Sleeperz vs Most Valuable Players (8093 views)

be Lazio
gb griim
no Eirik
ee hell
gb Kamz
pl numeric
gb razz
pl zMk
gb Jinosta
pl Frag`Stealer
07.09.10 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #evu.cup
Manager: Robert (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 49726
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 133


gl mvp
go jino son & Eirik
Gl zZz + jinosta :)
gl razz & Jinosta & Kamz <3
jinstoa (:
gl frag ' stealer !
gl jinosta & razz

wait wut
gl eirik !
gl jinosta, shoutout pls 8>
gl MvP, hf Jino
gl both! <o/
Which team you play with now ?
gl jinosta , shoutout!
jino gna roll :O:_D
gL Jinom8 <3
gl jinosta
all depends how jino plays !
nerds gonna get rolled! :D
jinosta gonna get rolled because he dont sleep
gl Jinosta :P
gl jinosta! :D
Gl Kamz,Jinosta,Numerc,Razz

Love you all so much
GL Frag & zMk
You have € 2226 on MvP
Possible win: € 3895.5

this should be a nice game. gl kamz, Jinosta,razz,Eirik
gl robert druwyn sean <333
You have € 100 on MvP
Possible win: € 175
gl zmkstab
kamz :D

gl :)
should be close
izi mvp
easy bash for zero empathy
gl Jinosta and Kamzz
GL Eirik and Jinosta <3
Hope jinosta rapes kamz hard :')
Master vs Student :s
but is this the day that the student becomes the master?
good cause kamz is the student
gl zZz + jinosta!
Too easy for mvp
GL zZz and ziemek
whats up with fragstealer and numeric landmines ?
Good luck kamz and jino <3
gl jinosta!
didnt bet on u tough.
wtf is with this jinosta that everybody love him? is it because his very cool nick??
nah its a nice guy on vent , and skilled.
he has cool nick?
Was wondering too... heard from this guy for the 1st time 2 days ago and now he is a rockstar :D
lol gambler he is famous etpl :>D kamz gl
Famous ? teams ? what cup or LAN did he win ?
shittest troll ever
This is not a troll, Im in this game since it was released and the first time I heard of this guy was 2 days ago...
then what is your real nick
link with my question ? if he's so famous why is it so hard to give me a good team he was in, or some achievement ?
c'est un mec qui tapait du 80hs/map facile mais depuis sa performance en lan il arrive a peine a depasser les 30 :)
so true mais du coup il a join de copains botters =D
Team-uk 2008
Team Scotland
OK not famous at all as I thought, thx
but he was playing on a skilled level the whole time anyway. and that he was in team UK and already played EC with sublime just proves my point.

you are stupid
He's not Polish.
he pms people to give him gl!
no i don't you lying cunt jealous wanker
don't lie, ur first time in a big match so understandably u r very excited!!
Please playing vs you =D

welcome to ec/nc level lowbie, time to teach the student a lesson
np for kamz^^
GL TO KAMZ , (since no one else wants to say it)
gl razz sean
hf Kamz razz Jino griim :P
gl Jinosta ! :))
gl both
Goodluck zZz
Hoping for zZz
griim come back to Qube
gl jinosta <3
and eirik
gl kamzz :))
Imag instead of razz
4:0 rage/zZz
You have € 259 on eu MvP
You lost
You have € 100 on dk zZz
You won € 267

You have € 1000 on zZz
You won € 2670 :):)
You have € 175 on dk zZz
You won € 467.25

Sorry Jinosta, but I had more faith in Eirik! :p
faith has nothing in this game :d the problems we had during it ruined us so we got rolled :d
Du må ikke stole på en sånn cheater heller :P
hehehehe :D
Han er koselig da - dog ikke like koselig som Eirik!
Han er altfor glad i og spille med cheaters, og dessuten er han jævly obvious :P
You have € 50 on dk zZz
You won € 133.5
You have € 250 on dk zZz
You won € 667.5
gg ragers :)
where did razz go? :-o
razz played goldrush but without slac
ha rolled thank you
You have € 100 on MvP
You lost
You have € 250 on eu MvP
You lost

You have € 98 on dk zZz
You won € 261.66
You have € 40 on dk zZz
You won € 106.8

You have € 350 on MvP
You lost