Team Dignitas vs EC Winners !!! (13841 views)

ee Anderson
de drago
si Jakazc
fi olBaa
fi Iron
pl dialer
pl wiaderko
nl perfo
nl teKoa
be chry
31.10.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Major Series VII Group Stage » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: l4z (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 222184
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 277


gl tekoa & drago <3
5th gl mate´s
gl teKoa
who fucks up the odds?

You have € 100 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1220

You have € 60 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 904.2
g0g0g0 dignitas !
You have € 59 on
Possible win: € 711.54
gL dialer!
easy for d.
someone is trolling odds :D
gl dignitas, tekaaaaao en chry :))
np for ecw
gl Iron :D
epic match
jaka, iron out. squall, karnaj back. otherwise d. will fail
1.Karnaj joined dicknitas
2.Enjoyed cool tshirts, cash prizes and very good support from dicknitas
3.Left them and profit!
gj ehehheh trolled dicknitas
not gonna happen most likely, at least not with me :p
You have € 80 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 298.4
gl both :)
i fixed the odds
Total Capital 216659.41 €

the fuck! :D
us hornet8819's Gambling Stats ( Rank 2,208 / 2,289 )
Total Capital 216659.41 €
GL tekoa <333 and dialer!!
gl drago ;;
gl drago , Anderson, tekoa & perfo
is night ever gona come back? dignitas aint the same since he left :/
next year or so i guess .. no idea how long army service is over there
estonian army lasts 8 months)
all in on dignitas=)
gl dialer (dtroll them hard) & tekoa <3
no NuggaN no win
gl Anderson
GL Jeroen & Jasperator

hf reloadson dragon's son & other sons
night :D?
gl olbaa :)
ecw stand no chance
hf olbaa, tekoa and Iron :)
izi for tekoa <33
have fun rolling noobs olbaa m8 :D x
gl wiaderko olba
succes tekoa! ik mis mijn gedichtjes! :< (:P)
go ECW!
gl olbaa :~>
gl tekiowa and perfo!
get a life loosers
anderson will pwn them np
Why isnt Squall on Dignitas anyways?
dialer ,chry .. lowest guys in EC ever, easy for dignitas .
gl tekoa
there will be any streams or i have to install ET to watch this match ?
You'd rather install ET.
You have € 600 on gb Cancel bet
Possible win: € 666

gogo :Ddd
52nd gl all
rescheduled to sunday 21cet
gl olbaa
Dignitas probably rescheduled so they can prac up with squall and matias back. I actually reckon dignitas can match epsilon now. Although mAus > dignitas :D
now that wud be a good match :D

but i think epsilon would take it,dignitas is now just all aim rly :DD + they dont have a real rifle

but thats just a guess,it could go either way
its just fair.. all the teams have a chance now to win something until night comes back .. then d. will be unbeatable again :)
epsilon doesnt seem to have any prob against any team atm,they are easy bashing all,and if night came back,then it would be 50/50 imo,still these 2 are the best teams in ET atm,unless MM gets their all star lineup again :D
Cancel bets please :[
dignitas line up
ee Anderson
de Drago
fi Matias
fi OlBaa
fi SQuall

This is will be fun :D
ta shiftabodone
You have € 100.00 on ECW.

Possible Win: € 418.00

gl ecw
You have € 50 on eu ECW.
Possible win: € 225
cmon tekoa! you can make iT!
Team Dignitas >all
d to the d to the o to the s
goku is da maaaaaaaaan !
oh shit how did you find that?!!
Compared to you, I learned to read at school. :)
You have € 1994 on gb
You won € 2372.86