megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. vs (15322 views)

de keran
de drago
de wEAK
de butchji
de snoop
hr aCoZz
Not Announced
Semi Final
19.12.07 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Crossfire QCUP
Manager: drago (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Slots: 2,350
Listener Peak: unknown

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Viewer Peak: 632


night & co <3
2nd gl MPG ^^
idle gogo !
Gonna be nice match!
izi bash for idle ;)
vincent aka estonian m8 RELOAd! izi frags for u!
This shud have been grand final !
wouldnt have been as exciting if it had
gl mpg
1. idle ftw
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
nice game :) ,i hope idle wins !
nice game :) , i hope idle wins !
nice game :) , i hope idle wins !
GL Idle, easy for you guys.
idle don't need luck
W:ET Xmass! matches of the year day by day!
gonna b exciting...
idle 4-2
idle fo sho. hope they go for decider tho = more exiting :P
close match :o
Idle will take it !
gl idle
idle is pro, but pro isn't idle, so idle gonna win :P
4:2 mpg
0-4 idle
omg no tosspot for this one?!?!?
this sucks >.< need lineups :D
imo mpg
gl butchji,revers,keran,night,senji,RELOAd
4-2 4 idle IMO
Match of the year?
yep, only that idle has been inactive untill recent days, they may not be in best shape. hmm after thinking about it a little more... thats exactly why this is gonna be match of the year =)
Yep, cause they are now even.
gl idle..
please bash those yermans
ei soovita, kukk
1k on mpg
split their heads, thx ;)
gl idle !
nice game :) i hope idle wins
thats rather close, I really do not know who to bet on :o)
idle 5-3
4-0 idle zowizo
idle for sho ! :)
idle will do it ;)
kinda reminds me of times of 16:0 between zP! & idle back in old days....

+hope to see some n1 actions by snoopie....(most UNDERRATED in mpg :DDdDdDDddDdddd:dddDdDDd)
that were definently not old days
m8 it was.
Those days only date from about 1 year ago ...
for you it was, but u havent been playing that long then i assume.
haha tard i play since start hahaha:D

en jij bent diegene die ik niet ken.. sorry
Haha, nou dan moet je maar beter opletten. Je speelt vast nog geen 6,5 jaar en ja, je kan me vinden in #kreaturen. Msischien dat je dat wat zegt lol
Quzan ga gij nog maar wa met uw cheater vriendjes spele...

fu nolife XD
Old days? uuuhm no.
go go idle!
nice game, :) i hope idle wins
easy bash for idle
idle LU?
nice game :), I hope idle will win
nice game:), I hope idle will win
Tell me what was the best lineup of ever?
My type:
et is played 6on6 btw
you smartass ;>
Not at Quakecon.
= USA, EVERYTHING is different there
Quakecon isn't a challenge for the european teams
EVERYTHING , including skills
omg.And Kot.Happy now?
Holz (I think he was the 6th)

felt the strongest lineup I've played against.
i still say that team GER will take it
omfg fuck i cant watch this :XXXXXXXXX

this will be a fucking awesome match :>

go idle !!! kick butchjis ass !!
GL & hf, and may the best team win <3

Good shit, 2-0 mpg.
rofl idle.. seriously.. that's boring.
Yawn... 4-0 mpg.
butchji, i have request to you. Can i take a look at your ingame settings in SetPoint? You can give a screen or something.
Your bet: 250€ on pro Possible Win: 585.00 € (+335.00 €)
4-0 mpg, easy
shit game good night
idle got owned very hard :<
mPG had fun :E
fast game?
mpg set 2:34 on adler and defended and just did a dominating fullhold on supply, so 3:0, gg (probably gonna be 4:0)
ahh ok... thx for information
butchji :XDD v56
PFFF idle i'have enough money now :(
t'as qu'à prendre la mienne :D
idle low+ max. fuck off btw :)
easy money :>>>>>
nice odds...i bet on pro anyway...
idle beat edit just edit is much more worse without maus :-| so it was easy to guess mpg will win this
If it was known they wouldn't play with senji, jakaz, or kot...
e-money for me :)
lets drink some virtual beer!
yes but not to many as i have to drive later :)

Apparently he didn’t.
Poor him! Anyway I won some cash as well.
no senij and no kot = no win
4-0 mPG - izi bash
not senji é JaKaZc no won !
was good nades from Night at suply defence
wp pro, idle train back to your old skillz pls :>
my money~!
if senji and jaka played, idle would win easy..
Your bet: 10000€ on Lost
Your bet: 5000€ on pro Won 11700.00€
Your bet: 1191€ on Lost danke
what the hell was idle's lineup? 0_o
night, holz, reload, r3vers, urtier & sol
wo0o0ot???holz??ich thought he is inactive...and btw, not the best player aimer
Sorry Rehmi.
well, the aim is not the point, but why the "mixed" line up??
if you would play allways, wouldnt it be better??my comment wasnt against you...:(
How was in the army? ;)
i think, that idle played the first time with this lineup + at supply they have made all very quickly except for the first stage
far from idles best lineup, so expected
longest killing spree ever in a match vs idle ! (2nd map 2nd round by b.)
so holz is back:D?
simply owned
unexpected. Idle didnt got that much teamwork and train like a year ago. So obvious that they will loose agaisnt the best german team :D