Norway vs Switzerland (10678 views)

no Zodiac
no Eirik
no Domi
no Hexagon
no Kaiz
ch Rapt6rr
ch Aquila
ch MTM
ch DabSter
ch gifty
ch vegi
04.02.10 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Anaconda (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 30759
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Enemy Territory TV
By: eLemenT`Uther (ettvd)
By: Amateur (ettvd)
By: Killerboy (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 160


1st gl domi eirik
Gifty ftw
Bonne chance rapt6rr et Dabby :)
gl les suisses
GL swissssss
Gl <+/
izi for the swiss!
ch Rapt6rr
ch Aquila
ch MTM
ch DabSter
ch gifty

There might be some small changes if ch vegi will get his mousepad/mouse fixed. I don't think this will happen though.

izi for the norwegians!
say what , wo is crash
Replace MTM to vegiiiii <3
hell no! Gl dabby and vegi :D
np for gifty :DDDDDDDDDDd
team-no lu: Domi, Eirik, Vj, Zodiac and Hexagon.

izi for the swiss!
gl dommerd
no shax? fuck :(
gl switzerlanddddzz
gl swiss

hf aquila ;)
gl swiss (:
gl Hexagon !!!!
Switzerland wins
no crash but aquila

enlighten me
where has aquila been the last months ? crash played the EC afaik and deserves to play. aquila has been accused aswell. anyway thats from an objective pov :-)
dont you worry, we know what we're doing and we pracced enough to see whats the best for tonight. accused? like every second player has been accused already? guess we gotta kick him then if people think hes 'suspicious'.

thanks for your opinion
I guess he's talkin' bout his constant 50 % accuracies.
if you are succesfull nobody will ask who pld, so gl hf.
arrow played with you till he got b&, he was obvious as hell :((

but still thanks for monies <3
He hacks..
aquila > crash ...
crashed had another offi at the same time + pracd with switzerland the last days... so no worries ;D
easy for gifty and Dabster the semi-busted hero
go gifty!
gl our practice partner :p
+Eirik !
1. mtm isnt swiss and hes low
2. the half team didnt play active
3. hf talking englisch in a swiss team (grössti witz öberhaupt)
4. i hope team switzerland fails at all

vel spass vegi und gifty
die brauchen dich jOhn! :<
1. His father still lives some mins away from here. MTM IS half-swiss, just as about 50% of the whole swiss population.
2. name me 5 good swiss players who were active in the past few months. And anyway, does it make a difference? Players like DabSter and Rapt6rr know how ET works, it doesn't change a thing if they prepare 3 weeks for the NC or if they played every day 5 hours for the last few months.
3. Welcome to Switzerland you moron. If you have 4 national languages, what do you expect? When the swiss football team plays together: Do you think Gökhan Inler talks French to Johan Djourou?
4. Your comment failed.
you was faster :|
didnt refresh it!
:DD owned
lol it shows my comment didnt fail because you replied me xD

call me racist i dont care, my opinion is french talking ppl should play for france and italian should play for italy... atleast speak german in a swiss team... and yes we have 4languages in our country but fact is i speak french and a bit italian but they dont have any german skills because they are to arrogant. oh and i forgot 80% of swiss speak swiss

oh and yes mtm is still low and there are enough swiss players, you just have to open your eyes

this post isnt to annoy you jsut my opinion anyway i know a lot others they think the same

greetz hf
Name your lineup then!
80% talk swiss-german? Interesting, study your country before you write bullshit like that.
lol gseht us als ob du en vollspasti besch xD
informier di zerscht du horst
är esch eh nor pisst, wöll er ned is team cho esch :>
so the flemish players from be should play for NL and the frence speaking for France? then there is no more belgium...
If only there was no Belgium anymore... :<
Quite many "Belgians" would enjoy that I think.
Don't you think it's quite sad when I know more about Switzerland than you, even though you still live there? :-d
"call me racist i dont care, my opinion is french talking ppl should play for france and italian should play for italy..."

And the German speaking people should play for Germania!
You just suck :/ In france we have many strangers... Most of them come from Africa (north africa in particulary), and they speak french & their mother language. Should they be banned from france because of their language/roots ? I don't think so.

So stfu and be happy, your population is able to speak four languages, that's fucking great !
Oh happy brainwashed multiculturalists.
ppl living in caquebec should play for france then, right?
there is 4 language in swiss ;)
and im sure its not a problem for them to talk english.
Aniki est suisse aussi il fait parti de la suisse/marseillaise ^^ c'est le 5ème language =))
Na du stehst ja zu deinem Nationalteam! :D
Of course. I was joking about that retarded comment :d
u also understand ger? :D damn switzerland own
I have massive penis, your arguments are invalid.
OMG no TAU?! pls are u serious
gl boys
viel spass höhö; wenn de eirik ned spielt schaffet ers viellicht
hf gifty
Good Luck #Vj's!
izi 4 inactivl flo

Aquila will deliver! x
echt nen cheaterlover eigenlijk e gij :D
aquila will deliver!
Hexagon will deliver :)
GL Team no
gl Aguila
gl both, domi n hex
2:0 ch wtf
supply depot, nice defense comand post norway
aquila <3
quite exciting
first intresting game in a while again
4:2 for the swiss, gg!
A game to remember, unlucky DOominatorii!
what a decider
very well played guys. awesome game eirik and co. we had the luck on our side this time :)
Was funny though, game to remember :D gg and wp!
fuckin well played hexagon !!!!
close and good game to watch !
need swiss banner here , was damn nice ;PPP
gg wp =O
gg :]]]]
With 12 or so seconds to spare? Was the best game of this NC so far.

Well played, Switzerland.
Good match! :D
what happened to zodiac not being allowed?
ggwp, exciting match.. too bad we lost.
Welcome to ET
quote of the day ;)
enjoyed watching u :)
after great perfomance @ supply, was kinda strange to see how the team does @ frost.
seemed like your mates were running with syringes being focused jsut on revives @ atk , & u were the only guy who actually was shooting 8D
tell them to use smgs next time, too :_D

If Rapt6rr doesn't get fullspawns anymore I'm already happy :P
never expected you to play with cheaters mate :)
i mean MTM is the most obvious guy in ET atm and youre playing with him :) dont think ill say hi when you come on vent again ;
tbh that kaiz guy was even more strange
Kaiz has been strange since 2004 \o/
Das nicht dein Ernst oder? Kaiz ist clean auch wenn er seltsames aim hat.
klar, war nur spass...
Dann sprech ich mal mein Beileid für dich aus. :) Dass hier immer noch so cheaterparanoia herrscht ist langsam lächerlich :D.
MTM? I was at his place 4 times already, he's the last player on earth who would cheat :D
kinda rude to say that your irlmate sucks! ;DD
Na but he's like anti-cheat³ ;P thats why
u got trolled
Defending objective on frostbite isn't pleasant when you know that gifty's around to own you with a riflenade :<
You have € 526 on no NOR
You lost

no kris no win
Lakaii would have never let this happen.
no u
Lakaii was the captain last year, how far did team-no go?
Oh, that's right, we lost the qualifer.
Atleast they lost with clean players, unlike this shithole lineup.
Which players arent clean here?
En wie moeten de cheaters hierin zijn? Of praat je over aquila?
ontken het nou maar niet
nee, misschien die zodiac
You obviously didn't spec me :D
why lakaii is not playing this year( just for my personnal information)
He doesn't really play that much. Same for Kris and Gjerry I guess. Shame really because they were pretty much the only good players in Norway, maybe also Eirik, sion and Borcster too..
Ye.. We came so far last year!
toni lol nur fulls auf frostbite ..:P

wp sui
+1 was war da los :)
schlimmste match aller zeiten für mich, besonders auf frost