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  Team Name Tag Homepage IRC
CS dk andthensome
ET ee AnDy aD none registered andy
CS:S gb Andy's Vent AV none registered sourcetv
CS:GO dk Anexis Anexis anexis
LoL de Anexis Anexis leaguepedia
ET de Anexis - eSports aNexis
ET de Anexis eSports Anexis #anexis
cod4 hu Anexis eSports Anexis Anexis
LoL de Anexis eSports Anexis #leaguepedia
ET pl angaro angar
ET pl Angel Of Death AoD ...
ET de angel-Dust aD
ET de angelDust aD none registered angelDust
ET eu angelDust - nkNn aD none registered #angelDust
ET eu angelDust - nkNn aD none registered #nkNn
ET:QW us Angels of Death AOD_
ET eu Angels of Destiny AoD none registered
ET nl Angerfist AF none registered angerfist
ET fr Aniimal Animal http:/ Electric.Fifth
ET ca Anim anim
ET es Animal Animal none registered
ET pl Animal Nature Animal none registered animalnature
ET eu animals animals none registered #animals
LoL gb Animate eSports aN AnimateeSports
LoL de Animated Violence AV AnVi
ET eu animation.kidding ak none registered
ET eu ANIMATIONS ANIME none registered ANIME
ET fi animud {:<
ET pl Animus Ani
ET pl ankh ankh
ET pl ankh @ splendid spld none registered splendid-gaming
ET fi Annonymous Annon none registered
ET eu annoying fruits aF
CS ie anomaly anomaly none registered none registered
ET pl Anonimowi Alkoholicy aLKOHOL none registered #aLKOHOL
ET mx Anonymous Killers /Ak/
ET gt another stoned homies ash
ET eu another team #LP5 another none registered #LP5
ET eu Another Victory Assault aVa
ET sv AnotherStonedHomies Ash #SnOopje
LoL tr ANT Gaming ANT ANT
ET eu anthology gaming myanth
ET us Anthrax Gaming Anthrax*
ET nl Anti #Gaming Anti anti-gaming
ET eu Anti n00b Force AnF.
ET de AntiAntifa Anti# gods-of-gaming
ET pl aNtic aNtic. none registered
ET fr Anticheat Players anti
ET be AntiClimax aClmx none registered
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