United Kingdom vs Poland (16499 views)

gb Baggiez
gb griim
gb koop
gb R0SS
gb rAzZ
gb sqZz
pl dialer
pl fanatic
pl Frag'Stealer
pl hunter
pl Krein
pl zMk

CB NationsCup XV
Playoffs: Upper Bracket Final
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: fanatic (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 179262
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Radio Commentary
gb #QuadV Stream 2
By: owzo
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: 74

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ET Television
By: aiRen
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 46

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 327

Overall Viewerpeak: 373


izi UK
zamknij kurwa ryj :}D
Koles ktory komentuje kazdy mecz :XD
GL Poland
Jak hunter napierdoli tak jak z belgia, to insta win
gl Poland
matches like this used to have like 300 comments.

People cant bother clicking on View Entire Schedule :))
gl fanatic , hf uk ;)
come on uk!
Ah yes, so it begins..
The past has tormented me and on this day it shall be undone.. Forever I have been training to right this wrong that had occurred last year.
Bitter shall not be tasted this day, rather than sweet revenge.. Thou shall fall, thou shall crumble on their knee's through my desert of pain, all the way to my oasis asking for one last cool sip of koops' forgiveness.
This day..we dine in hell!

np 4

gl dialer
LOSE ! 3 miejsce tez dobre : D
z UK wygraja.

pierdole Cie
pierdole Cie
pierdole Cie poznanski psie!
ta wygraja :D. spoko, spierdalaj typie
to jak przejebia to nie 2 miesjce:D?
to jest polfinal ;D
przeciez to nie final xd oj Igor Igor :D
kurwa pojebane to jest xD
no troche : XD
dobra tak czy siak i tak wpierdol dostaniemy xD
gl Polska and GL ROSS!!! :)

hf sqZz, hunter
gl uk!
izi 4 gav
GL Poland
gl poland
gl chaps o//
go go uk
gl R0SS, sqzz, go get 'em
Good luck uk
gluck griim !
cmon ukkkk :*
~1000 viewers
why set the bar so high when there hasn't been 1000 viewer peak in like 2 years.. in fact the last time any match got over 1k was because Killerboy was pushing the final of EC with coverage etc :]

612 last time, np for et community
and you expect to double that how..? :D few months ago the max was 200, then with some extra effort of coverage it reached around 400 - now things are picking up to 600. no fucking way will it reach 1000... just pointless to say that yet :D
it's not like im hater, but uk > bel atm
so they gonna get more viewers also ;p
I agree, but it's more about the communities of the countries than the skill of the team :p PL has a huge playerbase and so most of those are watching the match, UK's community is kinda small nowadays.
maybe, will see in ~3 hours if i was right =)
i'll be happy to see it but unless lots of communities etc are being spammed with the match i highly doubt it will get so many views.. simply not enough people know about it :D
most like they don't care anymore ;p
no not at all, there just isn't enough coverage outside of CF, GTV and CB websites :) cb/cf/gtv community is the smallest community in et so ET's big viewer peaks never came from just CF community users.. it came from coverage outside of our community. a long time ago national channels used to be filled with users on IRC too but not anymore because they changed/stopped being used etc. everyone just getting lazy (talking about the people doing coverage, community are like sheep and will follow whatever).
actually it's impossible to get 1k peak now.. :D NED vs BEL at same time
Nothings impossible... I just need to make a few phone calls.
you need to start coming on the fucking ts!
ahh, damn true

max 500 viewers then ;p
koop bro gona bash them :D
traitor... ger flag again... not nice :D
:DD sry i cant change it :P
gl sqzz , dialer , frag , fanatic , krein , razz hf Poland
GL UK. have fun ROSS
You have € 1000 on POL
Possible win: € 13980 izi for zmk. a sprobuj sie najebac przed meczem
Will forgive me but I'm rooting for Poland, after all, is my idol wiesiek there.
Gl Poland.
cmon UK!!!!!!
easy for UK
gl zMk,ROSS
hf razz :}
Ez for deryn
i oby poszlo latwo <:-)
expecting biggest viewer peak in ages (random poles)

but uk should win this, poland lineup is poor, it really is the lowest nc by miles :\
actually higher since you made us so bad the previous years
soz but lowest nc ever. hunter. fanatic. krein. lol.

face it, nc has become like ec now.. neither tournament matters anymore :[
is lowest maby yes...
need here + wiesiek , kot :D
when i won uk pocal for first time ever :ss

infact if it weren't for me, you guys wouldn't be in this final today!!! even if it is lowest_nc_ever

it's true story mate +1
first time ever -> 2005 not 2010 :d!
he was still a wnb at that time :p
that dont count man, even SoF was ec skilled back then :x
sof were in like oc division 2 back then :p
they used to get ec qualifier always, with shit teams like wArning!
theres shit teams who got quali every single season since 2004, they only got quali like 2 times anyway and that was in 2006 as cdap
True that. But point still stands.. UK team consisted of SoF guys mainly back then and they managed to get 3rd once. But as the skill of other players/teams got better, they struggled big time to keep up and despite numerous heart-filled returns, eventually gave up (lost to teams like Russia, etc if I remember). So I think it's a lot harder to win a pocal in 2010 than in 2005 and 2012 (even harder 07-08).
powodzenia panowie i milej zabawy
gl UK
gl fanatic rewajw gad
gl koop!
fanatic di pudhi pardt dai
Go Poland !!
gl pl
jeabc pl ista win eg
i chuj w dupe el czikicie robuskowi i stu i reszcie bandy el interneto
mnie w to nie mieszaj nawet ich nie znam.
gl gav & krein
powodzenia hunter ;)
Good luck R0SS
gl Poland
gl Team Poland:)
izi PL
gl poland
gl poland
think ima have to run 2 et's tonight
http://www.gamestv.org/event/31972-netherlands-vs-eighth-wonder/ pfff... byle by sie team PL nie podpalil a bedzie luuzik:D ogien hunter i Frag.. zMk pokaraj rifla :P Powodzenia hf^gl
You have € 800 on POL
Possible win: € 3672

GL POLAND Jak przegracie to Nic sie nie stało !!!!!!!!! ale wygracie .......... prawda??? :)
jeszcze nie tym razem :)
Panowie, ale jeden mecz chociaż moglibyście zagrać o czasie.
chuj ci w dupe

ty debilu
Let's go SQZZ !!!

Yeah Mate, LET'S GO SQZZ !!!!
Dude! Where were u last night?! :D
You have € 5614 on pl POL
Possible win: € 15101.66

GG well played UK <3 Squirrel
<23:05:44>"Krein" disconnected (leaving)
trololololo :XD
zero ognia
Nice UK!
There we have it.

The day that haunted me has finally come undone, blood was shed, many men died, but they could not kill the spirit of koop.
Risen like a revenge filled ghost, I was thirsty, hunger built inside for one taste, one sip of Polish blood.
The underdog has become the topdog, the student has now become the teacher.

I dined in hell like it was an all-you-can-eat buffet..and now..I'm full.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA damn son you trippin

ffs zlol
your an idiot.
U r playin too much ET, bro.
cause that was totally ET related
wp lads
poland were even worse than i thought lol

#Lowest_NC_Ever #ET_is_death
ET old game now, so all the players must be much more skilled because they're played for longer. Therefore highest NC ever? :O
Czyli "do mycia!" haha :)
griim x koop online-only
griim played @ LAN already