The Last Resort vs Evolve Gaming (27389 views)

hr aCoZz
lv Clown
be dAv1d
pl doktor
be mAus
es Winghaven
gb Adacore
nl Azatej
de butchji
gb razz
de snoop
mt toxic
Loserbracket Round 9
16.07.07 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Qpad CUP by
Manager: h3ll (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Slots: 6,600
Listener Peak: unknown

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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 855


1st Gl Evolve!
Tis gonna be a nice game on paper imho
casting, doing a show ? :D
what the LOL Han? xD
Well lol, just wondered if you would cast this match or do a show with it :D
why dont u cast a game with tosspot?

two shoutcasters would be ownage
i guess that giga and quadv wouldnt agree
australians are ULTRA COOL for doing 2-3 men shoutcasting. :D
they would probably shout at each other and nobody would understand anything
easy bash 4 evolve
ich bin mal für tlr^^ go go
-mAus(aim-control-smg-skill) :XD
-Winghaven(panza-mouse-twist-skill) :YD
gl TLR :D
any problem with my twists skills!? :P
I don't know why, but I lol'd :< I must be a fanboy.
The Last Resort 37.46 vs 1.03 Evolve Gaming

lol'd betting :D
winghaven make me happy, odds are pretty nice.

and evolve had ada as riffler, should be np for TLR
imm expecting nice broadcasting by mashed ;)
TLR ftw
Maus & David <3
trl ;)
close match imo :)
mt always win
excep killerboy, go mg! :D
gl Azatej :]
izy tlr
Nice game,

gl both
wow, tosspot back in action. GREAT! <3
TLR for sure :P
all my money on tlr make me ritch guys <3 :>
hmm tosspot or mashed

dont know who to listen to :X

GoGoGo snoop :D
Come on, more betting on TLR, I want to win some money for a change. :(
Where is tnt???
Hmmmm on which team should I bet now hmmm o_O
gl evolve!
i need doktor !! tlr pls :/ doktor > syk
Your bet: 20€ on TLR Possible Win: 516.60 € (+496.60 €)
pls win TLR:DDDD
Your bet: 22€ on TLR Possible Win: 566.94 € (+544.94 €)
The Last Resort 25.71 vs 1.04 Evolve Gaming
Your bet: 5€ on TLR Possible Win: 128.55 € (+123.55 €)

Go Winghaven
Go dav1d
Go syK
Go mAus
Go acozz
Go Clown
One hell of a game, go TLR <3
both teams pretty much weakened, gl hf
<3 perfo : D
i wasn't even boasting about my own skill! :(

<3 back
you were just bashing adacore :p
gl TLR
Doktor will play instead of syK.
marvje stopped playing ET :(
He will play ET:QW :(
Your bet: 85€ on TLR Possible Win: 1,060.80 € (+975.80 €) :) :> n/ both but i think still TLR:)
Your bet: 80€ on TLR Possible Win: 991.20 € (+911.20 €)

long time didnt see me huh? but im still here

stupid odds :(
go wing, maus and david
n1 odds :DD izi money(though i dont have alot money)
evolve gl
tlr will win :O
evolve is good either but tlr still own-S
someone with a lot of money bet on evolve.. most of the people follow that.. and 5 minutes for the match he bet on tlr.. we cant win that much;)
it wil be 1.11 or something . we won't win so much because we're bet on tlr because tlr is gonna win
no rl vs no rl
i again placed bets on tlr , still when i placed on them something i lost , hope now it will be different
05/07 22:00 TLR 1.10 vs 11.13 FF X-Fi 30€ on TLR Won 33.00 €
02/07 22:00 AuX 7.38 vs 1.16 TLR 20€ on TLR Won 23.20 €

you haxx, you try to win on purpose ^^
k , i though on matches , when u played with more skilled teams , not like those
evolve's got the best line-up on paper atm
no they haven't. TLR has the best balanced team in et
Your bet: 50€ on TLR
Possible Win: 475.50 € (+425.50 €)

pls god let tlr win :>
tlr FOR SHO... they are the winners!
go go TLR
TLR wins, the odds are bullshit.
dAv1d said doktor will play for syK hope its not a joke but <3 doktor
is not a joke
Doktor for syK? My cash on TLR :)
need doooooooooooooooooooooooooook
syK will pwn all my cash on TLR.
TLR fo sho :O!

gO Wingi ;>!
Evolve will take

hf ;)
Go Wing!!
gl david :)
Gl mAus :)
evolve imo
TLR has perfect Line Up if doktor plays and is still in shape !
Hope this war will match the expectations, best teams often show deceiving wars :(
mAus Gl and HF :)
will be very exciting :)
go toxic
gl doktoro
go Azatej :)
Your bet: 58€ on TLR
Possible Win: 468.64 € (+410.64 €)
i bet 4:2 for tlr :)
izi bash teh winner
go belgium power!

gotta love crazy wing <3
imo TLR :) but gl both ^^
Your bet: 250€ on TLR
Possible Win: 1,147.50 € (+897.50 €)
<3 TLR Plz. win :?
where is marv?
marv is not playing in tlr anymore?
no, he is inactive. syk playing in his place and has been for several weeks if im correct.
Astej > Azatej

nab faker -,-
gogo tlr

interesting match tbh
I dont know who win, but i know it will be really exciting encounter.
Hf both teams :)
gb razz will be replaced by se feruS
(03:03:11) (evolve\\toxic) perfo
(03:05:14) (evolve\\perfo) sup? :x
(03:05:30) (evolve\\toxic) hi
(03:05:44) (evolve\\toxic) we've got a problem, i would've first contacted adacore about it but seeing as he's offline atm, i 'ask perfo'
(03:06:39) (evolve\\perfo) well as i am the only guy in the community with a negative iq, great job on coming to me
(03:06:46) (evolve\\toxic) :P
(03:06:57) (evolve\\toxic) basically, razz can't play tomorrow
(03:07:09) (evolve\\perfo) and you want me to play? you know im banned right
(03:07:25) (evolve\\toxic) no, we need a good medic to replace him for this game, you know anyone?
(03:07:57) (evolve\\perfo) ask the one and only god of aim
(03:08:10) (evolve\\toxic) word on the street goes he's banned off et
(03:08:11) (evolve\\perfo) oh shi-, i'm already banned ofc
(03:08:15) (evolve\\perfo) srsly now, ask ferus
(03:09:10) (evolve\\toxic) k here goes


(10:15:11) (evolve\\toxic) hi@u
(10:15:39) (evolve\\perfo) so, who did u get?
(10:15:56) (evolve\\toxic) (ferus```) ok i can play i think
(10:17:01) (evolve\\perfo) nice, gl tonight


Hmm nice
OMG ferus.
"(03:07:57) (evolve\\perfo) ask the one and only god of aim
(03:08:10) (evolve\\toxic) word on the street goes he's banned off et"
ss r it did not happen
fo sho
mAus & dav1d got this !
gl dAv1d
Looks like a great Match.

Gl Both
Could some admin please update the line-ups in the header of this page coz it seems things have changed alot...
needs more slots. =[
mAus vs butchji and feruS !!
lol admins !! its a shame !!! only 1,7 slots XDDDDD pls more coz its too less !!
btw doktor is from Poland :S
it'll be ubermatch
doktor from poland oO
get used to it, more & more pl 'doktors' are coming to your country
Mashed > tosspot
both teams are even strong so very difficult to bet one of them. could i bet for a decider it would be easier :) great match !
ofc its difficult to bet me lol
either of them ? soz
wtf doktor gg
ferussssssssss <33333333333333333333333333
naah lol, wenn butchji schlecht spielt (so wie er es wolte) & dann noch feruS spielt :S:S:S ; mein geld wandert nach trl :>
oooh doktor, easy bash TLR

gl Sergi!
where the fuck i should put my money on?
(17:04:44) (@evolve\\perfo) no toxic no win
(17:04:51) (@evolve\\perfo) well it's not as if you would win this anyway but ok

TLR of course!
toxic is playing, razz not as i see ;o
we were talking about toxic's l33t ingame leadership skills there!
still, no toxic no win.

<3 his wierd engrish
holy cow Batman, it's se feruS :O :O :O
pldoktor will play so TLR for sure :XD

but mAus can take both Butchji and ferus, so izibash4me@gbooky
fuck you ferus now I will lose my money
lycka till tjockis

the 'joke' has gone way too far...

perfo's logs were clearly fake and ferus wont be playing tonight...

there will be some announcement from us this week or next but not today...

sorry for the inconvenience folds
you just destroyed a big desire of the community ! ;)

was it fake? didn't know
i hate you :<
haha hf feruS
tlr ownz imo
doktor beat butchji team ] = ) GO GO GO luger doktor !
Azatej :*:*:*:*:*
ez bash for Juris
perfo's ch(e)atlogs, typical :P
2125 slots

GIGA TV missing though.
easy for feruS.
:> xD
i cant expect the result
so ill trust Azatej =]
WE.Remind from wc3?
mAus vs butchji again, nice bash
very difficult decision what team to vote for
lol-evolve has grat team gl acozz
gl doktor GOGO TLR
LOL 2300 slots better log in quick!
/callvote cointoss

heads = Mashed
Tails = TosspoT

omg it's standing on it's side :o
I listened to both at the same time, it was quite interesting
doktor plays and the odds changes in 1 sec:DD
2-0 tlr
GO GO evolve
GO GO TLR !! gO wingi :oooo
ye because doktor = god <3
atm map and score?
Decider is Supply, TLR defended first and time = 13.49
map supply and evolve set like 13.50
TLR please more defusing!!!!!
sleep time @ razz
5o5 coming
4:2 evolve <3
Who replaced razz?
going to be 4-2 tlr
Admin please cancellt!!!
because you lost online money plz...
4:2 tlr
I knew u can do it mAus :D:D:D
gg 4-2 TLR
exciting match gg
he`s a nub becouse TLR won ? ohh plz tard
wtf razz?
sue razz
no XyLoS no win
damn ppl :/ you should win the amount at the odds you bet at @ the time
Your bet: 555€ on TLR Won 1071.15€

yeeeeeeeey <3 winghaven
razz :/
Your bet: 500€ on TLR Won 965.00€

mkay, cool thx.
The main problem in video games it the age of the players.
Every nice war like this one has to end up with a missing player because mum came to send him to bed... so fucking ridiculous and sad.
evolve, buy stable lineup plz :/
Viewer Peak: 855

shit happens - wp tlr
You didn't bet on your own team, thats called "shit happens"? xD
gratz tlr, gl in the rest of the cup :)
no feruS no win
indeed, that'll teach you to make lame jokes like that :P
Good game.
Xpaz playing after razz quit's ?
whining about online money rOFL!
razz knew they wouldnt win a map so he went to party xD
He left after winning radar.
Watch the game you are commenting first, k? He left after evolve's attack on supply
manímanimanithank you TLR :D
mAus amazing aim won tlr the game imo and having doktor defenelly boosted tlr's morale
nice match :)
razz@chav lanparty
evolve need xylos for win!
Noobs cant win without me x-DD