr FRA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 3231.02
You have € 1462 on fr FRA
You lost

bb noob !
GL marvje :)
Alize is hot sexy lolita... :)
CZ gogo
gl cpu <3
np for CZE
Gogo la france

Spéciale kassdédi à Biff T. :D

np for cze thx for money
interesting war. 4-2 for..........France, but hard.
all in on france, ezbash for straf.
2-0 CZE
score ?
yeah 2:2
go go go cze!

Denton>all on reactor !!!
ptdrrrrrrrrrr :D horrible
hehe ownt
OMG cpu don't like me OMG
france fail more
You have € 15000 on fr FRA
You lost

monster fail @ gr!!!:D
:D:D What the end
hoši dekujem!
CZE </33333333333333333333333333333!
lucky win for cze but i'm glad they won anyway
nah, everything was under control.
hardly, some players did really bad on gold and reactor
fUnnster You nope :D
i still have enough money :D next time i bet on cze :P
smOke is da rula, awesome shoutcast man !
pekne zesranej GR kucí :d ale reactor nam to koukam jisti...
Gratz CZE!!!

You have € 1000 on cz CZE
You won € 1630
GG the longest 30 sec in my life :D
opet uzasnej zaver na reactoru, gg <3
i have to buy pacemaker!
Malem jsem se u toho pochcal.. Tak jsem byl naplej a myslel do psoledni chvile ze to nezvladnou, ale krasne zabojovali.
nadherny zapas.. Dekuji!! <3
You have € 1000 on cz CZE
You won € 1630
whine tbh
cze dont deserve it, thats wrong. rest is true ;]
lol nice deleting your comments straf!
who cares tbh? they won, you lost thats it
timing :O
and dont whine like zidane :)
zidane may have been a whiner, he still was one of the best football player in the world
which is true for strAf as well, so dont write bullshits like "not deserved"... looks weird from guys of your skill :)
I didn't write this and straf is not zidane
wtf about zidane, he's not a whiner first, and then he's still the best french's world player for ever.

And don't kidding me, it's not a funny subject.
well done, great match, Czech republic go go go
sa crain :/
c realiste
c'est dommage pour rizqkaa qd meme xD
Infarktovej zapas :) GG ... gratz
sigh •_•
You have € 376 on fr FRA
You lost
Don´t cry pls Straf Your arguments are poor.
YEAH! What a game! well played FRA really strong team - strAf emorej frA beasts, but CZE is CZE!
Rly not deserved tbh. YOU KIDDING.. and I was telling listeners that FRA is nice and fair team... now gtfo with this shit
what? i think it was a great match, I think you can understand that losers are disappointed in the result
It was great match and I understood that strAf was pissed of, but writing that CZE didnt deserve to win... that was really unsportive. Good luck with NED next week, you played really well.
uzasnej zapas s perfektnim komentem diky kluci :)
:))))) ... more whineee :)
qrwa mialem za duzo wodki do wypicia i niezdazylem obstawic >:|
np ils ont gagner c tout cherche pas xD
who cares minutes, seconds are more important ;] now you know it :P
bylo to krasny, nevim cotu winuje chudak = )
lol... they had everything under control... they just wanted to make it exciting for the viewers:D ze jo kuci?:)
i told u. no mirage, no win!!!!
gg was close
omg i missed teh whine
wp (inside secret msg)
jai perdu les clés du charles de gaules
finally... wp
GG really
Close match
J'espere que les tcheques ont remercié Denton.....
why should they?
co to zvatla zabozrout? ze by ti meli podekovat? O_O
pry j no, nuda ve skole tak prekladam se slovnikem ;)
don't worry I think you're shit
as long as you make it clear it's good enough for me
in the world of singers and poets...i am the bestest!!!
go cry fratards
i failed , no money =/
wp denton
stfu retard