vs EDiT (20194 views)

17.12.07 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire QCUP
Manager: rafiki (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Slots: 2,250
Listener Peak: unknown

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nice game :), i hope idle wins !
nice game :) , i hope idle wins !
nice game :) , i don't hope idle wins !
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
nice game :), i dont hope idle wins !
I hope u will win
nice game :),i hope idle wins !
nice game :),i hope idle wins !
Nice game :), i hope idle wins!
Nice game Smilie, i hope idle wins!
nice game :), I hope EDiT wins !
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
for chains like this i got banned @crossfire ...
» You have been banned from Crossfire.
Reason: Stop making stupid chains, 1 day ban.
yes but this isn't a STUPID chain !
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
nice game :), i hope EDiT wins !
Nice match :), I hope EDiT win
nice game :), i hope idle wins !
reload senji jaka rev3rs urter kot best lineup imo
nice game :), hope idle wins
nice game :), i hope idle wins !
eazzzy for beMESQ.
line ups??
izi for zeh old squad
great match, gl both :)
nice game :), i hope idle wins !
ofc idle.
nice game :), i hope noone wins !
edit will win
easy for edit :)
nice game :), i dont hope idle wins !
nice game :), i dont hope idle wins !
Betting for idle on gtv is like getting free money. ;D
getting free money at gamestv is like getting nothing. ;D
commenting on is like getting aids
getting aids in internets is liek nolife
nolife is like beeing you
Beeing you is like beeing an asshole. (|o|)
why are they faking idle ?

* Now talking in
* Topic is ' :: :: As it stands CURRENTLY no new ET will be recruited. [NOTE: lamers are playing under name right now,they are in no way supported by us.]'
* Set by TLR|teKoa on Sat Dec 08 13:58:56
Thats just inside joke, thats not faking - theye played allways under that name.
Don't you see that the topic is up thanks to teKoa?
* Set by TLR|teKoa says enough!
aj wona si old lajnap!

come back plzz:D
ur right, it would be the best
the best would be if Elps would play :)
right elps = best u96d and player
we all want but the new one good too ":)
wee lionat0r, der voor gaan met uw flameskillz e ;)
sorry mr cZar klinkt toch nog altijd beter dan dien EDiT!

Vind ik ook ! :o EDiT is zo mjah stom =`]
night r3vers reload holz senji urtier please :)
well when night, r3vers, reload, senji , urtier and jaka will play , it will be gg:D unbeatable idle lineup:)
Idle will win , because Mesq is fag ...
game is at 20.00 not at 21.00
very nice match :)
edit ftw
easy for bekeyplayer...
it would be too easy for idle then:P
i will install et for this game :>
GL idle :)
nice game i hope idle wins !
Edit got this in the bag
nice game :), i hope idle wins !
we need tosspot imo..
nah, splodge imho
splodge > tosspot

although tosspots random stories are entertaining
imho that is their best lineup, if they use it, they will win
no kot? no sol? :(
I think the best line-up of idle was together with feruS, Holz, teKoa. Instead of JaKaZc, r3vers and rELOAD.
maybe, maybe not, but this is one of the lineups that went unbeaten for over a year ;)
True, but the other lineup was by far the most consistent.
Shame we won't see it again =(
lineup edit ?
Your bet: 15€ on
Possible Win: 29.55 € (+14.55 €)
idleee > edit =]
gl ïdle
gl idle;)
gl Idle
Idle you lazy slobs go and win this game
Idle is going to rush it ;)
nice game :) , i hope EDiT wins !
go idle!
gl idle
would be nice game :) i hope idle win
nice game Smilie, i hope idle wins !
nice game :), i dont hope idle wins !
kot gonna get'em all :D hf
best lineup if they come back

night,tekoa,reload,senji,ferus,jaka/revers, urtier
no deadmeat?
kot 4evr
kot is a great player but he doesn't have nearly the experience playing with idle/u96d/dignitas as the other guys.
best idle lineups imo:
1) Night, r3vers, RELOAd, urtier, senji, JaKaZc
2) Night, Holz, urtier, senji, teKoa, ferus
3) Night, r3vers, gaz3ta, intact, elps, d0zer (u96d)
4) urtier, senji, RELOAd, JaKaZc, kot, sol/jauhis (dignitas)
Night, urtier, reload, holz, jakacz, tekoa
a tam, pierdolisz
second lineup ist best lineup in history of et!
What happened to dicknitas?
I want adzz :]
night reload tekoa urtier senji kot

np bestest team
nice match!
izi for zeto :OOOOOOOOOOOOO
Your bet: 171€ on EDiT Possible Win: 410.40 € (+239.40 €)
gl idle
nice game :) i hope idle wins !
nice game :) i hope idle wins !
nice game , i hope idle wins !
nice game :), i hope idle wins !
ty to both teams for good viewing, best match ive seen
nice game :), i hope EDiT wins !
GAME @ 20.00 CU
Nvm the score. just concentrate @ tommorrow :). You all played very well
this will be a good match for to win if they want to comeback tbh
yeah idle comeback, unlike your brother ROFL he is gone for good!
np 4 edit
rape them idle!
2 low for kot
imo idle but gl EDiT
gl edit
Still Maus playing with EDIT ?
Probabaly not because he plays with aMenti in QCup...
if idle plays with their decent lineup then I don't see EDiT standing a chance
EDiT imo
i want pro vs ><
but gl idle
EDiT with mAus >
EDiT without mAus <
w/o mAus,
cuz mAus is still in amenti @ Qcup.
so EDiT it's just mAus !
plz Lineups :)
Nice match :), I hope EDiT win
Izy 4 mAus
EDiT take it
Izi for

GL r3v3rs :)



very interesting !

Why are u posting this if u dunno the line-ups...
EDiT probably: mAus, lio, mesq, acid, kevin, vila
.... maus is playing for amenti..
awh, yeah, this isn't EC :D
kevin gaat die batties rapen swaa
zonder mAus heeft EDiT 50% meer kans om te verlieze imo..
toch gl aan de belgen van EDiT maar ik denk da idle wint, maar zonder lineups is toch maar gokken..
mAus vs Night :o
mAus won't play tonight, he is playing Qcup with TLR :)
hes in edit, not in TLR .
mAus playing with Amenti imo, only EC with EDIT
rofl, comparing maus to night :D
lol.. mAus IS NOT playing in this match
and nobody's knows if night is playing either..
we'll just hav to w8 fo teh lineups or teh game then shall we? :)
who's vincent:o ?
its my name, hello !

its not really a typical estonian name... guess his mother or father is french :p
i don't think, vincent is his name...
idle 2:0 fh edit idle time 6.07 - gold
idle 4:47 4:18 edit lotto frost
edit 8:07
izi for vincent
this blows
4:2 idle!!
Damn exciting and close one.
Edit idiot pause!
only idle can win ec finalist without even beeing activily playing the game

duh, lost money again

Dont whine, you've got enough :'(
gg nais one from edit with the pause :/
idle wins gg 4-2
EDiT just gave it away on Supply :x. Hopefully they'll manage to get a gg going in the EC final!
gg !
nice game pause by EDIT xD
Your bet: 250€ on EDiT Possible Win: 715.00 € (+465.00 €) damn!
gg both teams
16/12 21:00 pro 1.20 vs 5.95 EDiT 100€ on pro Lost
17/12 20:00 1.54 vs 2.86 EDiT 30€ on EDiT Lost

17/12 21:00 1.54 vs 2.86 EDiT 55 on Won 84.70
16/12 22:00 pro 1.20 vs 5.95 EDiT 20 on EDiT Won 119.00

16/12 21:00 pro 1.20 vs 5.95 EDiT 59€ on EDiT Won 351.05 €
same problem =(
Return of the King! But EDiT had some good moments and decider was close. Another great match to cast and watch thx
vincent owned :D ?
inactive idle vs EC finalist !

guess who pwned? :<.

why did i think smth like that's gonna happen?
they claim to be inactive to boost their ego even more, but actually they've been playing quite a lot lately , more than us & mpg I'd say
Or perhaps you say that to make yourself feel better.
Well we lost, although it was close, to a team just coming back from a period of inactivity, sucks for us anyway, but idle shouldn't claim to be the most inactive team out there since they're not, just a matter of perspective
So you're pracing less than once before the official? Really doubt that :p
if we played with maus you woudl've been ownd , lucky you..
vila, shut up... mAus isnt so ownage like everyone tells... and btw he cheats, just look @ fragarea 3 2:14 where he tracks EXACTLY the head from the enemy...
you talking about cheats , and another thing, Fragarea was recorded from cdc3 :D idiot
I hope you understand the switch is speeded up
yep he cheats at lan and its timescaled idiot
most retarded comment of the day
IRT JasonBourne:

Firstly, when did an member say that they were the most inactive team?

Secondly, have played three matches in this cup so far - with one practice before each game. Very active indeed!
IRT vila:

Doesn't say much about your own abilities if you're counting on the services of one player to secure a win for you.
nope, we played 4-2 didn't we? with the extra of maus it wouldve been better.
LOL man fuckyourself pls! Have you ever seen him offline? Do yourself a favour get life, job, earn money to be able attend CDC4 and if he will be playing stand silent behind him and see how is mAus cheater fucker! :P haha fanboy but he is teeny kid who couldnt signed me on paper like real pro and draw fucking crosshair and head of soldier <3
"only idle can win ec finalist without even beeing activily playing the game"

sooo true, they're just better than everyone and that status will remain forever in my opinion.
Tard, with mAus idle wouldve been owned and everyone who isn't a retard knows that.
But if EDiT played without mAus and was in full team then it wasn't hard to won with them.
Naiss Idle <3.
Who wins, edit or mpg ;x
no mAus = no win :/