Sleeperz vs Fintastic 5 (10789 views)

10.06.10 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Killerboy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 210029
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 259


too ez for zZz

ensam gay :PP
what is match IP?
too ez for zZz

ensam gay :PP
noobs gonna get held in spawn :(
dont be that harsh to you you are no noob :d
frag die mal ob du an deren penisen lutschen darfst? für die sachen die du zu mir gesagt hattest im ts3 werde ich dich noch knechten!
WAY easy for Fintastic
You have € 600 on fi F5 Cancel bet
Possible win: € 882
Ati_ for win!
Good luck grim, :)
You have € 939 on F5
Possible win: € 1230.09
ati gl bro
gl ati & suvi :p
this game is today? o,o

I'm not sure if we even have 5 for this...
2nd forfeit incoming
how hard is it to schedule your games :_X
we didnt schedule this.. scheduled by suvi
well if you're not using that proposal function on CB and it got forced it's your own fault, if he just proposed and told KB this was the date I guess you're not to blame :)
CB automaticly makes the last date proposed if forced, kind of fail
Nah, at least when I used to do it, forced dates were chosen by the supervisor after reviewing the challenge history. If no challenge exists, the supervisor just puts it on a random day, if only one team has challenged for a date then that date is chosen by default.
yea, that's what I did (the challenge, on which they didn't react), but instead of a forced date, the match got rescheduled :D
no, it's just that i asked suVi if they agreed on a date with Fintastic 5, and he told me "yes we did" and gave me the date, he though fin5 accepted the challenged, didn't notice it was his challenge.
the match week lasted until monday which was the limit and everyone knew it, i challenged, their wa(ensam) wasn't here, and no one else bothered to contact me about the date.. good that it's not forfeit though, would be 3rd forfeit already by their team and we surely wouldn't want that would we.

QuoteDue to internal/clan problems and issues in Overload, DreaM and FiF.zeroE, the first matchweek has been extended to the 13th of June.
that's crossfire, not clanbase, and it wasn't shown on clanbase + there's still the problem of me not receiving any response from them... sry but that's just fucked up
lal at tha fintards :x
npz 4 sleeperz : )))
Ati_ will kill u all!
not gonna be played tonight
Where is Lazio? :o
You have € 613 on fi F5 Cancel bet
Possible win: € 790.77

All in
hf griim & ffive
too bad ati_ is in the team that is going to lose ..

u had more players of f5 playing than we had of zZz

nerd :PP
gratz for rolling a mix" pwner"
Mix playing 5on5 ladder? I DONT THINK SO!!!!!! THEY CLAN!
they are more of a mix than you are^^
KRP isnt mix!


thats what i said ec clan won against a mix "GREAT SUCESS"
Stupid sleeperz mix when they challenge EC winners :D

Sleeperz had no chance at all
krp with ensam,olbaa,sample =XD
the guys have been members of KRP since 2004, 2008 & 2006 so Id rather say it's KRP playing EC than f5 playing ladder since there are more old-school KRP players playing than ones who dont belong to KRP (fyi Lepari is the only one who aint in CB, yet) :P

you are too stupid to understand you are just proving our point...
i love ur passion :D
gl both
ati low max
ati max low
max ati low
izi 4 ma boys :) <3
ati max low
GL olbaa
ati wil deliver!
gl zZz
gl sleeperz
gl lepari & olBaa.
GL Grim and Ati_ =D
F5, do you play with full lineup? Just want to know how should I bet
should be, but u never know :(
gl nl Ati_
where is taz? thought he is somewhat like the most skilled finnsih player out there! why isnt he playin? -.-

Mr. Ensam will p00n.

gl suvi
wheres lazio
2-2, delivery izi for ZzZ
B3 -.-
A little bird told me, Dave will deliver.
4:2 f5 gg
im ashamed of them.
better go pracc delivery!
why? the teams that are bad enough to pick it as their map are not the teams that could ever win decider.
it's not true
are you still teamleader like you were in MM :) ?

wp btw
you mad :PP
angry nerd is mad :PPP
angry nerd is angry :PPP
that was harsh
its not like u were gonna do anything else than playing ET
its not like u where gonna do anything else than playing ET
It's not like u were gonna do anything else than playing ET (davv gay :P)
its not like u where gonna do anything else than playing ET
Quit bragging ?
lol, so true :D
You think a team like idle, having seen just how amazingly bad you are on it, won't pick it against you? Sounds a touch naive. I know polar would've done it, when they were one of the best teams in the game.
I know gunslingers would've done it too. They were also one of the best teams in the game.
What is the hidden msg, dont really get it
would underscore do that?
If we are good on that map and we know the opponent is bad on that , yes.

I was there when idle guys talked about what map they should take against rockit at cc7, they took braundorf because they knew rockit not that strong on that. They beat rockit so easily before the lan on that map. Unfortunatelly for them they lost braundorf but they won the lan 8-2 :)
Did you happen to hear their tax?
jeh, i was watching matias owning
The point is not that you're good on that one particular map, the point is you would suck on any other.

Oh, and of course teams like idle can pick any map because they can easily win them.
No, the original point was that 'teams that are bad enough to pick delivery' would not be able to win a decider map. I was making the counter-argument that it's quite likely that the teams that could win a decider map may well also pick delivery against an opponent that is demonstrably weak on the map.
Well it means the same, if opponent is very weak on that one single map (and you want to play it because of that) then you will lost on any other map (decider) anyway.
No, it really doesn't. Imagine a simple situation where you have two teams, Team A and Team B, and a maplist with 5 maps. Both teams are equally good on four of the maps, but on the fifth map Team B is really bad while Team A is good. If you were in Team A, what map would you pick?
thats a really personal/team question. Sure, some will take opponent's worst map as their map, some prefer always taking their homemap and if homemap isnt avi they might take 2nd best OR opponent's worst. There isnt a right pick for it.

Its also perfectly understandable that weaker team team will try and win some map their enemy is not exceptionally good at so rly dunno why ensam was was frustrated about it, was really expected really. In the end it didnt change any results because they were bad in other maps (also really expected)
Well zZz and F5 aren't equal on 4 maps and that's the point, as well as idle could beat easily any other team on 90% of the maps.
I mentioned polar because it's the only time I've been directly involved in the map-choice process in EC, so I have definitive proof of it there - iirc polar even picked karsiah in one match, because they thought their opponents wouldn't be strong on it. I'll generalise, if you like, and say that I know considering your opponents' weakest maps is a part of the map-choice process for a lot of highskill teams. If you just take your strongest map, you're not optimising properly - you should choose the map with the biggest difference between you and your opponent to give you the best chance of winning.
delivery is such a bullshit map that you really must lack skills in other maps to pick that one

still can't understand how it got chosen into EC mappool, goes into same category with maps like svarvadel and caen that might be fun at public, but just aren't suitable for competition. reasons for that are so obvious that I can't even bother to start explaining them
stup whining just couse you suck on it
my teams have usually done good on delivery actually (for example with vae we beat both mamut and bb in major officials on that map and now with colt45 we've won it 2/2 times in officials), but that doesen't change the fact that it's a shit map and not shouldn't be used in competition
Its not about lack of skill its about likelihood of success, we knew they hated and were bad at delivery, thats why we picked it, not that we lack skill on other maps (whether we do or don't is irrelevant as the point is it wasn't in our contemplation when picking the map).
oh well.. atleast with my teams we've always picked a map we like to play most ourselves (radar or gr usually). only exception has been if I've been on a fairly weaker team than the opponent and we've thought we don't stand any chance to beat them in a decent map. in that case we might've taken a shit map we don't really like, but never against an opponent that we can beat on decent maps
dont worry, most teams reason like that.
he just mad
You have € 7 on fi F5
You won € 7.91
full of win
You have € 2000 on fi F5
You won € 2260
wp zZz xD
wp mates, u are truly fintastic !! :PP
what map zZz won?
lol sleeperz mad ;_D
we not mad, they just hatin
izi going
amazing play by f5! EC winners fo sho :)
They've gotta beat idle as well ;o)
nerds got rolled and now they mad?!