colt 45 and two zig Zags vs Impact Gaming (18643 views)

27.05.10 20:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Killerboy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 201857
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 279


good match
hmm gl to both teams
gonna be an awesome match, even without ati.
two biggest hackers in the et scene
SingH and rAna.
powodzenia zMk ^^ ...
Where is Nonix? :(

Does Emorej go on some lan?
I'll keep my opinion to myself but you might want to check this link out :)
what does the ec final have to do with jerome and lans ? :)
nonix deleted all of his comments here... he replied something about twidi never being really good, zmk sucking on lan, some more blabla about the other players and said he had never heard of emorej and asked the public how that could be, so I pointed out he played in that EC final a long time ago and it's probably his fault he doesn't know him.
Why are u so angry? Because nobody wants to play with you?
did he delete this comment or something? xd

admin are teh nuked my commentz :x
gL colt45
colt45 and impact every game is new lineup..
cool story bro ;)
emolesalo gl bro
kamz vs eVo
TBA lineups not allowed on GTV
please create a ticket and i will address it as soon as possible :P
EDIT:GL to both teams, won't be back in time to cast it afaik but if I am, I will jump straight on! I will leave the shoutcast on the list just in case I get back in time :P
match is moving to mon/tue anyway :)
good, just got back and im proper fuckin tired so i wouldnt be castin it anyway ;)
gb R0SS
gb sqzz
it XyloS
es Winghaven
de sNoOp
we dont need no imaginary lineups!
Its not thats the lu
wtf i thought you had a fight with R0SS :D
We're big boys we can resolve issues :P
wtf! people on the internet can resolve issues? :o
powodzenia zMk ! :)

nonix got rolled by c45 :P ?

jestes wiekszym idiota niz myslalem
again new Impact lineup? XD
Impact hits it big
You have € 40 on colt45
Possible win: € 82.8

But just because twidi is office!
match is moving to mon/tue anyway :)
gl kamzz still love u :(
gl mon petit emo
razz going to play for colt45 o.o lol cool
anyway good luck to both teams
shut up no mum tard...low
Yet again it comes to which team has better rifle and ammo giving field ops.
why am i betting on impact wheheheh :<:<:<
my mind says yes but my heart sayyyyyyyyys no :<<
You have € 200 on Impact
Possible win: € 336
gl kamz and sqzz ;)
omg winghaven omg
impact more of a mix team than TAG ever was
tag still performs as a mix :)
Atleast we got a stabile line up per season =d
we arent a mix!?
oh snap
Im still takin a shit yo!
its all good, im keeping constanza warm over here aight!
gl zmk and colt45
GL both teams :)

l00lll XDD winghaven xylos XDDD where mistic?
gl sqzz and razz<3
l00lll XDD winghaven xylos XDDD where mistic?
gl britz
Glhf emolelaso winghi & sqzz.
Who the hell is betting on Impact? Didn't y'all see the game yesterday? :D
if wing plays and evo doesnt = win!! :P
indeed, what a fools

where's mystic?
i herd mystic deathed its troo?
izi pour l'OM


--------------------FLAMING LINE-----------------------------------
the almighty kamz? :(DDD
GL impact winghaven do your thingg
NuggaN play?
zMk nuggan gra ?
sick lu Impact :)
GL zMk~~~ :D
Will be a nice game I guess, gl Winghaven & XyLoS!
GL impact gaming =) snoop - xylos - wing - sqzz - ross <33333333333
Are u sure?
No sign of Wing yet! :D
any idea if itll be played today?
gl impactbois
colt gonna roll :(
is it still being played?
didn't start yet
I know i'm on ettv, I meant is it cancelled?
for when?
Impact fail to field a lineup once again. Going to be played either this week or next.
grrrrrrrrrrr last normal ETTV match today and delayed´:-(
ok thanx
gg ¬¬!
gl colt45
waiting waiting waiting :D
Cancel bets ffs... I bet a lot of money in this match... just cancel them
gl kamziboy mate
without mystic this gonna be ezbash for colt45
tight match
stable clans are stable
GL NgN <3
well i think colt45 will win!
No Mystic ::S
haters gonna hate
moneys on you kamz bruv
GL Razz and Sqzz :)
gl to both team :E
might wanna respond to the ESL challenge
i want mystic back :(
gl kamz and sqzz
gl WINGHAVEN sqzz sNoOp
You have € 313 on colt45
Possible win: € 1242.61
Wondering who's Impact's next victim to get kicked after losing this game.
finspastic5 will get "kicked" if impact lose
think he means from the lineup? =x
they cant add any more players in groupstage, in playoffs only 1!
clearly thats not your problem.
If I just had some money now, I would be rich :(
who betted a million on impact ? :D
GL both teams :D
gl twidi
great match
gl zmk hf impact;] all cash on you!:)
impact should win this
Good luck Impact :)
izi bash 4 sqzz
You have € 353 on colt45
Possible win: € 956.63

I got a feeling.
GL both <3
GL kamz twidi razz

this getting played this time?!?!?!?!?!?! :<
in snoop i trust
gl sqzz ! :)
gl emorej
depends on colt45 lineup if they play like: kamz, nuggan, emorej, twidi, rAZz I believe!
gl my hater & razz & sqzzz x
lol odds drastically changed in our favour :\
You have € 172 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 364.64
colt, they got zMk. gl R0SS, sqzz, wing and xylos tho :))
Gl emorej & xylos :).
This match is gonna be really nice!
gl colt45 and two zig zAg!
gl kamzm8
battle of britian
score ?
You have € 1554 on gb colt45
Possible win: € 3372.18
You have € 40629 on gb Impact
Possible win: € 75163.65

nP for me X-D
impact did a good jo- never mind.
You know what sucks? You just lost 40000 euros.
silly boy
wtf :D
Today 14:30 colt 45 and two zig Zags 2.17 vs. 1.85 Impact Gaming 40,629 € on Impact Lost

easy as shelling peas and I forgot to bet...what a dumbass..
4-0 colt, well done.
You have € 412 on gb colt45
You won € 894.04
nice c45 <3 u all :D
lol you're doing it wrong dummy, you have to bet on your opponent :)
wiadro jaka stuleja gbookowa. kurwa myslalem ze stawia sie na swoich krejzoli, nie po to aby wygrywac miliardy. dobra i tak cie lubie, chociaz masz stulejke po chuju!
gg emosalo :c
You have € 1000 on gb colt45
Possible win: € 2170
good game.
can u send me ur cfg
i love you RAZZ AND KAMZ
You have € 37 on gb colt45
You won € 80.29
nerds got rolled

You have € 822 on gb colt45
You won € 1783.74
You have € 250 on gb colt45
You won € 542.5
You have € 1636 on gb colt45
You won € 3550.12
You have € 1000 on gb colt45
You won € 2170

EASY FOLD as i said
You have € 500 on colt45
You won € 1085
Quote nl Ati_ Wednesday, 26th May 2010 10:22
If I just had some money now, I would be rich :(

where is mystic ?
got the feeling nonix would have commented if we lost, hmmm
soooo true :D
lol zmk what you have became
Bien joué l'ancien !