United Kingdom vs Estonia (17347 views)

gb razz
gb sqzz
gb Griim
gb R0SS
gb w3st
ee Night
ee frEeze
ee rAUL
ee bff
04.05.10 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Anaconda (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 96498
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Radio Commentary
gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT
Listen to TosspoT
Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
fr #eNergiz TV I
By: kURS (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 490


1st GL Both teams
2ng gl ;)
gl EE
gl uk & kAmzZ <3
KAMZ NOT PLAYING so gl sqzz and razz :D
sheep ?"??????
You have € 50 on UK
Possible win: € 816.5
ee lineup: raul , bff , nait , rld , freeze
tooooooo easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
cu on the battlefield.
You shouldnt go with Tarvo this time :P
sqzz vs mant :D
mant a fait un docrun avec un straf normal, rien de comparable aux mouvements de sqzz :/
normal :D? cetai de la merde oui
+ similaire a du lepari
t'as de la merde dans les yeux
ee get alexl this time.

You have € 1000 on UK
Possible win: € 6710
"Listen to TosspoT" :)
gl uk
You have € 4600 on ee EST Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4922

plzzz bet on UK :D
Izi 4 uk :PpP
Quotegb kaMZ

want to believe!

gl uk + freeze : )
he wanted to concentrate on his EC team

didn't rly work :PP
jien ghandi zobb zghir habib
replace bff or raul with subbi and everything is fine =)
bibuy uk
GL both
gl EST bois!
gl razz & sqzz
You have € 50 on gb UK Cancel bet
Possible win: € 323.5

Go Team UK!

it needs kamz :(
where is nordan? :o)
gl freeze ;)
gl nordan
et merc avi :D!
You have € 216 on UK
Possible win: € 1205.28

Forfeit it will be
gl razz sqzz griim!
You have € 1230 on ee EST Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1476
gl sqzz griim freeze =)
gl Estonia.

Kaksteist Kuud.
No, cocks tastes good !
I knew you would answer.
Night fever :)
fraid estonia got this :P
izi for esto...gl Reload , night , freeze
Finally normal line-up @ estonia. why couldnt you get this vs poland?...
no need
look like they didnt need it, moron
gl sqzz and razz
Gl al and raul
omg toss omg
Looks like im gona have to stet up for this one as FOP :<
You might want to have your crosshair in the middle of your screen then.
gl razz <3 + bff and raul :)
EST has it
gl se
Best of luck rAZz, sqzz n R0SS xx
gl reload
kamzz play?
gl sqzz! ill be speccin you as always! :)
sqzz will be the man of the match im sure
Put haste in that line up!
2 sqzz's in 1 team is overrated
gL Nait nd stuff
good luck sqzz mate :)
gl sqzz :)
5th -> gb Sheep ??
np 4 EE, pikoos they hääv RELOAd!!!

last time u were lucky, PIKOOS they HÄÄÄVENT RELOAd!!! :D
All sound checked and ready to go, no tech errors tonight hopefully!
hope not young toss.... i expect my usual "aye wee laddie" shoutout. toss shoutcasting on et, its just not been the same without you.

You have € 72 on gb UK Cancel bet
Possible win: € 372.96
Dificult match for Est!
wheres gamz? :<
Tune in: http://www.quadv.com/live/
we need moar spam, do we?
well atleast i'm not using the matchinformation box xD
is it working?
working with Media player
Not Found

The requested URL /live/radio1/asx was not found on this server.

wont work for me either
try running the URL for itunes in windows media player, worked for me

who's playing for UK
sqzz razz ross griim and w3st I think
ya think uk gonna win ?:D

save one of the 3 and open with vlc/mediaplayer
gl estonia
I clicked the iTunes icon and opened with Winamp. (m3u file)
Works well.
2-0 eesti
well played uk, 3rd place not bad played well !
just look at what you posted
3rd.. 4th is Poland
ah, odd cb rules i guess..
winner/loser bracket finals. Used in quite a few comps now
was a good game
unlucky uk, wp est
Haha, UK humour ?
unlucky on gr.

fun to watch
gg wp :)
no kamz no win :<
Night is the man..
...yes Night .::brain::. :)
No kamz no win
we got rolled
That's what happens when people bring there friends back to play for UK.
gbSheep gbmiXer gbrazz gbsqzz
if only, if only ...
miXer is good tbh
Sheep & miXer are both rifles :/