Hungary vs United Kingdom (6705 views)

hu powi
hu seb1
hu varadi
gb Artstar
gb koop
gb rAzZ
10.06.12 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 3on3 Country Championship » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: sebi (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 49781
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 51


go artstar
can i play?
cancer hacker jino
gl UK
You have € 100 on UK
Possible win: € 126
omg HUN omg :D

hf UK
lazán meglesz :D
You have € 813 on HUN
Possible win: € 3154.44

Let's Rock!
fobje, Nonix, Future = WIN
more mummies, please
dunno if u referring to hasbeens or something but i know that when fobje was inactive and came back to play with colt45 that he raped everybody so yeah :s
referring to hasbeens, yeah
just don't think they'd be raping anything :s
I think those 3 are better than most of the "EC" players nowadays..
future probably wouldn't play so great, he's been playing top level cod4 for a while now and wouldn't adapt back to ET aiming/movement in time for at least a few months!
yo friend
hf razz
gl HU! :)
artstar out sqzz ross koop ..... in
<SoouNd> avi for clan ? i invite cf but no need for play yet only mix of skilled like emorej nonix jinosta phyzic and some mayb you have played with ever !

SoouNd has just invited you to join their clan, sex symbole.
You may accept this invitation by following this link: this link. Following this link will immediately add you to the clan. If you do not wish to join this clan, just ignore this message.
Wow, who says fyzik is skilled......
Hes nice guy, why u suddenly flamin people? You aint nice guy anymore???
I didn't flame him. :D
sup :s
shows that he can be really nice and want me to join his teams on one day and the next day flaming me that im not good enough for other teams :)
He didnt say that you're bad, from his opinion that roster would be better for uk 3o3 team.

E: Oke, he maybe said that cus hes mad cus u didnt join his team,
well of course ross etc are better than me but he is directly pointing out that I don't belong in the team which I just found funny from someone who was asking me to join his team(s) :D
not very nice to do
so is his comment so what's your point? :D
gl powi :P
gl Artstar!
gl seb1
show'em deathlesskoop<3
Gl artstar :)
go koopie !! , razz !!
gl powi :)
cifi!!! és varadi?
Sok szerencset Kapitany :)
ettv ?
ettv ?
ETTV will be on shortly
score ?
gg german server gg
fuck the server
You have € 1250 on UK
You lost
dont blame the server... lost is lost!!
gg powi :P
fucking rofl.
gg, im so good even when im not active get on ur knees
You have € 2040 on hu HUN
You won € 4957.2
wtf, inactive or not, should be beating them fairly easy, no offence seb1 <3
you pigeon and demented woulda beat them FFS!
we actually did like 2 weeks ago (bn was playin for demented which is pretty much same skill)
they've played together for a while, you've surely lost to em before!
Actually havent :p unlucky but you should have won! is there a loser bracket?

shit happens! 8d and yeah there's an LB
DAM YOU ARTSTAR! Well dont fucking lose from now on or ill come to your home and drop kick u
lol man, dat ego :D Good days and bad days :P You already lost against us several times in pracc and also offi :D but have to agree, we did good today, had a good day^^
you played really well and it's true but we really weren't attacking good, made it much easier for you imo. :P wp and hope you make that performance vs other teams in the bracket.
I replied on chewz here, not you Artstar :)
oh sorry 8[ gtv showed it to my inbox
still pretty much wp , on goldrush your team looked a bit confused, atleast that's what we felt. Thanks for the wishes :)

I might watch it later :P
couldnt watch but seems somebody cared more about stat than win the game
ah ye, you're not active when you don't play over 6 hours a day :DDDDDDD
atleast when im active and not active im good. U were uber active and still shit :DDDd
uber active? HAHAHAHA :DDDDDDDD sorry, I didn't even come close to nerding 8-10 hours a day like you did in the past few months... compared to the rest, I played very little and I still managed to win cups with offi only style

But hey, don't be disappointed because of this loss, at least now it's quite clear that you're worthless unless you make over 9000 tzac screenshots before the offi - losing to these guys? a player of YOUR level? seriously? :XD?

you underrate us ;(
I don't, I know you guys are good and have been playing for long time, but a player like razz who put his life into this game and still can't win games like this after so much wasted time... it's just pathetic

still thinks stats are relevant
Van 1816 € a magyar
Nyertél 4412,88 €
koszi skacok
You have € 5 on hu HUN
You won € 12.15
You have € 99 on gb UK
You lost

You have € 2000 on UK
You lost

You have € 250 on UK
You lost

fck off
oh you guiz
You have € 3000 on gb UK
You lost

Yes you are shit.
UK noob extreme losing vs low
You have € 110 on gb UK
You lost

if you play like this vs. sweden tomorrow,
i'll be poor! ;/

i bet ENG 2:1 SWE