#erAse.et vs Team Position (9265 views)

fi toNi
fi BossHK
fi dTEC7
at DonMatthias
nl Ap0c
nl esSe
gb Nips
no Hexagon
nl iNSEH
nl VanQ
nl NoHead
nl Fritsie
mo reAliZe_
fi DeSanchez
30.08.09 19:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Inseh (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 33363
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV
de [www.sHiZo.eu] - ETTV 3
By: w0nd3r (ettvd)

de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #3
By: blAckmAmbA (ettvd)
de #RoN.et'ETTV/#1?
By: cl4ym4n (ettvd)
gb ETTV UK #Msh100 3
By: msh100 (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 51


gl erAse

hf don :)
2 times sw_goldrush?? :o

anyway gl eA :p
Guess its goldrush + other map with elimination system

dtect's Gambling Stats ( Rank 2,833 / 2,833 )
You have € -72.40 x_x

how the fuck do you do that :D
he's just that bad :D
Quote by arni16.08 22:54 MA#12273 CANCELLED BET 238.00€
16.08 22:54 MA#12273 REOPENED BET -273.70€

on match 12273 there was a wrong score entered that made you win - the score was corrected and the bets cancelled (for a forfeit win)

unfortunately you had already lost the money you had supposedly won on the first match on another match - thus the negative capital

we reserve the right to correct all scores within 24 hours after the matches scheduled start time - scores are only final after that period

--> sucks for you now, but you will recieve money again
cointoss, winner takes map, loser takes side.
GL erAse.

hf both
gl erAse <3 lol @ dtec7 i had also -43.60€ idk how it could happen..... :XDDDDDD
GL to both
if ya wana win you need

and 2 others

hmm and 2 others... Nips is defintly one of our best players.... so its more like


+ another one :o
Our other fintards are at least as good as me so dont put me there!
And our donniebonnie is awesome player as well (:
dont like your sarcasm @ 2nd sentence :/
b00b I was serious, you're awesome! With your 5 man kill rages
Esse if hes not stoned, if he is bosshk/me

Final line up will come, don't know yet or so :')
gl erAse (:
DTEC7 , esSe , don and ma Homies! Good luck!
Team P need the gods of versatile (rlze_ & DeMeNtEd) to succeeeddddd
so they need me 2? :o :D
[sarcasme] God's only, he said [/sarcasme]
You have € 1000 on Team P
Possible win: € 1350

inseh if you lose i will rip your balls of
In dat geval mag je dat bij Geenhoofd doen, die woont hier vlak in de buurt.
Hij heeft al een vriendin, kan dat missen. :P
gl toni & apoc

gl toni & apoc ^^

gl toni & apoc =)

love Apoc and Hexa :)
gl guys
easy for team p
gl toni & apoc =)

gl guys!! should be a fun war to play haha :D looking forward to it =)
my money on erAse cuz dtect uses same haxx as me
Denk ik wel izi, met alle respect voor erAse, lijkt erop dat al onze spelers er gewoon zijn 8)...
Als jij speelt winnen we wel hoor :$
Die haat :(
die arrogantie!
Nergens last van !
Ik heb zelfs nog met jullie meegepracced laatst :(

we zullen zien :)
Haha komt goed. :D
we hebben het gezien :)
looking forward... erAse getting underrated again :)

You have € 1021.44 €
Possible Win: € 5972.85
Baby P
hmmm? say what nigguh?
ik neem aan dat je het kan lezen nerd
zaadje doe es wat aardiger ja.
stoere jongen
waardeloos persoontje
why the fuck is everyone annoying esSe?
Could anyone explain this please?
cause they're hatersss
Hey, ik niet he verdomme !
Wow, I have many haters. too.

They are just jelous you know...because we both are like 100x times better than 'em. ;)
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 3on3 LAN- Berlin

Information (English) :

- How long?: 2 days and if the maximum of players is reached then 3 days
- How many teams?: Max. Teams 9 (24 Player)
-How much do I have to pay?: 15€ (10€ drink&eat)
-Needed: Computer,Monitor,Mouse,Keyboard,Mousepad,(...) (Upload your Config on www.crossfire.nu and download it on the LAN [dolBy will check the configs himself])
-Where to sleep?:The nearest Hotel costs 15€ per night, take 50€ with you (for Hotel, and for some other stuff).
-Where?: Lichtenrade, Naharyiastraße 43, 12309 Berlin

for more information message dOLBY @ crossfire or /q dOLBY @ irc

pay my trip and ill come!

Have no money sorry :(.

But I'd be happy if you'd come, its a small 3on3 Lan-Party.
dolby gib ma xfire acc
Martin Buber wishes team position good luck!
That match was soo close last night <3
hassan wishes team position good luck!
Same for you as above. :P
gl nohead(= & Don
gl woooooddddyyyyyyyyzor
reAliZe will deliver oh mai god
eA will take this because of the experience^^
So, those players in our main line up doesn't have experience ?
How are things hacking lately btw ? :P
at least not together no 8-)
We'll see... Darts already noticed xD
yeh they won 4-2 :p
Jep, kwamen +/- 30 seconden tekort op bremen in de 2nd round :[

Maar darts is wel goed team, spelen ook al langer samen @ 3on3's enzo. :)
how long do they play together?
about 4 months :D
doesn't sound long to me but you got Matthias, he's a good argument.
gl matthias&reAlize_

@rlze: still making your fragmovie on cybergames? :P
ez if toin plays <3
gl eA
bossi rullaa ne uuvella netillä
Gl & HF esSe & DonMatthias :)
gl eA
nips ex-HESS?
ex iquel / m2one
no, im talking real oldschool.
like 3 years back
gl don and erase ;)
No Ap0c no win :(((
u dont play?
Have to work from 16.00 untill 20.00 :// Maybe I'm finished sooner, dunno..
Team position FTL = For The Loose ! :D
low vs low
+1 and toNi low-/low
Oh well sorry if this low match doesnt interest u, UNKNOWN POLAK
gl don wehe ihr failed und mein geld ist futsch :x
danke :)
falls wia verlieren, dann is mein ganzes geld a weg :o
bös gut bei der geringen quote lohnt sich die wette auf euch eh nicht das eher ein freundschaftsdienst ;)
izi for our northern beasts
gl Nips, Hex, toNi and don
the rest is low like me. :D
thx m8 but im northern? :o
:] oki doki
on the right side of a message theres this cool button u can press and u will reply to that message, cool huh?
You have € 250 on Team P
Possible win: € 6667.5
You have € 1000 on de eA'
Possible win: € 1040

not funny guys ... stop that like this i wont get money :(
You have € 1000 on de eA'

Like u would get any money this way? :D:D
Jakies zagraniczne nieznane chuje a tyle komentow
Pak ze Team P!(Als er iemand komt Inseh;)
ouwe grapjas. :P
ik ben niet oud, ik heb alleen veel levenservaring ;P
ja dalijk moet ik opeens weer meedoen :<
me playing? :<
jk m8 srsly.. sorry bout the other day laddy but u were a tad bit unfair
im not playing! im 'having a life' on sunday gg
what is this "life" you speak of ?
his life of playing ET 20 hours then sleep 4 hours then play 20 hours ET again then sleep 4 hours etc
then why isn't he playing the match?
because the match is in his sleeping period
pls, im 3 hours at school too
so your school doesn't have computers?
I use them only on breaks!
Ice*Q: how is school
dTEC7: Fine
Ice*Q: i still got holidays :P
dTEC7: :D
Ice*Q: how long are the breaks on your school?
dTEC7: 3 hours <3
Ice*Q: Lmao
You have € 250 on Team P
Possible win: € 5617.5

gl nohead =]
I think he just cancelled it :D
Good Luck DonMatthias
You have € 5 on sc Team P Cancel bet
Possible win: € 37.75

You have € 1000 on Team P
Possible win: € 11730

... its just a laddermatch :p
GL realize & demented mah niggers :D
seychelles ftw!
You have € 10 on sc Team P Cancel bet
Possible win: € 117
You have € 250 on Team P
Possible win: € 2622.5

you better do it demented <3
You have € 63 on sc Team P Cancel bet
Possible win: € 703.08

easy money
izi 4 team position :)
izi 4 team position :)
izi 4 team position :)
toNi still playing, rofl.

so obvious aimbotter. GL M8.
ez for toni, hex & apoc WOOO GET ME SOME MONEY PEOPLESSSSS
HF TL|N!ps
only skilled player @ ea is toni so gl toni

gl ins if your going to play with your guys XD?
stfu nerd
what esse said
what esse said
says the "skiller" :DDD

Hexagon and nips are pretty skilled too :) Its the same with team positition, but you don't say anything about that :o
why flaming cant face the pain of the truth?
don gl <3
Go Go Seychelles !!
gl NoHead
gl NoHead
gl nohead, viezerik.
gl nohead, lekkerding
Who is playing with odds ?
Seems pretty normal odds to me? We are obviously the favorite team for the match..

Although someone placed a high bet.. :DDD
sarcasm bro, sarcasm - not sarcasme :D
erase<3 gl dtect my frienD :D:D:D
Gk Ap0c & esSe
You have € 10 on de eA' Cancel bet
Possible win: € 44.7

iziz bash make me rich

just focus on realize, toni will take care of the rest!
If im here too play :D:D
Sounds like a plan!
haterz :[[
realize deleted you from his buddy list


now whos the hater =$
gl In7!
GL erAse.et
You have € 165 on de eA' Cancel bet
Possible win: € 676.5
Kon ook niet anders he ! :D

Bye money !
You have € 165 on de eA'
You won € 536.25

u zei?
holy shit :ooo
don't be surprised, you wanted me to post that.
toNi not online... and apoc still not here from work... so.... :(
=DDDD did u spec?
Ye goldrush defence :), 5.5k after that played myself :), was nice :D
hf don..
etbot nC customer get brain
well, my english is still better than yours ;)
i dont even get what you want :D
i just wished fun to don, whats the problem? :)
Let me help him :> the problem is that you are an nC customer, and because of that, you don't got rights anymore, and hereby declared to a total sense of uselessness.. so also no rights to ask any questions are whatsoever. TY!
very well played erase _o_
You have € 1400 on de eA'
Possible win: € 4550

too ez
what a shitteam...
never ever betting on position again

waiting for the "OMGGG we didnt pracc, with pracc we had easily beaten them" excuses
hi superior !

You don't have to bet on it again, was last match. :P
youre rifle has been aweful...
sorry but i expected you to be some experienced rifle
bad day, played well with rifle yesterday.

and i don't have any excuses, they were just better. :)
SERIOUS BUSINESS last match they folded anyway
they are just a lolling mix so it was stupid anyway to bet?
gg wp teamP

nerds got rolled
You have € 50 on de eA'
You won € 162.5
4:0 erase You have € 300 on eA'
You won € 975
You have € 10 on de eA'
You won € 32.5

cheers lads
Al een team gevonden inmiddels waar je niet backup hoeft te zijn ? :D
tuurlijk da
buiten afo he, valsspeler !
good game :D n1 teamplay
i knew it :P huge words but nothing happenend :P

be Dead2 Sunday, 30th August 2009 14:48
You have € 165 on de eA' Cancel bet
Possible win: € 676.5

nl Inseh Sunday, 30th August 2009 15:23
Kon ook niet anders he ! :D
Bye money !
You have € 100 on de eA'
You won € 325

deze foto hoort er wel niet bij

team-P is gwn mix ;)

met of zonder jullie idd mix :D
9.4k damage @ toni
better they call their team toni&co
you have to work out ur issues sir!
and call each team where butchji,mAus,reload is... butchji&co ,mAus&co.. because they normally have most dmg :)
lol? at those teams their team mates arent useless?