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  Team Name Tag Homepage IRC
ET de Ace Mobile Forces @ce none registered
BF2 se Ace of Spades Aos #ace.of.spades
ET de aces aces
CS:GO ru ACES ACES none registered ACES
ET cl achtung achtung none registered team-chile
ET cl Achtung! Achtung none registered
ET eu aCid aCid none registered aCid
ET eu ACiD #sgp ACiD none registered
ET pl Acid Fuckers acidF niemamy
ET de aCid
ET de ACiD
QL de acron sprayer sprayer none registered
ET hu Across Writing The Game A_W_T_G none registered awtg
ET eu Acsi eSports Acsi| acsi-esports
ET gb act of nature beyond control beyond #naturebeyond
ET br Active nomerc
ET fi Acute Diarrhea acurrhea none registered
ET pl aczers aczers Not available aczers
ET il ad-matai ADM none registered ad-matai
WS as adada as none registered sad
ET eu adapted adapted #adapted
ET fr adapted^ ADAPTED adapted
WS pl adasq adasq none registered
ET eu addict?
ET eu Addict?
ET gb Addicted 2 Fragging A2F #>A2F<
ET se addicted 2 id a2id #a2id
ET ee Addicted to battle a to b #a2b
ET eu addicted to oral a2o none registered a2o
ET fr addicted` addi crossfire
ET pl Addicted
ET nl addicted6 addicted none registered #addicted6
ET eu addicted6 addict6 none registered none registered
ET pl Addicting aG+ none registered
ET pt addicts klan additcs. #addictsklan
ET pt AddictsKlan Addicts addictsklan
ET eu AddictsKlan #HighLevel- #addicts addictsklan
LoL nl Addictus Gaming AG none registered AddictusGaming
ET eu addle brained addle none registered
ET eu addle-brained addle.B
ET fr addx54 addx54 addxlepyj
UrT br ADHOC Brazil Clan ADHOC| empty
ET pl adidas adidas
ET de adm!N adm!N none registered warpig-squad
ET pl Admins ET PL 3on3 Championships Admins`r
ET pl Admins ET PL 3on3 Championships Admins`b
ET eu Admins of ET feat. UT League Sea adm utforceset
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