Deathless vs erAse #DevineGaming (5082 views)

gb Havoc
gb Hydro
gb koop
gb Jinosta
gb Scarzy
nl L4mpje
nl esSe
fi dTEC7
gb Nips
at DonMatthias
nl Ap0c
Quarter Finals
21.03.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 WinterCup 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Havocc (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 18566
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


nerds are nerds .
gl deathless, is don playing anymore for erase?
i will finish all cups with erAse

j/k hex wont be around anyway so we sure as hell can use your pretty ass! :D
u can own them as rifle or as fdops or as medic... but i cant :( maybe i get some lucky rifle-shots :)
dont underrate urself boobie :p
gl & hf don :)
wird hart
gibt auch nur 2 gute mannschaften .... war eh klar das ma gegn die im viertelfinale spieln müssen!
jedes jahr das gleiche
hf! will be a nice match for sure.
izi bash for erAse

I wonder how much havoc is going to whine when he will lose, or he will hide under the CB rules again :D
Havoc whines at everything lol
this should be the final though
gl deathless, hope to meet u in 1/2
Deathless should win this imo, GL KOOP, HAVOC, HYDRO and L4MPJE :>
izi for Deathless , 2nd in ESL div 3
gl apoc
wtf, erase will take it izi BASH
gL deathless ;)
gl deathless
gl deathless, especially L4mpje!
gl erAse. what's your lineup for this match?
esSe, Ap0c, Donmatthias, Nips and dTEC7

Hex is currently hitting latin booteh @ mexico :) So one power aimer less means we'll have to do it with our sick teamplay!
who says ur playing? :DD
that means: gl esSe, Ap0c and DonMatthias!
GL erAse, Shame Jinosta cant play in a lower skilled league since he played with us in Division 2.. Good luck anyhow.
haha :D good luck don, nips and apoc !
cheers, sup with the haha, turtledove?
I think that's in reference to Jinosta's departure from our team in pursuit of a higher skill level. The fact that he joined deathless is were the haha came from, he is not laughing at you apoc!
Aight,thats a fun story indeed :)
why you sayin that like deathless are low?

he joined a better team because from what i remember we rolled you lot many times before, even with razz playin + jinosta?
well for one thing i'm not saying you're low, i'm saying you're not EC skilled, which is, if my memory serves me, what Jinosta was looking for

and you say you rolled us many times before, even with jinosta plus razz playing, well sorry but I don't recall ever having played with razz at all, never mind ever playing you lot :s

oh well we i played against your team once, with devious

Countdown: Server: [lof]dL.brokenmAus [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]D.KIPARII :o))))) [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]D.HAVOC Alpha-Networks [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]D.mERC <3 #HIGHBOT [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]mYE.ET [rEAliZe_] [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]mYE.ET [d3m3nt3d] [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]mYE.ET [razZ] [lon]entered the game

Countdown: Server: [lof]mYE.ET [Pigeon] [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]mYTAG.ET [RETARDLET [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]Deathless Negativ [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]winner winner chicken dinner [lon]entered the game
Countdown: Server: [lof]mYE.ET [squAze] [lon]entered the game

plus jinosta was looking for an EC team AFTER he joined but he changed his mind
Well done, you beat us while trailing 3 players, and btw, that wasn't razz, don't get your hopes up; and Jinosta wasn't playing with us then, he joined like around February.
as realize has already said, that wasn't razz, it was our friend query who likes to drink Bacardi Razz.

apart from that, that was a LOOONG time a go when we were playing REAAALLY bad xD try again >.<
oh, impressive victory, 45 seconds, amazing >:O
yea it was as demented says, jinosta wanted an EC team so i was laughing at that. But yea good luck :)
gl havoc, hydro & jino
gl erase, jinosta ^^
gl havoc,hydro
gl essito and donito
gl hf to:

jinosta loolz
dont bet on erase they suck like hell
2 late =D
Me sad face me lose 20e e-moneys emoemo

Today 21:00 erAse #DevineGaming 1.13 vs. 8.45 Strenght And Honor 20 € on erAse Lost

failer. obv result was obvious
sorry failer but im not a failer that looks on GamesTV every 30 minutes.
go make sense, sushi eating wankstain
no, thats nolifer not failer, failer.
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now gtfo
/care noob they loseso dont say tome gtfo ;)
bad day for erase
how could you loose erAse :< Well played anyways <3
Was probably the shittiest match we ever played :)
:< well dont do it again, lost my monies! :<
wtf apoc