Austria vs Canada (8792 views)

at bl1zzardx
at DonMatthias
at DrLagAlot
at scorch
at Wolf
at xXx
ca bN
ca embarrassed
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ca monkey
ca punkk
ca rito

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Group D
1st Matchweek
10.02.13 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 15501
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 45


jaN lol
v1ech <3
gl ca :)
As I said, Austria's LineUp is and will stay unsure untill short before the match! Already adding a LineUp is too early
so you just want them to leave it blank?.....
well, either the full 9 man roster anounced on cf or wolf/donmatthias/me as I said it to goldorak
added 8 players because it looks better than leaving it empty + only 8 slots available anyway
Gl canada :)
gl don <3
gl don et brandon
GL empty!
Gl bN empty and ritooo
gl bN
good luck monkey
gl feggets
Los Freunde der Gutennacht Musik macht sie fertig und wen ihr Hilfe braucht bin ich am start :P
gl rito:)
go go go Austria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
gl ca friends

You have € 20 on at AUT
Possible win: € 769

interesting ... both teams ranked last year 9-12th
You guys are gonna get raped ez for monkey and anim
maybe :)
being raped relys upon mutuality, it's a giving and taking, though statistics say white europeans have bigger dicks than white northern americans, so we'll most likely rupture your anuses with ease while ours still have hope
wtf ur talkin :D
ok guys, no one is gonna rape anyone (anyways, its not possible through internet)
gl Kanda!
GL Don !
where hitler? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

je suis en connexion avec casinge et caembarrassé t'entends ça putain de merde tabernacle!!!
aie aie on mange des cabN sur le caribou, On te pète le rideau de viande!!!
connexion arabe t'entends
I'm not sure what that means... thanks?
gl lizzard <3
gl emb, rito, bn
Vvviiiiddddddeeeeooooooooo gggggaaaaammmmmmeeeeeessssssss
gl galiathus and DonMatthias :-)
no chance bois....!
gl DonMatthias :)
LagAlot gl ; )
gl Guys! Up for a spec tonight :)
gg wp
You have € 200 on at AUT
You won € 920

wolf session

gg wp
You have € 202 on AUT
You won € 929.2
gg, thx for the easy win :-)
Quote kr SHAUN Wednesday, 6th February 2013 05:29
You guys are gonna get raped ez for monkey and anim

unexpected comment from proud winner
gg Austria
You have € 12 on at AUT
You won € 55.2
You have € 115 on ca CAN
You lost bad :)

WP! our pracc helped I see :p
Well played Austria!!! Canada overrated
beside anim and rito, no one plays ET, dunno how we are overrated
so u got more aktiv players than austria :)
whatever, be proud of your win, but we all know you would get bashed 4-0 with our "normal" lineup
when crono left, you were done
why didnt the "normal" lineup play then?
because the last time they played ET was 2 years ago, game is probably uninstalled and they have no desire of playing it again. (i dont even know if they even play computer games anymore)
im inactiv since 2 years too ... only play for NC
same goes for the others
get your things together. Every Team could have a better lineup. But you still have to manage the present, not the past...
get CrimZon for the next match then :D
well well well
monkey and anim cant carry alone
needs more music...ROCKSTARRRRRR
You have € 20 on AUT
You won € 92 thx drlagalot
kalli wp,
You have € 22 on AUT
You won € 101.2

thanks anim XX
bN,monkey & rito overrated
hahahaha gj rito, come back to jaymod pls :ss
I am so dissapoint anim :(
Rito said he would quit ET if we lost, so we all agreed.
Goood, leave it to rito to fail and canada doesn't make playoffs for the first time in 2 years.
no shaun no win
+1 russia needs more banda power
way to lose me emoney anim ...
haha, never underestimate teamwork. especially when bliz is leading the team. gj aus
wp aus =)
war das gute training mit euch :)
wer weis hat wohl geholfen :D
expected...canada isnt as strong as years past