Descent vs USA (5099 views)

ca Anim
is Phyzic
us Sandbag
us Larky
us Bliss
us Common
us Ouch
us Elusive
us Vorg
lol goodluck
11.02.11 04:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: aRiZona59 (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 2031
The bets have been cancelled.

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Oh dear.
kardon still as dumb as when he quitted :)

inb4 flame
as I said last year. izibash.
lawl easy for USA
So what is phyzic doing there if you want to prove who are the better USA players xD
i wanna playyy..
same match as before..same results
If its going to be a 4-2 Thriller like last time it should be fun. But in all seriousness take everyone down on the right because we dont want to play anymore.
cus ya gonna lose. sandbag will through the game on porpuse cus he likes kardon/larky more then you.
i'm probably going to take this down, i've been thinking there's no reason for this to even happen. all i would be doing is further dividing usa players, so nvm.
sup kardon bud!
cmon mang. don't let common get to you :D
No, we dont want to play for team USA anymore because we want kardon on the team. If you didnt know already everyone on team usa is upset he didnt get included.
orly? Good for you chap :D
Anim and Phyzic will carry, so this proves fuck all.
+ 1
so true, anim and phyzic will be a challenge. rest?
gona be even easier then last year xD
np4kARDON + Larky
immature kardon, the captain picks the team
and the nation picks the captain, which unfortunately was not the case :)
Even if I have nothing against azuKi I have to agree with you this rule sucks. I would be elected french captain if CB wasn't mad at me eheheheh.
france would be NC champions then. They dont want the french to succeed D}:
How sad it is... :{| eheheheh
gl larky
how about remove anim, phyzic and bebit if you wanna prove you have a better american team you dumb fuck. phyzic and anim will carry you on their backs.
phyzic did not carry last year... this is just showing how terrible azuki is doing at picking good players. and two of the players i want on Team USA are on azuki's team already (bliss and pauz), but she picked 3 other players that don't know what they're doing.
well almost the entire et scene thinks phyzic is botting on slac so I think it's fair to say he'd be carrying. atm you are only embarrassing yourself anyway with this crap.
anim and phyzic got lowest dmg on supply last year.... your logic is sad. USA is even worse now than last year. We could use Americans to beat that team now if we wanted. But the chance to full hold them in spawn is just too hard to pass up.
I guess you aren't proving anything with this match then. and phyzic will carry this year, guaranteed. I'm not even gonna argue, all I'm gonna say is watch this match :)
did he pwn? Gonna watch it then <3
yes he did 8d

and he got highest dmg and look at who he is playing against >=/
last years match was on a thursday night if im not mistaken , and i had no school on fridays that semester so i went out almost every thursday night , i was playing drunk in last years match and we still won
there wasn't any SLAC last year :)
Don't bother trying to be reasonable with anyone on the internet. EVER. Egos will clash.
Bdmatthewson got this and Parker will be calling everyone faggots no doubt.
all my money on descent (90€ ) lol
anim cheater lover
Gonna agree with ArstAr on this, if you wanna try and show this team USA isnt good, field a better team USA, not team bunch of randoms that dont have shit to do with team USA
gl both
USA will win
Good luck Parker :)
lol @ whoever says usa will win.. :D

if it happens.. descent 4-0 without trying.
Not wise!
Rules: If USA wins: Larky and Kardon gives $5 each to Common
If Descent wins: Kardon gets to be on Team USA

not that shit again

physic and anim will carry,the rest of the players are utter shite
i am playing for usa
No one tells me about this stuff!
yo bliss, there's a team usa vs descent match coming up. thought you would want to know.
It's not happening this Sunday anyways
gl sandbag :DDD!
lol get USA players to play vs USA team, then it will actually prove whatever ur trying to prove, if u use non-usa players like ur doing ur just making a fool on gtv., no1 will care if u win or not, would be same if usa team plays vs ...whatever euro team.
ok well when you get bliss and common to come play for descent you let me know then i'll replace phyzic and anim. Until then, there are no other good NA players, soooo, i still feel i'm doing something that makes sense.
There are no other good NA players, so whats your point with this game??
lol no other good NA players.

just lol. i can name 10 better than you
wheres old mate opiate?
busted by slac :p
whats the tally now? 5? 6?
I think he only made two different slac accounts, "opiate" and "opert" :D
he lied then :(
maybe he was talking about pb bans? he has a few of those :p
To make this more interesting

Anim and phyzic are going to be replaced with peaches and ohurcool

If descent win azuki has to step down from being the captain and karl will make his comeback to take her place

If descent lose kardon and larky have to quit ETpro and go play on QAW

Gl Hf both teams
is kardon trying to play for usa again? :D
You have € 198 on us USA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 5494.5

i rofld.
[12:20] bebit: hayazy, azuki <- who's those guys
[12:20] Larky: azuki is captain
[12:20] bebit: sounds like pokemons
it's every year the same probleme with the USA roster.

here's a simple guide on how to get the best Nation Cup Roster for Team USA:

1. Take a look at all the players that are available to play for USA

2. Take the 5 best players



Kardon is OBVIOUSLY the best shot in America right now, and I'm not saying this because he's my friend, because he's not, I hate him very much but I can still say that the guy is the best shot in the USA.

It's time ppl get over their stupid egos and just take players that have the skill to play.

AAAAAAAZUKI I CHOSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which 5 do you think should play for team USA?
Oh and btw:

Kardon already top fragged those Team USA wannabe
USA needs sandbag badly cuz i only know him better :)

idk about others played kardon once he was good too
Correct me if I'm wrong, but nobody on the USA roster except Vorg has actually been playing ET actively in the last year?
who the fuck is vorg?
who the fuck is everyone except you, anim and bliss ?
Learn your na please :D
I started playing a little more often at the start of the new year, but there's not a lot of people to play with and I love Quake Live.
that seems to be the problem with USA roster choices. They pick the known players that don't practice and don't care as much as they should. There are others who would actually strat, scrim, and attempt to get past group stage at least. It's just pathetic. Same shit, past 3 years.
Wasn't that kind of what mistaken tried to do when he was captain?
What kind of team did Mistaken put together anyways?
As I recall, it had more "active" players, but ended up getting rolled over anyway. *takes a moment to dig up a list*

Elf, Bullet, Steve, Tps, The End, Matt, Axcess, Mistaken, Vermillion, godfather.

As I recall, it turned out pretty badly. In any event, the situation would be worse now, as any of the potential "new talent" seem spend all their time 3v3ing, and has no experience playing at a higher competitive level (although >:[ jason was active a while ago, sandbag might be decent but I've never seen him playing against skilled opponents, other than that nobody really comes to mind, but I haven't really played anything since STA died).
97% sure >:[jason got busted like 4 times
Active... USA... ET... last year... does not compute.
Anim (NRG) > Bliss (AOD).

shut up jacking off vent boy
Gettin' me confused with yucko? Did you not watch the video? Or is your comprehension level below 0?
lol are u stupid u talk to him about ur friend had a basket full of used condom with dirty sandwich full of naked tomatoes
here an idea:

why dont u guys make a lineup of what usa community actually think its best 5 players , (imo should include : sandbag, parker ,arizona+ 2 other dunno)
and then do a showmatch against some actual nationscup team, like....austria, and see if that usa lineup can beat austria (like the actual lineup didnt), then u will be showing azuki and whatever the community that that usa lineup would be better than the actual one, instead of doing this kind of ego matches that proves nothing anyways imo(since 1 team using phizic , bebit and anim)....
Now adays, nothing is done right.... every nations cup is the same for team usa and nothing will change that.
Lots of shady players want into Team USA. Shady players get players from other countries to play with them to see who is better. Larky & Kardon are still trying to cement themselves in the NationsCup legacy for actually being on the team, the game is dead and they still can't make it on the team.... Am I Missing something here?
its the captains responsibility to pick the best lineup out there and like most times the usa captain fails at doing exactly that thats the main reason kardon puts up this game and rolls team usa ....
Yeah but shouldn't he get players from USA on his team to play them? It doesn't really prove much if they are not.
And he's not proving anything. Me, Anim and Ouch rolled Kardon and Larky for 4-5 maps straight last night. Too bad Bebit rage quit after a minute and a half because Rock Guy was just owning the other team in the rock at Supply. Games might have actually been close if he had stuck around.

But anyways, yes, getting 3 non-americans to carry him is literally that meaningless. larky is not a smg, he's an rnade. I think we did alright 2v3. If you want to start using random 3v3 scrims as a basis of skill i guess that's awesome for you. Every time I 5v5 you guys though we always win, and that's when i'm playing with shitty players. Don't show up, I don't really care, you a zero % chance to win anyways even with bebit not playing. I don't know why you won't play though, seeing as the shrapnels crew is still online for at least 10 hours a day. If we replaced phyzic and anim with bliss and ouch that would be the starting five which is why it's the same shit. There are simply no other players that can compete so we can't field a team of 5 americans.
replace anim and you might just prove something.
there is literally no other USA player out there.
Bullets usually had around Larky's damage. Actually, on at least one map he out damaged Larky. He did get raped pretty bad on delivery, though.

But anyways, as I was saying, we had ANIM playing, which was the point. And I wanted a chance to talk shit to Bebit. I'm sorry.
Bunch of Magoos!
would have been the complete opposite result if i said yes to larky and went on vent with them ;)
i like bliss ouch axcess
you guys are so weird...
Serious business in 2011. We're not even going to show up for this probably.
No point in showing up, we know the results already..

"here an idea:

why dont u guys make a lineup of what usa community actually think its best 5 players , (imo should include : sandbag, parker ,arizona+ 2 other dunno)
and then do a showmatch against some actual nationscup team, like....austria, and see if that usa lineup can beat austria (like the actual lineup didnt), then u will be showing azuki and whatever the community that that usa lineup would be better than the actual one, instead of doing this kind of ego matches that proves nothing anyways imo(since 1 team using phizic , bebit and anim)...."

Is it just me or is this the only comment that is actually worth reading here?
I agree with tOrm, just set up a match with a different line-up and name it USA #2 or w.e and play vs another NC team and see if they are an improvement and work from there, no?
what you're not understanding, is the fact that kardon would use some of the players currently on the roster, but naturally, he can't play for both teams.
omg i cant play for an NC team on a dead game! nooooooo! :{

it's a dead game and people still try their hearts out.
the game aint dead. and" people trying their hearts out" is a good thing isnt it?
I'm guessing this Trance random is a failed ET player :( tried hard but his best just wasn't good enough :P (aka lowskilled player)
ouch.. thats an insult :P
it's gotta be true though right? :P you never reached a decent level even when you tried?
this shit again
nerds playing on friday evening

nice life
hf lagers
nice time lol :D