Canada vs Netherlands (15645 views)

ca rockstAr
ca rossko
ca monkey
ca sHAUN
ca anim
nl Ati_
nl joshua
nl Lun4t1C
nl saKen
nl xPERiA

CB NationsCup XIV - Playoffs: Lower Bracket Round 2
13.03.11 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XIV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: anim (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 119421
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 255



gl canada :)
gl canada
Netherlands get a fucking different line-up pffff...... learn from your mistakes (germany)
Pracc before we played 2-2 against finland, could've even won. Don't know what happened vs Ger. they were strong in attacks and we were bad on defences i'd say. We all had our fuck ups :[
hup holland hup :XD
mdr les mecs jouent avec un singe dans leur team

le tg

Argument invalid.
et avec une pierre étoilée :PppPpp
jte fait un special shoutout
nice match
gl rockstAr!
gl ca
Netherlands get a fucking different line-up pffff...... learn from your mistakes (germany)
gl canada
gl oli :))
saken mad
GL nl

and gl shaun monkey anim
go canada! :)
Good luck ex+3 SHAUN <3
gl nl
why teh fuck don't you play? best nlaimer in moustache land!
Why dont you play ? They need you!
Fucking true :D Missing their best player =/
ye !
where is tekoa ?!
where is perfo ?!
where is lightning ?!

xperia too low for team nl
gl rossko and rockstar!
Gl shaun rossko and anim
oh plzx keep this odds :D:D:D
Nether is obv winner y even bother canada
lol how very ignorant of you
prodigy is a hater of any1 who is better than he obviously.....
No SQuid, no win.
You have € 150 on NED
Possible win: € 295.5

izi money
lol izi money my ass, look netherlands performances and look canada's ones
You have € 250 on ca CAN Cancel bet
Possible win: € 495

make me pround anim rockstar rossko and monkey
felix cheering for me?! omg!!
times change

shaun said you are cool so:P
I'll pround ur ass big boy
2 bad u gonna lose ur money :/
gl anim. :)
Go get em boys!
where the fuck have u bin
hes been fuckin ppl up in l4d :P
I stopped playing like 2 years ago around this time! I started playing L4D1 & 2 in comp. I said I was going to make a return as a backup.....but ehhh never re-installed. <3 yew
I'm pretty sure Canada will take it. :)
Gl hf canada u can do this ! <3 shaun!
hup holland hup :o)
Waiting for tonights 10 euro and betting all my money on CANADA!!!

GL guys! :)
gl joshua
lol since when are these horrible players in team nl ?
Lunactic, experia... WTF?
more like why saKen is there
2o2 and 3o3 Dominator maybe?-_- joshua and saken are actually the best players in this lu,so sakura is right but even this netherlands lu is missing some tekoa abort hayaa...
lunatic terrible? gtfo please
gl hf joshua, saken & monkey
Gl rock rossk shaun and the rest of canada!
te aposte todo lo que tenia en tu caga de equipo seanl, asi que mas t evale que ganes ctm! :p
soz i need an update... whers milk and lightning?
need tek and perf
gl can, hf rossko, rockstar, anim <3
gl shaun :p
Goed Geluk! Nederland
gl brandon m8
Canada win pls
Fuck Netherlands. Go Canada.
b, expect 30 jump fragz. s, anything only 60 nades thrown... unacceptable. goodnight
Looser is out right?
saKen Ati out > tekoa abort in!
ati is rifle...
yea, you really need a second fop in 5o5 ;D
gl joshua :)
GL animm8, joshua and saken
lol since when are these horrible players in team nl ?
Lunactic, experia... WTF?
Loelz lunatchick and samsong ixperiah
Match probably wont be played today.

anim: So the reason I'm sending this pm is because we got hit rly hard with rain yesterday. Two of our players' basements flooded, and they are not able to even get online today. I wonder if it is at all possible we could reschedule our match vs NL. I am trying to keep updated with the two (Rossko and Rockstar) and I will be on irc fairly shortly.
sux :(
match delayed to next sunday :)
raindrops keep falling on my headddddddd
LOLOLOLOL they play in their basements ? XDD
why am i not surprised that this got re-scheduled.
Canada is pissing theirselves, thats why their basements are flooded
ta mere aussi
How old are you, seriously?
wouldve given you my age but i dont have school yet, ill let you know when i can count

another amazing reply, keep it up
sorry m8's. lots of snow followed by lots of rain makes living in a bungalow hard times :<
no tekoa no win....
Pak ze ...vrienden
gl anim, monkey & saKen :)
GL rockstAr & Lun4t1c
where the fuck is tekoa?
GL anim,shaun !
where lightning?^^^^^^
gl mnk, le saken pédé
good luck anush
gl monkey
Dit is echt weer zo´n typische wedstrijd wat NL makkelijk moet winnen, maar ze waarschijnlijk gaan verliezen ook nog.
Dus bij deze GL NL ;).

no teKoa - no win
Canada is niet slecht vriend, zal nooit makkelijk gaan.
jij hebt er duidelijk verstand van zie ik
hard to say but its the lowest NL team ever ;d
shaun is a hoe.
team canada isnt that good.. so NL dont need a good lu
lol? ":D sure"
Imo germany, finland, netherlands, poland, uk and sweden are better..
Sweden? Yes they went far.
they were just inactive, but remember that they have ALWAYS went to playoffs when they have played, they have never dropped out in groupstage
they did manage to pass their group but dropped out afterwards (and gave their spot to pt)
what's belgium
belgium without mAus => fail.
They're in winnerbracket final u handicapped
post of the year
I do have to admit that they're doing decent this year, but it's still not even close.. i'll easily name you 5 countries that would easily beat them: UK, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden..

Canada would have no chance against any of them.. but their still doing decent. And even though NL's lineup isn't at it's best, i'm sure it'll be a close match.

They're definetly not top 5 material.. but top 10 sounds better.
we are as good as germany tbh, we did like 3-1 in prac vs team poland (OH OK PRAC NO ONE TRY NOOBS) , UK would be close just like germany, finland -.- ok NC winner, sweden ROFL. We can actually beat every team but finland tbh (im not saying we will)
it all depends on how many nades shaun can throw
we are as good as germany tbh
we did like 3-1 in prac vs team poland
UK would be close just like germany

Playoffs: Lower Bracket

made my day
utilise ton cerveau pour une fois
tu sais très bien que tu vas perdre ce soir mon ami =)
ok et?
range ton putain d'ego?
assurance =/= ego , moron
assurance xDDD t'en fais un beau d'assurance


ton pseudo te vas a merveille
bon tg fanboy merci
pwnd truc de fou
ah oui c comme si karnaj,rizkkk,maxuh,emorej devrait jouer avec un noob comme toi, eux aussi ils perdraient leur match
je joue pas ou du moins je joue pus :D nolife de merde.

j'ai jouer avec karnaj et rizk en 2005 ... ah pardon tu jouais pas encore.

saloute l'ami.
tu as qu'a lui demander a karnaj quand je jouais avec lui dans les IgW
out of the 5 you named canada already beat 2

i'd take a look at who they beat and when.. does winning a practice match mean anything? not really.. and whens the last time Sweden lost in a Nations Cup match? hmm a few months ago, versus PL.. in 3o3 and they lost 4-2.. it was a pretty close match and this was against a decent PL team.. Sweden is way underrated and the only reason you don't hear about them lately is cause of inactivity.

sweden has nuggan and thats it
canada are as good as germany (beat them once already)
canada >>>>>>>>>>>> sweden
canada will be dominated by finland
canada will lose to UK but it won't be some easy match
canada would lose to poland easily
maybe its just me but isnt croatia a very decent team as well! Estland aswell?

e: Belgium doing awesome aswell even without mAus
You as well use as well as well as people who like to use as well ;~o
Izi pour le singe
gl NL ^^
gl nl
his name is kyle, he is here for a while... so u better like his mafucking style!
sounds funny when u read it in polish accent
xPERiA shit playa :(
at least not retard cheater like u :)
h3h3, but we owned them (without cheats) :)
Good luck Netherlands :)
gl rockstAr
gl rockstar+shaun
ettv ?
Gl Joshua ;)
gl netherlands
beter lassie jullie niet xD
tosspot !:D
rito in
shaun out
k removing my bet
k removing my bet
bet removing k my
hahahahaha removing my bet
k removing my bet
now you might actually got a chance!
tomun show these NL faggots your hs ownage! GL! I BELIVE IN YOU!
nice lagg
You have € 5000 on CAN
Possible win: € 14500

Easy money ;)
admin fix ettv, thx
lagz :P

Nice lag.

Fix it admins
Anyy stream avi or somthg?
homma ei toimi
unwatchable stuff today ... servers warping like the Enterprise
Lagging to the point u can't watch, yet there's still 193 people watching lol
yes ... everyones trolling @ the chat
Admins fixing on ETTV'S plz be patient
he replaced me:(
ETTV servers are in Tokyo. Good choice !! XD
thats why the aim its a bit shaky
nice laggettv
EST vs winner of this today?
it should be
gonna be too late a bit, but we will see
score ?
There's no way they can lose with my homey sHAUN, nigga rollin whites like an nigga rolling in the snow
If that made sense, I would suck on your dick.
if you sucked on his dick it would make sense
You have € 179 on nl NED
You won € 273.87
You have € 54 on nl NED
You won € 82.62

can u blow only Tomun decent player
Never played with them until now so wasn't aware of their tactics. :S
You have € 800 on ca CAN
You lost

I had faith but Tomun ruined it all :<
why blame tomun, he would've done better than shaun
have to blame someone ya know... and shaun at least played with them before so his teamplay would contribute to the team's play
haha retard
You have € 130 on nl NED
You won € 198.9

scared myself with the first map :O
You have € 3000 on ca CAN
You lost

You have € 100 on nl NED
You won € 153

You have € 100 on nl NED
You won € 153
you seriously are an idiot thank you
Needed BATRAN!