Vicious and Evil vs Impact Gaming (13688 views)

fi twidi
fi Lettu
fi Iron
fi kapaa
fi chmpp
fi mystic
gb sqzz
gb Sheep
gb R0SS
gb razz
gb eVo

This EuroCup Match will be Radio Shoutcasted by gb Owzo and at galiathus.

19.04.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Killerboy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 111723
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
xx #CubeCast Cast server 6
By: owzo
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Language: English
xx #CubeCast Cast server 8
By: galiathus
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Language: German

Total Slots: 400
Listener Peak: 68

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 384


1st gl impact
gl m1lk & sqzz
gl sqzz + razz
gl sqzz, mystic

Gl mystic & sheep :).
hf razz ;)
vae = instavin
omg fi mystic omg
hf :P
I heard impact came back with toxic and gifty, where did all those brits come from?
i heard toxic was avi too today, but since eVo entered that lineup then i guess it's the confirmed one for tonight. Gifty still in au.

doesnt look like he wants to come back any time soon
rich swiss :(

Toxic cannot play until he gets back home in malta, he simply is too laggy using his hotel internet
bahh sucks... i heard he's going to be in malta before AEF starts :p
both him and gifty will be playing from the start of june
who is mystic ?
fi Muumioiden mittelö
=D !
lolz, they should show that pic and vid in AA meetings!
gona be a good game since both teams suck atm :D

gl razz and kapaa m8s :D
VAE has always sucked, that will never change!
gl lettu
gl sheep sqzz razz <3
is this 21:00 CET or 21:00GMT? :D
QuoteToday 22:00 CEST

22:00 cet / 21 gmt

edit: wanna cast it?
gl chmmp & kapaa
hf squizzy & razzneye
gb Owzo gb Owzo gb Owzo gb Owzo
mystic & one star? pls
Mystic one man army... Gl old star ;)
look at killerboy making it look all professional :]
GL razz + sqzz =)
who is lettu ???

ex-teams ?
gl both :) hf in game ;)
how you can listen their comment.

wich username and password ?
you have to download winamp
haha vae gona roll!, but gl impact!
Ty killerboy for help, i will download it :)

but its free ? o.0 :$
yes, download the free version.
btw you don't need any password+username it's just that the radio is still offline
You have € 1714 on vae
Possible win: € 4096.46

go go :D
good luck sqzz ;)
fixed ^^
get your stream online or it will be removed
2-0 impact (won adler)

now playing goldrush
R0SS rolled grush
4-0 impact

almost 400 viewers. :)
R0SS :]
haha egoquit
hell of a game .. nice cast owz .. wp impact
wow well played Impact :D
23:40 < Sample> kapaaa joko foldi?
23:40 < kapaaa> on foldi

BB NONIX : )))))

You have € 20051 on gb Impact
You won € 30277.01
Really nice shoutcast owzo!
ggs all nice game to cast :)
(22:42:41) <kapaaa> [CB]Killerboy we are out :D

You have € 31 on eu vae
You lost

shit happen :(
great job owzo, nice shoutcaster
is impact getting a yellow card?
for what
Players always have to be easily identifiable to cup admins, opponents and spectators. Therefore, players must use easily identifiable nicks which are the same as (or very closely resemble) those registered on their Allowed Players List both on IRC and in-game. Sanctions: Yellow Card.

Rules are the same for everyone, no protection for anyone, right? also, iirc, in the previous seasons the clan spectators were forced to leave the server and go to ettv, how come that didn't happen yesterday
both teams agreed it is no problem to have eVo as spec, I don't see any problem.
alright, was just wondering cos I remember admins telling specs to leave the server, what about the yellow?
no yellow for mystic? :<
was afraid to question mystic in-game :(
well i agree with danL with this, no matter who the player is, he shud use the right name... Yellow card for impact tbh :p
problem is that he hasn't logged in his cb account for years, and his email is now invalid, has to make a new account to change his nick on cb or write a ticket on the helpdesk and that will take a week atleast.
tell eVo to make it happen! must is a must :D
I bet if that was me or some other player it would have been a yellow card.. :D
how dare you compare yourself with mystic!!!
why are you so intent on giving impact a yellow card? Whats your issue?
rules are rules :)
rules were made to be broken :D but at the end of the day if there was proof it was the right player regardless of name then what'sthe problem? lol u get confused cause u had to call him a different name in vent :D
I know what you mean man, but just the point that everyone normally gets told in CB games to use the real nick, but when it happens to these teams its just ignored. If some lower skilled team did the same, they most probably would be penilised. Stupid rule, but if everyone else abides by it, impact should.
You have € 108 on Impact
You won € 163.08