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  Team Name Tag Homepage IRC
ET fi 7[id]=7&player[id]=256&action=playerinfo #none
ET de 70ies 70ies #70ies
ET eu 7eleven 711 none registered
ET de 8 iz enuff 8enuf
RTCW lv 8-DDD 8-DDD none registered RTCW-cup
ET eu 8-DDD 8-DDD none registered random
ET hu 8Bits 8Bits
ET ru 8bits & black 8B|black #8bits-gaming
ET eu 8bits FiF 8bits none registered #none
ET xi 8Bits
ET be 8Bits/FiF*Green* 8B|FiFg #fif.gaming
ET eu 8Bits/FiF*Red* 8B|FiFr #fif.gaming
ET be 8Bits/FiF*Yellow* 8B|FiFy #fif.gaming
ET ee 8Bits|#glitz 8B1ts #8bits-gaming
ET de 8DD 8D
ET fi 8or 8or none registered
ET eu 94 http://- #easter.cup
ET mx 9mm 9mm
ET gb 9mm 9mm none registered
ET at 9th ~ wnbpro 9th #wnbpro
ET at 9th Dimension 9th #9th-Dimension
ET at 9th Dimension 9th #9th-Dimension
ET at 9th Dimension Flashback 9th #9th-Dimension
ET at 9th Dimension Mythos 9th #9th-Dimension
ET at 9th Dimension mYTHOS 9th #9th-Dimension
ET de 9th Dimension Wnbpro 9th #9th-dimension
ET at 9th-Dimension 9th #9th-Dimension
ET nl 9th-Dimension Heroess #9th-Dimension
ET nl 9th-Dimension Heroes Heroess #9th-Dimension
ET at 9th-Dimension Omega 9th #9th-Dimension
ET at 9th-Dimension.dfs 9th #9th-dimension
ET at 9th-xXx xXx #9th-Dimension
ET at 9th'Data dATA 9th
ET eu a BIT nonsense bitnsens none registered #nsens
ET hu amc
ET hu amc none registered
DB eu A Special Squad ASS none registered aspecialsquad
ET us A TEAM TEAM A tehee
ET de A w L AwL none registered AwL
CS se A Walk to Remember AWTR awtr
CS:GO by A-Gaming A-G none registered none
ET fi A-Link A-Link none registered
CS de a-Losers a-L a-losers
ET eu a-team a-team none registered none registered
WS it A-Team A-Team none registered warsow.ita
ET:QW de a-toon oO a-toon
ET pl A.. A.. none registered
ET:QW de a.Toon oO a.Toon
ET de a.ToOn aToOn #a.ToOn
ET de a.ToOn Gaming aToOn #a.Toon
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 [ 12 ] 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 [...] 268